Climate Change: What Does MIT Atmospheric Physicist Richard Lindzen Say? ’Covid Hoax Lockdowns Are Only The Start – ‘Climate Change’ Hoax Lockdowns , Control, Fascism. It Doesn’t End Unless WE End It!

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Atmospheric Physicist Richard Lindzen, MIT Atmospheric Physicist, And One Of The Worlds Leading Climatologists Puts The Climate Alarmists To Rest! 

Or Perhaps You Would Prefer To Listen To The Demented Leader Of The Free World Tout Another Oppression Besides The Covid Hoax??

Woke And The Climate Change Hoax! – David Icke

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LINK TO VIDEO:—Woke-and-the-Climate-Change-Hoax—David-Icke-Dot-Connector:9?r=ErEpiAhbu3GUXjz8XgsXkGQoJbTz4fBw

US Navy Announces New Technology That Can Change The Fabric Of Reality – A Technology That Whistleblowers Have Claimed For Decades Is Being Used To Reverse Engineer ET Technology From Downed ET Craft – Dr Steven Greer Warns Of Fake ET Invasion!

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Dr. Steven Greer : Beware of the Fake ‘Alien Invasion’

Video Of The Joint Australian/CIA Facility At Pine Gap Attempting To Down A Visiting ET Craft.

Saucer-shaped Objects Over D.C. ETs Destroy A Nuclear Weapon Sent Into Space To Protect The Ionosphere This Nuclear Weapon Was Going To Be Exploded On The Moon To See What Would Happen.

Colonel Dedrickson is a retired Colonel from the USAF. He went to Stanford Business School where he studied management. Back in the 50’s, part of his responsibilities included maintaining the inventory of the nuclear weapon stockpile for the AEC and accompanying security teams checking out the security of the weapons. Many reports kept coming in that UFOs were seen at various nuclear storage facilities and some of the manufacturing plants. He has seen them himself many times and was present when the famous fly-over over the Capitol happened in July of 1952.

Global Dimming and Bill Gates – Climate Engineering – The Definition Of Insanity – Climate Engineering Is Decimating Every Form Of Life On Earth!! Pounding The Nails Into Our Collective Coffins!!

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If Populations Around The World Find Out What Governments Around The World Have Done To Them Without Their Consent, There Will be A Shockwave Felt Around The World That Cannot Be Contained By The Criminal Government’s That Have Taken Control Of Our Planet And Civilisations All Over The World!!