The Awakening – World Truth Summit – A Hoax Covid 19 Virus With A 99.5% Recovery Rate That These Fascist So Called Health Authorities Cannot Provide Any Evidence Of From Any Source On Earth! – David Icke


Why Governments Won’t Release Life Changing Technology Captured From Downed ET Craft – Because Its Easier Not To! The Banality Of Evil – Our Globalist Captured Governments – Dr Steven Greer

Anything Important Is Never Brought To the Attention Of The So Called leader Of The Free World! Our So Called Leaders Are Mere Puppets To The Globalist Satanic Cabal FACT! It Will No Doubt Surprise Many To Learn That Elections Are Useless!! No Matter Who is Elected Anywhere, Yes Even In America, The Same Globalist Cabal Remains in Power, The Elected leader Is Merely A Puppet To The Cabal! Until We Rid Ourselves Of The Evil That Is The Cabal We Will Never Be Truly Free! Unless Humanity Refuses To Comply With The Tyranny We Will Lose Our Freedoms. Just Marching In The Street Ain’t Gonna Do It Or Achieve Anything.

The Scaler Weapon That Is Shown Being Fired At The Extra Terrestrial Craft In This Brief Video Is being Fired From The Joint US And Australian Underground Facility At Pine Gap Australia

A 180 Day Clock Has Been Started – If The Covid Hoax Doesn’t Achieve The Globalist Cabals Goals – Total Control – The Mother Of All False Flags Will Be Launched! The Mother of All False-Flags – The ‘Alien’ Attack – Dr. Steven Greer

Let Us Hope By Exposing Their Evil Agenda We Can Prevent It!

This Is The Globalist Satanic Cabals Captured World Leaders Plan For The Future Of Humanity – Own Nothing – Have Nothing – Become Nothing – Refuse To Comply With Their Tyranny!!

Homeless Woman Was Arrested for Sleeping in Her Car so Now She Sleeps on the Ground Next to Her Car

We Need To Protect The Children – William Tompkins US Naval Intelligence Aerospace Engineer And Section Chief Of Apollo Program Warning To Humanity Regarding World Leaders

Draco Reptilians Are Running Every Government On The Planet. The Draco Have The Ability To Control Our Minds And Appear Human To Us, They Have very Strong Telepathic Abilities.

This Is A Draco Royal In Relation To A Human Being. Many Draco Are Shorter, Around Six Foot Tall The Same Height As A Human Being. (Courtesy Secret Space Program Alliance)

A Friend In The Alliance Sent Me This Short Video Of REPTILIANS KILLING A LOST RUSSIAN SOLDIER GRAPHIC!! The Reptilians Literally Tore This Soldier Apart. The Location Cannot Be divulged For Security Reasons.


William Tomkins (Recently Deceased) US Naval Intelligence, Aerospace Engineer And NASA Apollo Section Chief Reveals Insider Information. Interviewed By Jordan Sather

In Yesterday’s Post (All Of Our Knowledge Base Is Corrupted And False – William Tompkins (Recently Deceased) US Naval Intelligence, Aerospace Engineer And NASA Apollo Section Chief) I Spoke Of How Humanity Has Been Lied To And Programmed By Governments And Mainstream Media. And How For the Last Six Thousand Years All Religions were Introduced To Keep Humanity Separated From Their Creator When In Fact The Devine Spark Of Our Creator Resides In All Of Us! All Of Our Science, Medicine, Text Books And Knowledge Base Have been Filled With Disinformation Propaganda From The Cabal And The Draco Reptilians For the last Six Thousand Years. We Need To Remember ‘The Divine Spark Of The Creator Resides In All Of Us, And How We Are More Powerful Than We Could Ever Imagine. We Are Immortal Spiritual Entities, Consciousness, Infinite Awareness, All There Ever Is Or Could Be, Having A Human Experience.

