Understand, If You Wear A Mask It Offers No Protection And You Are Agreeing To Self Harm.


See:(42 Peer Reviewed Studies That Prove Masks Are Neither Safe Nor Effective https://wp.me/p19seq-8lU )

 (See ( Covid 19 – The Fake Pandemic – Scientific Proof That It Is A Hoax – David Icke  https://wp.me/p19seq-7Vh 

Covid19 So Called Pandemic And Phoney Lockdowns And Subsequent Closing Of Millions Of Businesses Where The Numbers Just Do Not Exist, Is A Manufactured Crisis To Destroy The World Economy In Order To Usher In A New World Order, One World Government Orwellian Subjugation And Control Of Humanity!

France Bans Homeschool, Admits Govt School Is to Brainwash And Oppose Religion

France’s Macron openly admits govt school is about shaping children’s minds and opposing religion.

Link To Banned Video: https://2020electioncenter.com/watch?id=5f8f1dac96e1de159d21ef69

Apple Forces Employees To Self Harm By Mandating Wearing Of Their New Product!

Mandating The Wearing Of A Mask That Deprives The Body Of Oxygen, That Causes Irreparable Brain Damage For A Virus That Has Not Even Been Proven To Exist Is Pure Insanity! It Appears That Apple Is Fully On Board The Deep State Agenda 21. See:(42 Peer Reviewed Studies That Prove Masks Are Neither Safe Nor Effective https://wp.me/p19seq-8lU )

David Icke, Has Proven That Covid 19 Does Not Exist, It Is A Manufactured Hoax Designed To Destroy The Global Economy In Order To Usher In A Fascist Orwellian New World Order, One World Government. (See ( Covid 19 – The Fake Pandemic – Scientific Proof That It Is A Hoax – David Icke  https://wp.me/p19seq-7Vh 

Four Newborns in Adelaide Have Died After Being Denied Lifesaving Heart Surgery Because Of A Damn Hoax Pandemic And Bogus Travel Restrictions!

Yes, I’m Fuc**ing Angry, I’m Beside Myself! How Much More Of This Evil Crap Is Humanity Going To Tolerate? There Is A Mountain Of Evidence That Proves That This Bogus Pandemic Is A Mask To Destroy The Global Economy To Usher In An Orwellian New World Order One World Tyranny! In Gods Name We Are many, They Are Few!! Have The Intestinal Fortutude To Take A Stand For Humanity Against These Globalist Cabal Lying Filth Before We Are All Made Slaves Of The Satanic System! (See “Shocking Revelations About The ‘Virus’ From The CDC Itself This “New Coronavirus” Is Not Infectious To Human Beings. Confirmation Of What I’ve Been Saying Since March: It’s All A Scam”!! https://wp.me/p19seq-8xh )

This Is Murder Of Helpless Infants By A Captured Globalist Cabal Government. The People Responsible For This Heinous Crime (The Globalist Cabal) Government’s Who Knowingly Organised Initiated, Administered, Participated In This Hoax, Lie That Is Responsible For The Death And Suffering Of Millions, Must Be Brought To Justice And Charged With Crimes Against Humanity!

‘Whistleblower’ Email Exposing Where The Plan Is Meant To Go From Here – David Icke! Please Share Widely.

This Tyranny Is All About The Re-Modification Of Human Behaviour And Perception Of Reality! When Insanity Becomes Normal Freedom Becomes History!

Universal Basic Income To Be Introduced Globally.

Another Week, Another Twitter Ban. Masks Are Destroying Peoples Health!

Link To Banned Video:

Governments And Health Authorities Are Fundamentally Complicit In Crimes Against Humanity By Forcing People To Commit Self Harm By Wearing A Mask That Causes Hypoxia, (Lack Of Oxygen) Irreparable Brain Damage And Even Cancer, As Cancer Thrives In An Oxygen Depleted Environment!

Shocking Revelations About The ‘Virus’ From The CDC Itself This “New Coronavirus” Is Not Infectious To Human Beings. Confirmation Of What I’ve Been Saying Since March: It’s All A Scam!!

The People Responsible For This Heinous Crime (The Globalist Cabal) Government’s Who Knowingly Organised Initiated, Administered, Participated In This Hoax, Lie That Is Responsible For The Death And Suffering Of Millions, Must Be Brought To Justice And Charged With Crimes Against Humanity!

