Rise Up People! New York Police And Health Authorities Chased Out By Public As They Attempt To Shut Down Gathering – ‘Get Out!’, ‘We Will Not Comply!’

Wanna Be A Mainstream Journalist? First Your Have To Sell Your Soul – David Icke

Ask Yourself, How Much More Are You Going To Take Before Your Need For Self Respect And Your Need To Protect Your Own Children Is Too Much For You To Go On Denying The Truth!

Mainstream Media Is Owned And Controlled By The Same Globalist Luciferian Cabal That Are Using The Hoax Pandemic To Destroy The World Economy In Order To Usher In An Orwellian New World Order, One World Government Tyranny!

David Icke’s Speech at the Unite for Freedom Rally, Trafalgar Sq, London, Aug 29

Link To Banned Videohttps://2020electioncenter.com/watch?id=5f4aad8c838dfb0597dad327


Veteran Warns Masked Tyrants: “Families Are Starving”, Stop Or A Revolution Is Coming Soon

The COVID hoax has been exposed but the regulations keep coming. This veteran’s speech is a wake-up call to the middle class that the govt is intentionally destroying. Six Of My Friends Have Committed Suicide, We Wont Tolerate This Tyranny!

Link To Banned Video: https://banned.video/watch?id=5f3d6eeddf77c4044eeae77e


The Entire Planet Has Been Hijacked By The WHO And The Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation To Establish Dictatorial Rule, To Track And Trace All Of Humanity!!

Covid19 And The Rollout Of This Plandemic Is A Hoax!! From Fraudulent Tests, To Social Distancing, The Lockdown, The Wearing Of The Useless Masks Which Is A Sign Of Our Global Enslavement! We The People Across The Globe Are No Longer Going To Cooperate Or Sign On To Or Acknowledge The Globalist Luciferian Cabal And Their Mouthpiece the Deep State CIA Owned And Controlled Mainstream Media Lies And Propaganda!

National Movement Started To Oppose Mandatory Mask Enslavement: Commencing Sunday June 28th And Spreading Around The Globe.

The Critical facts about the Covid lie.

These liars are destroying the very fabric of our society. These Mainstream Media liars, Aided And Abetted By Globalist Governments are destroying the very fabric of our society. The Mainstream Media Is the Mouthpiece Of The Globalist Luciferian Marxist Socialist Cabal And A Deep State CIA Operation That Is Destroying Our Lives, Families, Culture With Their Heinous Criminal Exaggeration Of The Fake Covid19 So Called Pandemic That Is Easily Proven False!

“Social Distancing’ Is Untested Pseudoscience Particularly As It relates To Halting Of SARS-CoV-2 Virus. On Its Website The CDC Provides No Links To Any Peer-Reviewed Social Distancing That Bolster Its Official Guidance. We Have Been Conditioned To Accept Social Distancing Without Any Evidence.

The Tests Are Fake. There Are No Tests For Covid-19. They Are Testing For Any Genetic Material That Everyone Has. If You Have A Flu Shot You Or Have Ever Had The Flu You Will Test Positive For Covid-19. A Fruit, A PawPaw Tested Positive For Covid19! Seriously I’m Not Joking.

When You Wear A Mask You Breathe In Your Own Carbon Dioxide, Which Lowers Oxygen Levels, Causing Hypoxia, Irreversible Brain Damage And Respiratory Disease. Wearing A Mask Offers No Protection From ANY Virus And has No Basis In Science They Are Nothing To Do With Health And Everything To Do With Control! Humanity Must Stop Blindly Obeying Authority! Stop Acquiescing To Stupid! 

David Icke Emergency Broadcast: We Are At The Crossroads – Absolute Undeniable Proof That Covid19 Is A Manufactured Crisis

Humanity Is At A Crossroads. One Road Leads To Freedom And The Other, If We Continue To Ignore The Warnings, If We Continue To Do What We Have Always Done, Leads To A Technocratic, Fascist, Communist Vicious  Merciless Dictatorship, In Which The Human Mind Will No longer Exist Because A.I. Will Do All The Thinking And Perceiving!