Today William Speaks About Some Amazing Insider Information And In Particular The Threat To Humanity Posed By Malevolent ETs That Are Here On Earth And The Threat That They Pose! Another More Recent Threat Has Reared Its Head In The Form Of The Hoax Covid Pandemic That Is In The Process Of Using The Covid Hoax As A Mask To Crash the Global Economy In Order To Usher In A New World Order, One World Government Orwellian Nightmare Of Control. Many People Are Complying With The Debilitating Covid Lockdowns And Other Tyranny’s. Many People Have Lost Everything, Their Businesses, Homes, Jobs And Loved Ones Who Have Suicided.

Many Are looking To World leaders To Save Them from The Hoax, The Problem is, They Are All Complicit. The Globalist Satanic Cabal Rules This World And Our leaders Are Mere Puppets Of The Evil Who Are Controlled By The Malevolent ET Entities, And Many Of These Entities Are In Office, The Draco Have The Ability To Control Our Minds And Appear Human They Have very Strong Telepathic Abilities. HUMANITY DOES NOT NEED TO LOOK FOR A SAVIOUR, AS GOD’S DEVINE SPARK RESIDES IN ALL OF US! WE ARE MORE POWERFUL THAN WE COULD EVEN IMAGINE. ALL THAT IS REQUIRED IS FOR HUMANITY TO JUST REFUSE TO COMPLY WITH THE EVIL EDICTS THAT ARE BEING GIVEN TO US. THE ONLY POWER THAT GOVERNMENTS HAVE IS THE POWER THAT WE GIVE THEM. IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE, JUST SAY NO! AUTHORITIES CANNOT IMPRISON THE ENTIRE WORLD.

Understand, We Are Immortal Spiritual Entities, Consciousness, Infinite Awareness, All There Ever Is Or Could Be, Having A Human Experience. We Are Not Our Job, Or what We Do, That Is Simply The Human Experience We Are Having. We Have The Devine Spark Of The Creator Of The Universe Residing In All of Us! Use It To Defy The Tyranny! There Is But One Mind In The Universe, We Are All One! Our Intelligence Agency Is Working With Benevolent Extra Terrestrials That Are Assisting Humanity To End The Tyranny!

All Of Our Knowledge Base Is Corrupted And False – William Tompkins (Recently Deceased) US Naval Intelligence, Aerospace Engineer And NASA Apollo Section Chief

William Tomkins (Recently Deceased) US Naval Intelligence, Aerospace Engineer And NASA Apollo Section Chief And Corey Goode, Secret Space Program Insider Reveal The Truth That Has Been Kept From Mankind For Many Decades. Our History, Science, Mathematics, Medicine, Text Books, Religion, University Text Books, Physics Education System Are Full Of Disinformation. The People Who Will Be Most Impacted By This Fact Are Religious People And Scientists. 

All Religions Are Propaganda From The Cabal That Is Being Used To Seperate Humanity From Their Creator, To Have Us Feel Inferior So As To Be Easy To Manipulate And Control. In Truth, The Creator Is An Integral Part Of Us. ‘The Devine Spark Of the Creator Resides In All Of Us’. We Are More Powerful Than We Could Ever Imagine. We Are Immortal Spiritual Entities, Consciousness, Infinite Awareness, All There Ever Is Or Could Be, Having A Human Experience.

We Were Never Meant To Fear Our Creator, Be Afraid Of His Supposed Wrath. We Were Designed To Grow And Flourish, To Travel Amongst The Stars, To Accomplish Incredible Things, And Unbeknown To Many, We Have Accomplished This. There Is Already A Flourishing Secret Space Program That Is Travelling To Other Worlds. We Have Bases On Mars And The Moon And Have Visited Other Galaxies. We Are Working With Benevolent Extra Terrestrials To Expand Our Knowledge And To Combat The Evil Fascistic Globalist Satanic Cabal That Are currently Attempting A Global Takeover of Humanity Using A Hoax Pandemic To Paralyse And Control Us, To Usher In Their Evil Orwellian New World Order, One World Government Nightmare Of Control And Removal Of All Of Our Human Rights! Humanity Is Awakening To Their Lies.