‘The Corona Panic Is A Play. It’s A Scam. A Swindle. It’s High Time We Understood That We’re In The Midst Of A Global Crime.’As Millions Slide Into Poverty

The People Responsible For This Crime (The Globalist Cabal) Government’s Who Knowingly Organised Initiated, Administered, Participated In This Hoax, Lie That Is Responsible For The Death And Suffering Of Millions, Must Be Brought To Justice And Charged With Crimes Against Humanity!

The mainstream media keeps trying to convince us that things are about to get a whole lot better for the Global Economy, but instead they just keep getting worse.  That is because The Mainstream Media are the propaganda arm of the Globalist Cabal who are responsible for this disgusting hoax Covid 19 is a mask to destroy the Global Economy in order to usher in an Orwellian One World Government Nightmare! (See. Proof That The Pandemic Is A Hoax, Scam, Manufactured Crisis! https://wp.me/p19seq-8wn ). On Thursday, we learned that another 898,000 Americans filed new claims for unemployment benefits last week. That was the highest number that we have seen since August, and it is yet more evidence that a new wave of layoffs has begun.

Nearly 8 million Americans have slid into poverty since May, according to a Columbia University study reported by the New York Times.

Why it matters:The researchers found that the monthly poverty rate for September was higher than rates during April or May, and it also topped pre-crisis levels, “due to the expiration of the CARES Act’s stimulus checks and $600 per week supplement to unemployment benefits.”

And another study discovered that 6 million more Americans fell into poverty in just the last three months

A separate study by researchers at Notre Dame and the University of Chicago, found that 6 million people have slipped into poverty in the last three months, per the Times.

Our hearts should be breaking because of what is going on all over the country and around the world right now.

Millions upon millions of hard working people have lost their jobs and can’t find new ones.  As a result, they have lost the comfortable middle class lifestyles that they once enjoyed and have now joined the ranks of the poor.

And all of this suffering and death by suicide could have been avoided if people knew the truth! See: The Deception of Virology And Vaccines — Why Coronavirus Is Not Contagious https://wp.me/p19seq-8wn )

one out of every five people in the entire state of California is living in poverty right now.

If this is what a “recovery” looks like, I would hate to see what the “bad times” are going to look like.

And without a doubt, economic conditions are definitely going to get worse than they are now.

Unemployment was supposed to be temporary. Now, it’s permanent for almost 4 million And that’s only the figures in The United States, Numbers that are being repeated Globally!

Nazi Survivor: Don’t Let Authorities Use Fear to Turn You Into a ‘Robot’ – Advice EVERYONE should listen to and act upon.

Watch her experience in Nazi Germany and current events will be understood.

This is one fantastic Jewish lady speaking truth to power and the population: ‘Parents have to be willing to go to battle to protect their children.’ 

Proof That The Pandemic Is A Hoax, Scam, Manufactured Crisis!

‘The Corona panic is a play. It’s a scam. A swindle. It’s high time we understood that we’re in the midst of a global crime.’

Link Below:

What Have We Become?

This is the most diabolical evil assault on humanity that I have ever witnessed in all my years in the intelligence service. Why, because there is no Covid19, a global FOI Freedom Of Information search has revealed this fact. The hospitals are empty around the globe. Oh people are dying, but not from Covid, it doesn’t exist. People are dying from natural causes. Millions of people die naturally every year.

Our Globalist Cabal coopted governments and their paid deep state owned and controlled Mainstream Media have been lying and propagandising humanity for decades.

The Cabals plan is to crash the Global economy in order to usher in a New World Order One World Orwellian Tyranny. They are well on their way to achieving this. These Psychopaths are of a stripe of evil that is almost unimaginable. Humanities only hope is massive civil disobedience. Refuse to comply with their insane lockdowns, their toxic mask wearing and social distancing that have no basis in science.  And are being used as tools to isolate and control us. Do your own research and you will see that what I say is truth. God bless you all. 🙏

The Centre For Disease Control Is A Good Place To Begin Your Search For The Truth!