Link to banned video:


People Need To Know This – The Most Explosive Speech of Dr Steven Greer

Dr Steven Greer Exposes The Technologies Being Kept From Humanity. This Technology Will Soon Be Released To Humanity. There Is One Hundred Years Of Human Advancement That Has Been Kept From Humanity.

Fiddling The Figures – The Magic Trick – There Is NO New Deadly Pathogen – It Is A Global Hoax

Professor Dr Sucharit Bhakdi is a specialist in microbiology. He was a professor at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz and head of the Institute, A highly acclaimed infectious medicine expert in Germany, States that “This Virus Hysteria, And Mass House Arrest Around The World Is Grotesque, Absurd, And Very Dangerous. These Measures Are Leading. To Self Destruction And Collective Suicide, Because of Nothing But A Spook!” Everyone Has A legion Of Viruses Inside Us At Anytime, And They Never Bother us. So, Anyone that Is tested Is For Coronavirus Of Some Kind, Is Going To Be Positive, In Some Way. There is No Specific Test For Covid 19. Most Corona Viruses Are Simply Cold And Flu Virus. Everyone Has A Corona Virus In Their System AT levels That Don’t Affect Us. NOTE: In 2017-2018  Five (5) Million People In America Went Down With The Flu, 60 Thousand Died, Of The Flu. 

The Virus Had Been Shown To Be About As Lethal As The Common Cold. However, The Combination Of The Virus And 5G Is Lethal. 5G Radiation Unravels The Immune System And Suppresses It, And Is Known To Cause Pneumonia. – Military Weapons Expert, Anthony Steele.

Public Incredulity Is A Key Defence Mechanism Protecting The Globalist Luciferian Cabal And its Gofers From Exposure. This is Captured In The Reaction: ’They Would Never Do That’. Oh, But They Would And The More Horrific And Unspeakable The Better. The Public Needs To Know And Understand That These People Are Total Psychopaths Devoid of Empathy And Normal Feelings Of Any Kind. And They Simply Will Not Stop Until The Majority Of The Population On Our World Is Eliminated. 

The World Is NOT Ready For What Is About To Be Revealed – Disclosure Is Happening Soon

A Fascinating Truth Is About To Be Revealed. Disclosure is coming and insiders say that many high level officials in the Pentagon want to move forward, but much of the world is not ready for what will be revealed. We live in a time where a mass consciousness shift is already underway. But clandestine efforts are being made, by terrestrial and extraterrestrial forces, to maintain the status quo. David Wilcock returns to explain what we can do to tip the balance of power in favor of disclosure and secure the continued ascension of humanity.

The Globalist Cabal Are Murdering Whistleblowers, Full Disclosure Of The Life Changing Technology Will Continue Whatever The Threat!

David Wilcock’s Life Has been Threatened, The Brakes On His Wife’s Car Were Tampered With. In Spite Of The Threats And Murders The Disclosure Of The Technology That Will End World Poverty Within A Decade Is Still Proceeding!

Everything We Have Been Told By The System Is Quite Literally, A Lie!

You Will Have To Approach This Truth With An Open Mind And Forget Your Indoctrination And Programming. Our History, Who We Are, Where We Come From, Our Religions, Our Food, Our Medicines, What This World Is, Is Quite Literally, A Lie!! For The Last Six Thousand Years All Of Our Text Books, Our Science, The Sum Of Human Knowledge Has Been Contaminated And Falsified!


Most Human Knowledge Is Misinformation: Bill Tompkins , Naval Intelligence, Secret Space Program, Nasa Section Chief. Corey Goode Secret Space Program Insider Confirms Bill Tompkins Statement.

The Perception Deception – Our Narrow Band Of The Sense Of The Possible!

Humanity Is Being Manipulated Into A Perceptual Bubble. Our Perception Is A Narrow Download That is Supplied By The Public (Indoctrination) Education System, Mainstream Media That is Owned And Controlled By The Globalist Cabal, And Our Peer Group That Has Been Programmed By The Same System.

