🎂Happy Birthday Clint Eastwood🎂93 Today And Still Kicking Criminal ASS!! GO AHEAD AND MAKE HIS DAY!! Send Him A Birthday Card!!!

🚨TEXAS Rep Chip Roy For President🚨 The Only Man In America That Has The Backbone To Speak Truth To Power!!

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🚨LICENSE TO FALL STARRING JOE BIDEN🚨 In Gods Name…….ENOUGH Already!! Those Of Us That Have At Least Two Brain Cells To Rub Together Know It!! He Stole The Election, Everybody Knows It And Are Totally Ignoring This Fact??????? And It’s All Done In The Name Of Propping Up A Fake System Of Criminal Globalists!! Is Humanity REALLY THIS STUPID AND BRAIN DEAD???ALL ELECTIONS ARE A DAMN FRAUD!! EVERYBODYShould Know That By Now!! And If You Don’t, Hello……WAKE UP CALL!!

The Globalist Cabal Is Controlling The World, They Decide Long Before The Votes Are Counted Who Will Be The Next President Or Prime Minister In Any Election, In Any Country!! Stop Calling This Alzheimers Patient Mr President, Humanity Take Back Your Self Respect!! Pleeeeze!! ITS EMBARRASSING!!

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🚨Our Freedoms Have Been Hijacked🚨 By A Generation Of Thieves – When You Need To Rise Up, You’ll Rise Up!

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We Are All Immortal Spiritual Entities

Our True Creator Is Pure Loving Consciousness And Infinite Awareness. And All There Ever Has Been Or Will Be. We Are All Immortal Spiritual Beings, Consciousness, Infinite Awareness, All That Has Ever Been Or Will Be, Having A Human Experience! And The Devine Spark Of The Creator Resides In All Of Us. There Is NO Death, Our Bodies Have A Cycle, When We Leave Our Bodies We Begin Our New Life, There Is No Judgement No Sin, No Heaven No Hell, They Are Manufactured Lies To Keep Us Living In Fear!! 

When We Leave Our Bodies A Choice Is Provided To Us Of What Our Next Life Will Be, Many People Who Have Left This Life Temporarily, Been Pronounced Clinically Dead And Then Have Been Resuscitated Have Confirmed This. We Are All A Part Of The True Creator Who Is A Pure Energy Of Unconditional Loving Consciousness. Fake Religions Are A Manipulating Control Systems That Promote Fear, They Want Us To Be God Fearing?? 

Why Would You Fear A Loving God That Created You With Unconditional Love? The Bible Was Written By The Catholic Church Not By God, And Just Recently A 1500 Year Old Bible Was Found That has Been Authenticated By Scholars. It Contains The Gospel Of Barnabas And States That Jesus Is Not The Son Of God, Nor Was He Crucified. But As All Men ARE. He Was ‘A SON OF GOD!!’  And He Was A Prophet!! Here Is A Link To The Story:  https://youtu.be/hxFlpYLFGzk  No One Is Coming To Save Us, Least Of All These Fascist Pedophile Politicians. 

All Religion Was Created To Keep Humanity On Its Knees In Prayer To A False God That Requires You Live In Fear Of His False Wrath! We Were Created With The Power To Save Ourselves!  The Devine Power Of Our Creator Resides In All Of Us!! ”Unconditional Love Is The Only True Reality Everything Else Is A Manufactured Illusion.” 


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🚨When The People Are Tolerant And Obedient To Tyranny Freedoms Die!!🚨WE ARE UNDER ATTACK AND IT IS NOT GOING TO END WELL UNLESS WE STAND UP.

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🚨BREAKING NEWS🚨THE UNTHINKABLE JUST HAPPENED IN CANADA – The Ownership Of Firearms In Canada Is Forbidden – If You Let This Little Boy In Short Pants Get Away With This Your Freedom Is Done!

🚨A Real GOTCHA MOMENT🚨 Satanic wanna be “fake” Jew Pimp Trump – Partying With Epstein and Prostitutes From TrumpEscort.com 1992 https://wp.me/p19seq-eeY *NOTE* Some Pathetic Idiot Suggested That I Was Vilifying Trump With This Exposure Of His Alliance With Pedophiles And His Promotion Of Child Trafficking???? They Actually Suggested That I Need To Understand That Trump, Had To Play Both Sides To Win! Did His Fabulous Pathogen Vaxx Have To Murder Billions For Him To Win As Well??

🚨BREAKING NEWS ATTENTION AMERICA🚨: Your Fascist Government Is Coming For Your Guns NOW So That You Will Not Be Able To Defend Yourself Or Prevent The Coming Tyranny And Destructions Of Your Rights. A Close Friend Just Released The Video Below.

BREAKING NEWS: Assault Weapons Ban To Get Marked Up Next Week!!

Tragedy And Cold Blooded Murder In Georgia – Husband Wife And Young Nephew Killed In Cold Blood During A Robbery At A Shooting Range!

The Second Amendment Is Under Assault In America. The Right To Carry Arms To Defend Life And Property. In Australia Our Right To Carry For Self Defence Was Stolen From Us Many Years Ago By John Howard The Coward Who Claimed A Young Retarded Youth Was Guilty Of A Mass Shooting When In Fact He Was Incapable Of Carrying Out The Shooting With The Precision That Would Have Been Required. Martin Bryant Is Innocent And Still In Prison 25 Years After The Event. Although, If You Search For The Incident They Still Call Him A Murderer. John Howards Solution To The Domestication Of Humanity: Confiscation Of Our Right To Defend Our Lives Against Lethal Assault!

A Friend In The U.S. Sent Me This Story!