The New Normal – March 11th 2020 WHO Announced A Pandemic – March 19th 2020 The National Health Service Downgraded The Pandemic To Less Harmful Than The Common Cold WTF!!! Did People Miss This Small Detail????

Link To Video Below: This is A Must See Documentary. It Fully Exposes The Globalist Satanic Cabals Agenda For Humanity That They Are Implementing Now! A True Red Pill!!

Fascist Face Nappies Of The City Of London, For Profit Corporation Stasi Police Manhandling 75-year-old Woman For The Crime Of Protesting – They Have No Shame

Yes, For Profit Corporate Lackeys!! The Police, The Governments, And the Courts Are All Private For Profit Corporations!! They Are Not Public Servants, They Are Servants of the Globalist Satanic Cabal, And the Enforcers Of The Covid Hoax. Private Criminal For Profit Corporations Run This World! (See: Covid 19 – The Fake Pandemic – Scientific Proof That It Is A Hoax – David Icke )

These Two Enforcers Of Tyranny Are Either The Dumbest Idiots In The Universe, Or They Know that Covid is A Hoax And Are Paid Lackeys of the Cabal.

Documented Proof That Police, Government Etc Are For For Profit Corporations And NOT Public Servants. PDF Below.

The Desire for Freedom Must Awaken in People to Save Humanity – Jon Rappoport

The Mask That Doesn’t Protect You Or Anyone Else From Any Viruses Or Contaminants! So Why Are Our So Called Enlightened Intelligent Politicians Wearing Them. Can They Not Read The Warning Written On The Box That They Come In? The Wearing Of Masks Is Being Mandated Because Wearing It Dehumanises You. Fascism Is Being Implemented Globally As The Globalist Cabal Attempts To Usher In The Orwellian New World Order.

Link To Banned Video:

These So Called Covid Rules Are Not Laws. As Clint Eastwood Has Said, “Rules Are For Assholes”.

A Common Sense Explanation Of The Whole So Called Pandemic.

Manchester And Liverpool Lockdown Protest Footage – Luminous Jacket Face-Nappy Thuggery Included

To The People That Have So Far Ignored The Warnings About The Globalist Cabal Orwellian Takedown Of Our Society, The Email Warnings That Have Gone Unheeded, To My Brainwashed Children And Family I Offer This: “I Deeply Love You All. Ask Yourself, How Much More Are You Going To Take From A Tyrannical Authority Before Your Need For Self Respect And Your Need To Protect Your Own Children Is Too Much For You To Go On Denying The Truth!


 Covid19 Virus Has Never Been Isolated And Purified,Therefore, It Has Not Been Proven To Exist! You Cannot Test For A Virus That Does Not Exist. And You Also Cannot Manufacture A Vaccine For A Virus That Does Not Exist!! That Is The Extent Of This Blatant Scam! FOI (Freedom Of Information Act Requests To Health Authorities Have Proven That Covid19 DOES NOT EXIST! There Is No Scientific Evidence Anywhere That A Virus Causes Disease! Viruses Form Inside The Body, And Are Used To Clean The System. The Only Way An external infection, Virus Can Enter The Body Is Via Injection, It Is the Immune System Response To An Injected Virus, Such As Those Found In Vaccines That Cause The Immune System To Respond Adversely Causing Illness And Sometimes Death!  Wake Up World You’re Being Scammed! See ( Covid 19 – The Fake Pandemic – Scientific Proof That It Is A Hoax – David Icke

DAVID ICKE – THE ANSWER (The Road To Now-Here) Documentary

They, The Globalist Cult, Have Taken A Natural Immune System Response To Poisonous Cells, And Renamed It Covid -19. The Great Scam To Transform Human Life On Earth!

‘Whistleblower’ Email Exposing Where The Plan Is Meant To Go From Here – David Icke! Please Share Widely.

This Tyranny Is All About The Re-Modification Of Human Behaviour And Perception Of Reality! When Insanity Becomes Normal Freedom Becomes History!

Universal Basic Income To Be Introduced Globally.

Wanna Be A Mainstream Journalist? First Your Have To Sell Your Soul – David Icke

Ask Yourself, How Much More Are You Going To Take Before Your Need For Self Respect And Your Need To Protect Your Own Children Is Too Much For You To Go On Denying The Truth!

Mainstream Media Is Owned And Controlled By The Same Globalist Luciferian Cabal That Are Using The Hoax Pandemic To Destroy The World Economy In Order To Usher In An Orwellian New World Order, One World Government Tyranny!

Fascist Stasi Police Thugs Intimidate And Arrest The Elderly In UK Denying The Right Of Free Assembly And Free Speech

Fascist Police Thugs Wearing Face Nappies, Committing Self-Harm By Depriving Themselves Of Oxygen That Causes Hypoxia, Irreparable Brain Damage, And If Left On For Extended Periods, Cancer!! Cancer Thrives In Oxygen Depleted Environments. – Dr Stephen Lanka Virologist. Government Thugs Bullying The Elderly And then Arresting Them. If Humanity Doesn’t Stand Against This Tyranny NOW, All Of Our Human Rights Will Be Destroyed! And NO, Don’t Wait For Someone Else To Fix The Problem, You Are That Someone Else!