The Short Version:

The Rest Of The Story:



The Sum Of All Human Knowledge Has Been Altered – We Are Not Who We Think We Are

We Are All Possibility, Infinite Awareness, Consciousness, All That Has Ever Been Or Will Be. We Are All One Consciousness, An Immortal Multi-Dimensional Spiritual Life Force Having A Human Experience.There Is No Death. When We Arrived Here Our Memory Of Who We Really Are Was Taken From Us By An Archontic Force That Seeks To Manipulate And Control Us. When We Come To Know Who We Really Are We Will Break Free.









Deep State Coverup Of A Coming Solar Event – Polar Shift – Humanities Coming Ascension – Corey Goode and Jordan Sather

Reposted: As The time for Ascension Is Drawing Near: THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT AND DIFFICULT POST THAT I HAVE EVER POSTED. I Know That This Message Is Critical For People To Understand And Assimilate, And I Also Know That Many, Because Of The Disinformation, Propaganda And Lies Of Governments, Mainstream Media And Our Educational Indoctrination, Will Ridicule Or Refuse To Believe. I Have Been Told How People Receive This Information Doesn’t Matter, The Fact That  Posting It Puts This Truth Into Human Consciousness  Is Enough. My Knowledge Of Many Above Top Secret Government Projects Allows Me To State That This Information Is True, And Has Been Kept From Humanity For Far Too Long.


The Full Story; Surviving The Transition.

Human Rights Defender Produces Award Winning Film Banned in China

A Story About the Strength Of the Human Spirit. Peabody-winning Canadian filmmaker Leon Lee who explores stories about modern China that can’t be told within Chinese borders. His documentary Human Harvest, about illegal organ transplants, has been viewed by millions, broadcast in more than 25 countries, and received the 74th Annual Peabody Award for Documentary. His company Flying Cloud Productions is dedicated to bringing issues of #HumanRights violations to light in both documentary and narrative film-making.

His new movie, “Letter from Masanjia,” begins when mom of two, Julie Keith, finds an SOS note in a box of #MadeinChina Halloween decorations from an Oregon Kmart. The desperate note was written by a political prisoner named Sun Yi, from inside China’s notorious Masanjia labor camp. On the crumpled page that traveled over 5000 miles, he details being jailed for his spiritual beliefs and how he is being subjected to torture and brainwashing tactics. His message goes viral and miraculously leads to the closure of China’s entire labor camp system.

But their story is far from over. In Letter from Masanjia, Leon Lee taught Sun Yi to use camera equipment via Skype. For over a year, Sun Yi secretly captures harrowing footage of his daily life as a human rights defender, leading up to his tense run from the Chinese authorities. Meanwhile, just outside Portland, Julie Keith is struggling with her own dilemmas as a mother newly embroiled in this cause. Together, these unlikely heroes expose China’s ongoing persecution against millions whose ideology differs from the Chinese government.


Infowars’ Greg Reese reports live from Hong Kong where he will be covering the ongoing protests over the next week.Hong Kong's Police And Triad Gang Working For Communist Chinese

Reese explains how the Hong Kong police force and the Triad gang are aligned with the communist government of China. The Communist Chinese are paying the local Hong Kong Triad gang millions of dollars to attack protesters, and the Hong Kong police have been caught planting weapons on peaceful protesters while acting as agent provocateurs dressed as the protesters. But the people of Hong Kong are united, aware of the deceit, and losing their faith in the police.


Humanities Awakening And Ascension To Fourth Density Of Awareness – Corey Goode Part 1.

Genetic Farmer ET Races Have Manipulated Humanity For Eons. Our DNA, Our Beliefs, The Reason That There Are So Many Different Languages Is Not To Make Us More Interesting And Colourful, But To Divide Us And Make It More Difficult For Humanity To Communicate As A Total Species! The Coming Disclosure And Solar Flash Will Bring An End To This Manipulation.

William Tompkins Information, Confirmed, Tolec, Andromeda Council – Ascension To Fourth Density Of Spirituality Update

 Humanities Ascension To The Fourth Density Of Awareness And Spirituality. Update. William Tompkins information confirmed, via Andromene, Intergalactic, Interdimensional Telepathy Advisory Board Chair, and Ambassador Tanka, regarding our Sun “sneeze[ing]”, Spheres, and other important information.