Breaking News: Covid19 Exposed As A Total Hoax By The CDC (Centre For Disease Control) Covid19 Does Not Exist And Never Has! Link To PDF On CDC Website: https://www.fda.gov/media/134922/download

Make No mistake, Humanity Is In A Spritual War For Its Very Soul. And To Add To The threat, Most People Seem Oblivious To How They Are Being Manipulated, And Many Just Don’t Seem To Care. Mainstream Media Uses Subliminal Messages During Their Commercials To Control Our Perception Of Reality. They Have been Using This Manipulation Technique For Many Decades. Our Schools Are Not Places Of Learning, That Are Programming Our Young Minds With Garbage Such As Gender Fluidity, LGBTQ Lies And Propaganda. Children Regurgitate Information They Are Given, And This Passes For Knowledge. They Are Taught What To Think, Not How To Think!

Emergency Doctor Bodo Schiffmann – ‘Three Children Have Died Because Of Masks In Germany’

Covid19 Is A Damn Fairy Tale! It Doesn’t Exist! This Has Been Proven Over And Over Again!! And Finally Yesterday, The Centre For Disease Control Sealed the Deal On Their Website. Absolute Proof That It, Covid19 Is A Scam Designed To Destroy The Economy And Usher Our Entire World Into A New World Order, One World Government Orwellian Nightmare Of Control. AND HARDLY ANYONE CARED OR NOTICED!! Link To PDF On CDC Website: https://www.fda.gov/media/134922/download

Just Imagine If The Mainstream Media Reported This Hoax? The Nightmare Would Be Over For Millions. But That would Never Happen For They Are The Mouthpiece Of The Very Globalist Cabal That Is Perpetrating This Hoax. https://youtu.be/lvoPNDH6QmI

New Vaccine Risk Factor As Manufacturing Ramps Up – Canada is also preparing Isolation Camps. The Great Culling Has Begun! Maj. Gen. Bert Stubblebine

Major General Bert Stubblebine,111 Military Intelligence Chief. ( Deceased) ”The great culling has begun. Vaccines are an abomination and the Globalist Cabals Front line weapon in their Depopulation Agenda!” – Major General Bert Stubblebine 

Billions of new doses of an untested, unfinished vaccine have to be ready to go in a couple of months. What could possibly go wrong? Reuters cheers the “heroes” who are getting ready to make a “killing” and unintentionally highlights another major safety risk for vaccines — refrigeration at extremely low temperatures required

Link To Banned Video: https://banned.video/watch?id=5ef4f79d672706002f2e782e

Canada is also preparing Isolation Camps. Ontario MP asks — who will be isolated, for how long, and why? Govt refuses to answer. DARPA pushes “DNA-drug-in-a-box”, CIA & military are running Trumps OperationWarpSpeed vaccine program.

CIA/DARPA DNA Vaccine Rapid Deployment; Canadian Isolation Camps:

Link To Banned Video: https://2020electioncenter.com/watch?id=5f849785cf8dff11ad834365

It Was Never About Health, Its Always Been About Control:

Australian Government Already Talking About Punishing People Who Don’t Submit To Mandatory Vaccination, Threatening The public With Travel bans, “No Jab No Pay” Social Security Family Allowance Will Not Be Paid To Non Vaxxers, And Other Penalties Such As Not Being Unable To Enter Restaurants, Travel On Public Transport Etc Etc.

The Australian Government Is Turning Australia Into Communist China. And All For A So called Virus That Has Not Been Proven To Exist. The WHO Has Stated That The Virus Is No More Deadly Than The Common Cold!

Since March 19th, 2020 The So Called Covid Virus Was Downgraded To A Threat Of Low Consequence! In Fact there is No Virus, The Covid Scam Is A Total Hoax Designed To Crash The Global Economy In Order To Usher In A Global New World Order Orwellian Tyranny That Would Make Orwell Wince.

The Hoax Pandemic Exposed:

Germ Theory Is False. Viruses are Generated Within The Body, They Do Not Come From Outside The Body. Viruses Are Not Alive, Viruses Are Not Contagious. Viruses Cannot Be Transmitted Between People Or Transferred Between Species. – Dr Stefan Lanka – Virologist (See Breaking News: Virologist Blows The Whistle On Hoax Pandemic – Viruses CANNOT Be Transmitted – Dr Stefan Lanka) https://wp.me/p19seq-7Ru

Our Governments Assure Us That Vaccines Are Safe And Effective. Let’s See…………

HPV Gardasil Vaccine Responsible For 54 Percent Increase In Cervical Cancer:

Canadian Government Tendering For Internment Camps (sorry ‘Federal Quarantine/Isolation sites’) – Dr. Stefan Lanka 2020 Article Busts the Virus Misconception – WAKE UP PEOPLE

Canada Preparing Internment Camps For When We The People Refuse The Neurotoxic DNA, Sterilising Covid Vaccine.