3 Church Members Arrested for Outdoor Work w/o Masks (ie) Refusing To Self Harm!

See Post….( 42 Peer Reviewed Studies That Prove Masks Are Neither Safe Nor Effective)  Mandatory Wearing of masks force the wearer to commit self-harm. Masks cause Hypoxia, the blood doesn’t oxygenate correctly and this leads to irreparable brain damage. Blood that is not oxygenated correctly is a breeding ground for Cancer.

Link To Banned Video:

Covidocracy with Max Igan – UNDERSTAND There Is NO Virus – There Never Was A Virus – Just An Expanding Globalist Satanic Takedown Of Humanity

See “Man Physically Assaulted By Cops For Refusing To  (Self Harm) Wear A mask  Sweden Calls For Urgent Assistance As 5G Radiation Is Being Deployed Against Children. Details In Video. Australia Public Order Police, The New Stasi Now Have Powers That Have Been Passed Through Parliament That Allow Citizens To Be Held In Custody For Indefinite Period If They Are Suspected Of Having Covid 19, Being In Proximity To Someone Suspected Etc Etc. Australia Is Becoming Stalinist Russia. The Australian Government Has Declared War Against The People. The media Are Bought And Paid For And Are Failing To Report The Facts In A Spectacular Manner.

Farmer’s Markets Attacked in Australia, Running Out of Rice / Meat – Deliberate Destruction Of Australian Food Supply

Australia is projected to have meat shortages and rice shortages. No problem. Import rice and police state tactics from Gangland China as riot police attack several Farmer’s Markets.

Link To Banned Video:

Freedom Will NOT Be Given Back: Here’s How We TAKE It Back

This is how people are taking back their lives — one event, one family, one church, one community at a time. After 189 days of undeclared Martial Law & unconstitutional Lockdown it’s clear that no one in federal or state government is going to willingly surrender the power they’ve usurped. The Captured Globalist Governments Have A Plan Of Massive Depopulation, And A Plan For The Remaining Survivors! 

Link To Banned Video:

There Is A War On The Subconscious – David Icke

Our World Is Controlled By Multinational Corporations And Criminals.

If You Don’t Watch The TV News Or Read The Paper You Are Uninformed. If You Do Read The Paper And Watch The TV News You Are Misinformed:

Public Incredulity Is A Key Defence Mechanism Protecting The Globalist Luciferian Cabal And its Gofers From Exposure. This is Captured In The Reaction: ’They Would Never Do That’. Oh, But They Would And The More Horrific And Unspeakable The Better. The Public Needs To Know And Understand That These People Are Total Psychopaths Devoid of Empathy And Normal Feelings Of Any Kind. And They Simply Will Not Stop Until The Majority Of The Population On Our World Is Eliminated. 

Oh, And That Mask That Some People Are Wearing, A Nobel Prize Winning Scientist Exposed in 1931 That It Causes CANCER! Any Questions?

This is Why You Don’t believe The Information I Am Sending You.

MKUltra mind control survivor Cathy O’Brien on the CIA/military use of masks in controlling the mind

MKUltra mind control survivor Cathy O’Brien on the CIA/military use of masks in controlling the mind – ‘My daughter was forced to wear one from aged two to control her breathing and perception.’ If you and your kids wear masks this is a MUST READ – please share

Melbourne: Protesters Speak Out Before Being Attacked By Police

Support Avi after his arrest, sign the petition! Avi Yemini talks to anti-lockdown protesters shortly before police turn violent on them in Melbourne. One Of The Protesters Was A Former Victorian Police Member Who Resigned In Disgust Because He Can No Longer In Good Faith Work For This Fascist Government! 

Breaking News: Over One Thousand Drs Expose Covid19 As A Criminal Hoax

Every day when I speak to people in an attempt to make them aware that they are being scammed, I hear the same replies…….”Why would they lie to us.”, or, “I saw it on the TV in the news, why would they lie”? We have been lied to by people and governments with an agenda since the day we were born. Hey, I get it, you have developed a belief system based on what you learned in school (indoctrination camp) and from what your parents tell you. Your parents were lied to as well! The Fact is, ‘Everything You Think You Know Just Ain’t So.’ Why am I telling you this? Because after 20 years in the Intelligence Service I have seen proof of this! And, I am sick to my stomach seeing people being manipulated by governments with an agenda.They don’t want you to know what you are! ‘You Are Infinite Awareness, Consciousness,You are an immortal spiritual entity. You are not your name or your job. You are everything that has ever been or will be, having a human experience.You are connected to everything in the universe.’

A Consortium Of Over One Thousand Drs And RF Kennedy Jr Expose Covid19 As A Criminal Hoax: ( Because of the Size Of the File I Have had To Store The Video In Three Parts.)

Part Two:

Part Three

The world is run By multinational corporations and criminals, FACT! If you get your information from Mainstream Media, this is what you are getting…….