The Time Has Come And We Cannot Fail | HUMANITY AWAKENS – David Icke

Why Do So Many Chose To Deny The Opportunity To Cooperate, Unite, Organise and Orchestrate The Coming End Of ALL CORRUPTION, LIES, DECEPTIONS AND IMMORAL ETHER? This Tyranny And Fascism Will End When We Decide It Will, Just Say NO, We Do Not Consent! For Three Decades David Icke Has Warned Us About The Coming Tyranny, And Now It Is Here. David Has Also Provided The Solution To It. Our Refusal To Acquiesce To It! ‘We Are Many They Are Few’

Rise Up People! New York Police And Health Authorities Chased Out By Public As They Attempt To Shut Down Gathering – ‘Get Out!’, ‘We Will Not Comply!’

Wanna Be A Mainstream Journalist? First Your Have To Sell Your Soul – David Icke

Ask Yourself, How Much More Are You Going To Take Before Your Need For Self Respect And Your Need To Protect Your Own Children Is Too Much For You To Go On Denying The Truth!

Mainstream Media Is Owned And Controlled By The Same Globalist Luciferian Cabal That Are Using The Hoax Pandemic To Destroy The World Economy In Order To Usher In An Orwellian New World Order, One World Government Tyranny!

David Icke’s Speech at the Unite for Freedom Rally, Trafalgar Sq, London, Aug 29

Link To Banned Video


Veteran Warns Masked Tyrants: “Families Are Starving”, Stop Or A Revolution Is Coming Soon

The COVID hoax has been exposed but the regulations keep coming. This veteran’s speech is a wake-up call to the middle class that the govt is intentionally destroying. Six Of My Friends Have Committed Suicide, We Wont Tolerate This Tyranny!

Link To Banned Video:


The Entire Planet Has Been Hijacked By The WHO And The Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation To Establish Dictatorial Rule, To Track And Trace All Of Humanity!!

Covid19 And The Rollout Of This Plandemic Is A Hoax!! From Fraudulent Tests, To Social Distancing, The Lockdown, The Wearing Of The Useless Masks Which Is A Sign Of Our Global Enslavement! We The People Across The Globe Are No Longer Going To Cooperate Or Sign On To Or Acknowledge The Globalist Luciferian Cabal And Their Mouthpiece the Deep State CIA Owned And Controlled Mainstream Media Lies And Propaganda!

National Movement Started To Oppose Mandatory Mask Enslavement: Commencing Sunday June 28th And Spreading Around The Globe.

The Critical facts about the Covid lie.

These liars are destroying the very fabric of our society. These Mainstream Media liars, Aided And Abetted By Globalist Governments are destroying the very fabric of our society. The Mainstream Media Is the Mouthpiece Of The Globalist Luciferian Marxist Socialist Cabal And A Deep State CIA Operation That Is Destroying Our Lives, Families, Culture With Their Heinous Criminal Exaggeration Of The Fake Covid19 So Called Pandemic That Is Easily Proven False!

“Social Distancing’ Is Untested Pseudoscience Particularly As It relates To Halting Of SARS-CoV-2 Virus. On Its Website The CDC Provides No Links To Any Peer-Reviewed Social Distancing That Bolster Its Official Guidance. We Have Been Conditioned To Accept Social Distancing Without Any Evidence.

The Tests Are Fake. There Are No Tests For Covid-19. They Are Testing For Any Genetic Material That Everyone Has. If You Have A Flu Shot You Or Have Ever Had The Flu You Will Test Positive For Covid-19. A Fruit, A PawPaw Tested Positive For Covid19! Seriously I’m Not Joking.

When You Wear A Mask You Breathe In Your Own Carbon Dioxide, Which Lowers Oxygen Levels, Causing Hypoxia, Irreversible Brain Damage And Respiratory Disease. Wearing A Mask Offers No Protection From ANY Virus And has No Basis In Science They Are Nothing To Do With Health And Everything To Do With Control! Humanity Must Stop Blindly Obeying Authority! Stop Acquiescing To Stupid! 