Dr. Stefan Lanka 2020 Article Busts the Virus Misconception

Service Provider(s) for Federal Quarantine / Isolation sites (6D112-202772/A)

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Service Provider(s) for Federal Quarantine / Isolation sites (6D112-202772/A)

The Government of Canada needs products and services in support of Canada’s response to COVID-19.

Learn how to supply a needed product or service

Tender Notice – Letter of Interest (LOI)/Request for Information (RFI)


StatusActiveDays until closing1 week 10 hours hence


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End user entityPublic Health Agency of CanadaProcurement entityPublic Works and Government Services CanadaTendering procedureAll interested suppliers may submit a bidCompetitive procurement strategyN/A – P&A/LOI OnlyTrade agreement

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Reference numberPW-$$ZL-105-38463Solicitation number6D112-202772/AShow moreDetails


Trade Agreement: CETA / CFTA
Tendering Procedures: All interested suppliers may submit a bid
Competitive Procurement Strategy: N/A - P&A/LOI Only
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Nature of Requirements: 

Request for Information regarding Service Provider(s) for Federal Quarantine / Isolation sites
for The Government of Canada

The Government of Canada (GoC) is considering engaging a Third Party Service Provider for Federal Quarantine / Isolation sites that will be used to house and care for people for public health and other related federal requirements associated with the COVID-19 pandemic response. The Government is seeking feedback from current service providers about potential options for standing up, operating and managing all of the services associated with these sites. The purpose of this Request for Information (RFI) is to seek feedback from potential service providers in order to develop a strategy for the potential future management of these sites going forward. 

Should the Government of Canada determine that a third-party managed solution going forward is a viable strategy, Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) may issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) to provide suppliers the opportunity to bid on the services required as per the schedule contained in this document.

This RFI seeks industry’s feedback to:
i. Obtain supplier feedback, with advice and guidance on the operation of these sites; 
ii. Assess industry’s interest in bidding on a potential the contemplated RFP;
iii. Identify and minimize any potential competitive barriers where possible; and
iv. Ensure that potential suppliers can deliver the type of services being requested in a possible upcoming RFP.  

This is not a bid solicitation. This RFI will not result in the award of any contract. As a result, potential suppliers of any goods or services described in this RFI should not reserve stock or facilities, nor allocate resources, as a result of any information contained in this RFI. Nor will this RFI result in the creation of any source list. Therefore, whether or not any potential supplier responds to this RFI will not preclude that supplier from participating in any future procurement. Also, the procurement of any of the goods and services described in this RFI will not necessarily follow this RFI. This RFI is simply intended to solicit feedback from industry with respect to the matters described in this RFI.

Respondents are requested to provide their comments, concerns and, where applicable, alternative recommendations regarding how the requirements or objectives described in this RFI could be satisfied. Respondents should explain any assumptions they make in their responses.  
Requests must be submitted to: 

Nicole Génier 

E-mail Address:  Nicole.Genier@tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca
Canada may summarize the feedback received and inform suppliers on www.buyandsell.gc.ca regarding how industry’s questions, ideas, solutions, etc., have been considered.

Delivery Date: Above-mentioned

The Crown retains the right to negotiate with suppliers on any procurement.

Documents may be submitted in either official language of Canada.

Show moreDescription

Contact information

Contact nameGénier, NicoleContact emailnicole.genier@tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.caContact phone(873) 353-7957 ( )Contact fax( ) -Contact address

Terrasses de la Chaudière 4th Floor
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Service Provider(s) for Federal Quarantine / Isolation sites (6D112-202772/A) – List of Interested Suppliers


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If you have questions specific to this procurement, please contact the Contracting Authority identified in the “Contact information” section of this tender notice.

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Cops Attack Lockdown Protestor As He Begins to Read Aloud “Mark of the Beast” The Draconian Lockdown Ending Of the World Begins In Australia!

Man attacked by cops in Australia as he begins to read Bible’s warning about the “Mark of the Beast”. It’s “On the Beach” in reverse, as the draconian lockdown ending of the world is begins in Australia!

Link To Banned Video: https://2020electioncenter.com/watch?id=5f7dffa049802c0f882fce5d

For Those Of You Who Are Still Asleep, Still Walking Around With Your Eyes Wide Shut. STOP Getting Programmed By The Mainstream Media That Is Owned And Controlled By The Perpetrators Of This Disgusting Tyranny, The Globalist Luciferian Cabal. These Liars And propagandists Control Your Information And This Controls Your Perception Of Reality!

Mainstream Media Owned By Deep State – Cover-Up ET Presence-OSI Intelligence Officer Speaks Out.

Care home nurse Carley Stewart talks with David Icke about her experience of a fake ‘pandemic’ and the shocking consequences for the elderly and vulnerable of lockdown (PLEASE SHARE)

See: Bombshell Expose -The Corona Fraud Scandal – The Greatest Crime Against Humanity Ever Committed Lawyer Totally Demolishes Narrative. https://darrellhines.net/2020/10/05/bombshell-expose-the-corona-fraud-scandal-the-greatest-crime-against-humanity-ever-committed-lawyer-totally-demolishes-narrative/

The Plan, How We Got Here. NWO Australia

Jeremy Lee. 1991, wow! Way ahead of his time. We were warned but few people seem to notice, even fewer seem to care. Listen now and tell me how much you think has come to pass in the last 30 years. If only every Australian had seen this I don’t believe we would be where we are today. Absolutely brilliant video. Concise, logical and spelt out in layman’s terms so that any, every person can understand this. Pinpoints where, how, when and who. Its actually very sad to think in so many ways we have done this to ourselves. Yes government have orchestrated it and sold us all out BUT it was our apathy as a nation as Australians that allowed it all to happen.

Bombshell Report!! David Icke talks to Dr Andrew Kaufman About Why The UK Government’s Colossal Testing Plan Operation Moonshot Is Such A Deceitful Scam

There Is No Firm Diagnosis For Covid19! – Dr Andrew Kaufman

Chinese Virus: Engineered Politically, Not Biologically Global FOI Requests FAIL To Prove Covid Exists

Chinese virus of tyranny comes to Western “Civilization”: Tracking apps required on phone to eat at restaurants, police visiting homes for FB posts, wedding party arrests, man jailed for 1 YEAR for having a party. It’s from China, it’s global, it’s globalist. MEDICAL AUTHORITIES VIA FOI FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUESTS GLOBALLY HAVE FAILED TO PROVIDE PROOF OF THE EXISTENCE OF COVID19! LET THAT SINK IN!!

Covid Hoax threw away our common sense, A Virus is not living therefore cannot be airborne or contagious FACT!!!!

Link To Banned Video: https://2020electioncenter.com/watch?id=5f72255b4ee6860b6d5865f8

David Icke’s Interview Yesterday With InVeiwTV in Australia Immediately Deleted By Fascist YouTube

Here’s another version. So big and powerful, eh? But terrified of one man. Hilarious! 



3 Church Members Arrested for Outdoor Work w/o Masks (ie) Refusing To Self Harm!

See Post….( 42 Peer Reviewed Studies That Prove Masks Are Neither Safe Nor Effective) https://wp.me/p19seq  Mandatory Wearing of masks force the wearer to commit self-harm. Masks cause Hypoxia, the blood doesn’t oxygenate correctly and this leads to irreparable brain damage. Blood that is not oxygenated correctly is a breeding ground for Cancer.

Link To Banned Video: https://2020electioncenter.com/watch?id=5f6e2eb69256ea09fdce5740

Now They Are Coming For Your Kids – David Icke

By Doing What The medical Liar And Propagandists In Chief Have Told Us Is Necessary, Has Destroyed The Economy, Closed Thousands Of Businesses, Many Will Never Reopen, Thousands Have Suicided, Millions Have No Jobs Or Income, And Now They’re Coming For The Children, Many Schools Have Introduced 5G At 60 GHz, Which Compounds The Reduction In Blood Oxygenation From Mask Wearing.