David Icke Emergency Broadcast: We Are At The Crossroads – Absolute Undeniable Proof That Covid19 Is A Manufactured Crisis

Humanity Is At A Crossroads. One Road Leads To Freedom And The Other, If We Continue To Ignore The Warnings, If We Continue To Do What We Have Always Done, Leads To A Technocratic, Fascist, Communist Vicious  Merciless Dictatorship, In Which The Human Mind Will No longer Exist Because A.I. Will Do All The Thinking And Perceiving!

Link to banned video:

People Need To Know This – The Most Explosive Speech of Dr Steven Greer

Dr Steven Greer Exposes The Technologies Being Kept From Humanity. This Technology Will Soon Be Released To Humanity. There Is One Hundred Years Of Human Advancement That Has Been Kept From Humanity.

Fiddling The Figures – The Magic Trick – There Is NO New Deadly Pathogen – It Is A Global Hoax

Professor Dr Sucharit Bhakdi is a specialist in microbiology. He was a professor at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz and head of the Institute, A highly acclaimed infectious medicine expert in Germany, States that “This Virus Hysteria, And Mass House Arrest Around The World Is Grotesque, Absurd, And Very Dangerous. These Measures Are Leading. To Self Destruction And Collective Suicide, Because of Nothing But A Spook!” Everyone Has A legion Of Viruses Inside Us At Anytime, And They Never Bother us. So, Anyone that Is tested Is For Coronavirus Of Some Kind, Is Going To Be Positive, In Some Way. There is No Specific Test For Covid 19. Most Corona Viruses Are Simply Cold And Flu Virus. Everyone Has A Corona Virus In Their System AT levels That Don’t Affect Us. NOTE: In 2017-2018  Five (5) Million People In America Went Down With The Flu, 60 Thousand Died, Of The Flu. 

The Virus Had Been Shown To Be About As Lethal As The Common Cold. However, The Combination Of The Virus And 5G Is Lethal. 5G Radiation Unravels The Immune System And Suppresses It, And Is Known To Cause Pneumonia. – Military Weapons Expert, Anthony Steele.

Public Incredulity Is A Key Defence Mechanism Protecting The Globalist Luciferian Cabal And its Gofers From Exposure. This is Captured In The Reaction: ’They Would Never Do That’. Oh, But They Would And The More Horrific And Unspeakable The Better. The Public Needs To Know And Understand That These People Are Total Psychopaths Devoid of Empathy And Normal Feelings Of Any Kind. And They Simply Will Not Stop Until The Majority Of The Population On Our World Is Eliminated. 

The World Is NOT Ready For What Is About To Be Revealed – Disclosure Is Happening Soon

A Fascinating Truth Is About To Be Revealed. Disclosure is coming and insiders say that many high level officials in the Pentagon want to move forward, but much of the world is not ready for what will be revealed. We live in a time where a mass consciousness shift is already underway. But clandestine efforts are being made, by terrestrial and extraterrestrial forces, to maintain the status quo. David Wilcock returns to explain what we can do to tip the balance of power in favor of disclosure and secure the continued ascension of humanity.

This video doesn’t exist

The Globalist Cabal Are Murdering Whistleblowers, Full Disclosure Of The Life Changing Technology Will Continue Whatever The Threat!

David Wilcock’s Life Has been Threatened, The Brakes On His Wife’s Car Were Tampered With. In Spite Of The Threats And Murders The Disclosure Of The Technology That Will End World Poverty Within A Decade Is Still Proceeding!

Everything We Have Been Told By The System Is Quite Literally, A Lie!

You Will Have To Approach This Truth With An Open Mind And Forget Your Indoctrination And Programming. Our History, Who We Are, Where We Come From, Our Religions, Our Food, Our Medicines, What This World Is, Is Quite Literally, A Lie!! For The Last Six Thousand Years All Of Our Text Books, Our Science, The Sum Of Human Knowledge Has Been Contaminated And Falsified!


Most Human Knowledge Is Misinformation: Bill Tompkins , Naval Intelligence, Secret Space Program, Nasa Section Chief. Corey Goode Secret Space Program Insider Confirms Bill Tompkins Statement.