Covert NHS Vaccination In Schools With Neurotoxic Vaccine. A Mother Expresses Her Anger! STRONG LANGUAGE 

The Covid Vaccine Ship Is Sinking

Link To Banned Video: https://2020electioncenter.com/watch?id=5f6bca452628dc092f8ce68e


See: When Govt Becomes The Terrorist – Cover Up Of Deaths In Cov19 Vaccine Trials – Gates Wants Immunity For 7 Billion Vaccines?? https://wp.me/p19seq-7Xa

42 Peer Reviewed Studies That Prove Masks Are Neither Safe Nor Effective

Wearing of masks force the wearer to commit self-harm. Masks cause Hypoxia, the blood doesn’t oxygenate correctly and this leads to irreparable brain damage. Blood that is not oxygenated correctly is a breeding ground for Cancer.

Covidocracy with Max Igan – UNDERSTAND There Is NO Virus – There Never Was A Virus – Just An Expanding Globalist Satanic Takedown Of Humanity

See “Man Physically Assaulted By Cops For Refusing To  (Self Harm) Wear A mask https://wp.me/p19seq-8jq  Sweden Calls For Urgent Assistance As 5G Radiation Is Being Deployed Against Children. Details In Video. Australia Public Order Police, The New Stasi Now Have Powers That Have Been Passed Through Parliament That Allow Citizens To Be Held In Custody For Indefinite Period If They Are Suspected Of Having Covid 19, Being In Proximity To Someone Suspected Etc Etc. Australia Is Becoming Stalinist Russia. The Australian Government Has Declared War Against The People. The media Are Bought And Paid For And Are Failing To Report The Facts In A Spectacular Manner.

Freedom Will NOT Be Given Back: Here’s How We TAKE It Back

This is how people are taking back their lives — one event, one family, one church, one community at a time. After 189 days of undeclared Martial Law & unconstitutional Lockdown it’s clear that no one in federal or state government is going to willingly surrender the power they’ve usurped. The Captured Globalist Governments Have A Plan Of Massive Depopulation, And A Plan For The Remaining Survivors! 

Link To Banned Video: https://2020electioncenter.com/watch?id=5f68dfb3cafd76087e5a27d8

There Is A War On The Subconscious – David Icke

Our World Is Controlled By Multinational Corporations And Criminals.

If You Don’t Watch The TV News Or Read The Paper You Are Uninformed. If You Do Read The Paper And Watch The TV News You Are Misinformed:

Public Incredulity Is A Key Defence Mechanism Protecting The Globalist Luciferian Cabal And its Gofers From Exposure. This is Captured In The Reaction: ’They Would Never Do That’. Oh, But They Would And The More Horrific And Unspeakable The Better. The Public Needs To Know And Understand That These People Are Total Psychopaths Devoid of Empathy And Normal Feelings Of Any Kind. And They Simply Will Not Stop Until The Majority Of The Population On Our World Is Eliminated. 

Oh, And That Mask That Some People Are Wearing, A Nobel Prize Winning Scientist Exposed in 1931 That It Causes CANCER! Any Questions?

This is Why You Don’t believe The Information I Am Sending You.

Australian Police Chief Admits Government Now Works for Criminals

The growing chaos and police state enforcement in Australia where a police commissioner has admitted to working for criminals while over-enforcing on law-abiding citizens.

Link To Banned Video: https://2020electioncenter.com/watch?id=5f5ffe07dc50dc07a1fc0179

MKUltra mind control survivor Cathy O’Brien on the CIA/military use of masks in controlling the mind

MKUltra mind control survivor Cathy O’Brien on the CIA/military use of masks in controlling the mind – ‘My daughter was forced to wear one from aged two to control her breathing and perception.’ If you and your kids wear masks this is a MUST READ – please share

Melbourne: Protesters Speak Out Before Being Attacked By Police

Support Avi after his arrest, sign the petition! http://www.StandWithAvi.com Avi Yemini talks to anti-lockdown protesters shortly before police turn violent on them in Melbourne. One Of The Protesters Was A Former Victorian Police Member Who Resigned In Disgust Because He Can No Longer In Good Faith Work For This Fascist Government! 

Breaking News: Over One Thousand Drs Expose Covid19 As A Criminal Hoax

Every day when I speak to people in an attempt to make them aware that they are being scammed, I hear the same replies…….”Why would they lie to us.”, or, “I saw it on the TV in the news, why would they lie”? We have been lied to by people and governments with an agenda since the day we were born. Hey, I get it, you have developed a belief system based on what you learned in school (indoctrination camp) and from what your parents tell you. Your parents were lied to as well! The Fact is, ‘Everything You Think You Know Just Ain’t So.’ Why am I telling you this? Because after 20 years in the Intelligence Service I have seen proof of this! And, I am sick to my stomach seeing people being manipulated by governments with an agenda.They don’t want you to know what you are! ‘You Are Infinite Awareness, Consciousness,You are an immortal spiritual entity. You are not your name or your job. You are everything that has ever been or will be, having a human experience.You are connected to everything in the universe.’

A Consortium Of Over One Thousand Drs And RF Kennedy Jr Expose Covid19 As A Criminal Hoax: ( Because of the Size Of the File I Have had To Store The Video In Three Parts.)

Part Two:

Part Three

The world is run By multinational corporations and criminals, FACT! If you get your information from Mainstream Media, this is what you are getting…….

The Glaring Truth To Remember Is….Germ Theory Is False. Viruses are Generated Within The Body, They Do Not Come From Outside The Body. Viruses Are Not Alive, Viruses Are Not Contagious. Viruses Cannot Be Transmitted Between People Or Transferred Between Species. – Dr Stefan Lanka – Virologist 

UNDERSTAND, A virus is made specifically by your body for the purpose of healing via excretion and clean-up of toxins. A virus is made specifically for a cell, group of cells or organ, so viruses don’t even cross organs, let alone from one human body to another.

So please ask yourself, why are you wearing a mask/ the wearing of a mask creates Hypoxia, lack of oxygen, and this leads to irreparable brain damage. Why are you blindly accepting curfews, social distancing,(which by the way was a punishment devised by the CIA and used at camps that housed suspected terrorist as an inhuman form of separation from contact with others, why are police arresting people for exercising their free speech and posting on facebook arranging public meetings to voice their Opinions and exercise their right of free speech, and WHY are they being arrested by masked Police for this. Covid19 is a total hoax designed to destroy the global economy and usher in a New World Order, One World Government Orwellian Tyranny. No, this is not a conspiracy theory, it is a conspiracy FACT! 


Pro Neurotoxic Vaccine Advocates Debunk This! – Dr Suzanne Humphries

 Medical authorities cannot produce evidence that Shows Covid19 actually exists (The British Health Authorities, and others around the globe have failed to produce any scientific Proof that Covid19 Exists!) information  has given rise to an interesting oxymoron. No, not “moron” …. OXYMORON … which is an apparent contradiction. Like the newest hashtag: #AloneTogether

Other interesting factoids about COVID:

  • It can travel 6 feet, but not 6’1” or greater.
  • It can live on all surfaces except anything that comes in the mail from Amazon. 
  • It does not live in Target, Walmart, Costco, or any grocery store, but it thrives in churches. 
  • It’s harmless in protests and riots, but is deadly in restaurants (specifically when you’re walking to the table, but not at the table itself).

It’s time to wake up folks! A virus is not the enemy!                                                                          FEAR is the enemy!   

Sadly, the “powers that be” (billionaires, the tech and pharmaceutical industries, and governments around the world) have used fear as a means to seize the very freedoms that define our society.

                                 Another Inconvenient Truth

Pictures taken last year in China that showed Chinese Citizens falling to the ground apparently collapsing from the Pandemic, were pure theatre. Has anyone seen that happening anywhere else in the world? NO! There is NO pandemic, there never was! The Pandemic was staged in order to collapse the Global economy (shut everything down) in order to usher in an Orwellian New World Order, One World Tyranny Of Control Of Humanity that has been long planned.

See “Proof That Sars-Covid2 Does Not Exist” – Viruses Cause No Disease Whatsoever. Dr Andrew Kaufman MD Virologist. https://wp.me/p19seq-89C


Extreme Health Alert: Sweden Was Not Locked Down For A Reason – DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILDREN TO SCHOOL IN SWEDEN

Do NOT Send Your Children Back To School, Schools Are Not A Safe Place For Children Anymore – And Not Just In Sweden. Schools Are Indoctrination Camps For Programming Your Children. 5G Is A Military Grade Weapons System. Listen To This Mothers Plea And Please Share This Video.