The Glaring Truth To Remember Is….Germ Theory Is False. Viruses are Generated Within The Body, They Do Not Come From Outside The Body. Viruses Are Not Alive, Viruses Are Not Contagious. Viruses Cannot Be Transmitted Between People Or Transferred Between Species. – Dr Stefan Lanka – Virologist 

UNDERSTAND, A virus is made specifically by your body for the purpose of healing via excretion and clean-up of toxins. A virus is made specifically for a cell, group of cells or organ, so viruses don’t even cross organs, let alone from one human body to another.

So please ask yourself, why are you wearing a mask/ the wearing of a mask creates Hypoxia, lack of oxygen, and this leads to irreparable brain damage. Why are you blindly accepting curfews, social distancing,(which by the way was a punishment devised by the CIA and used at camps that housed suspected terrorist as an inhuman form of separation from contact with others, why are police arresting people for exercising their free speech and posting on facebook arranging public meetings to voice their Opinions and exercise their right of free speech, and WHY are they being arrested by masked Police for this. Covid19 is a total hoax designed to destroy the global economy and usher in a New World Order, One World Government Orwellian Tyranny. No, this is not a conspiracy theory, it is a conspiracy FACT! 


Its Time To Say STOP! How Can Anyone Believe What These Parasites In Govt And The Media Are Telling Us?


Bombshell Admission: CDC Admits Covid Case Numbers Hoax Used to Lockdown Society

Jon Rappoport guest hosts The Alex Jones Show to break down the CDC’s admission that 94% of the confirmed covid cases involved elderly and already sick people.

Link To Banned Video:

Message To Australia For This Saturday. Time To Look Fascism In The Eye And Show Who Really Has The Power – David Icke

We Are Many They Are Few! Evil Has No Power Unless We Give It To Them! Humanity Get Off Your Damn Knees! C’mon Aussie C’mon!!

Link To Banned Video:

Horrifying Video Shows Pregnant Mother Arrested For Facebook Post

Australia Has Fallen To The New World Order Tyranny. This shocking video out of Australia shows a young, pregnant mother being arrested in her pajamas for a Facebook where she was planning an anti-lockdown protest.

Link To Banned Video:

David Icke Exposes The Globalist Satanic Agenda Of The Planned End Of Humanity

The Level Of Psychopathic Evil That Is Behind This Cult That Directs Human Society Is Almost Beyond Imagination. Many People Find It Hard To Comprehend That They Could Exist! They Have An Ant-Human Agenda. They Want To Destroy Humanity And Transform The Biological Human Body Into A Synthetic Human Body. This New Synthetic Human Will Not Be Able To Procreate. As Discussed By Aldus Huxley In His Book, ‘Brave New World’, Thus Ushering In The End Of Humanity Which Is The Plan Of The Satanic Cult! Criminals And Multinational Corporation’s Control The World.


BREAKING TYRANNY: Posting On Fakebook About Protesting The Tyranny Results In Pregnant Mother’s Arrest

Pregnant Mothers Protest Post On Facebook Results In Police Arriving At The Family Home With A Search Warrant To Confiscate All Electronic Devices And Her Arrest For Incitement. Inciting Humanity To Question The Manufactured  Covid Hoax And The Forced Self Harm Of Mandatory Mask Wearing That Causes Hypoxia That Leads To Irreparable Brain Damage. The Stasi Orwellian State Has Officially Launched The New World Order. This Attack On Our Human Rights Is Being Carried Out To Put Fear Into the Hearst’s Of Freedom Loving Humanity So They Can Bend Us To The The Globalist Cabal Will, So That We Will Acquiesce To The Evil. Stay Strong, Do Not Give In. Just Say NO! God Is On Our Side.

Victorian Police Chief Supports Domestic Terrorists But Arrests Australian Scientist Exposing Covid Scam

Victorian Orwellian Police Commissioner, Luke Cornelius Supports Domestic Terrorists BLM When They March And Terrorise Citizens, But Has The Same Attitude That The Stasi Had In East Berlin When An Australian Scientist Speaks Out And Exposes The Covid Hoax, Calling People Who March For Freedom And Human Rights Boofheads, Really Luke, How About You Take A Flight To Berlin And Tell The Four (4) Million German Citizens That Their Boofheads, You Nazi SOB!

Australian Scientist Who Dared To Speak Out And Denounce The Covid Scam

POWERFUL: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Delivers Speech In Berlin- August 29, 2020

In a rare appearance, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. delivers a powerful speech to a massive crowd in Berlin, Germany, criticizing COVID health policies, the global government system in general, and he rallies liberty loving people in defense of freedom worldwide.


Link To Banned Video:

David Icke’s Speech at the Unite for Freedom Rally, Trafalgar Sq, London, Aug 29

Link To Banned Video


CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY – 100 Years of Mass Mind Control

The ‘Force” As Portrayed In The Star Wars Movies In Real! The Deep State Has Known This Fact For Decades! The CIA Has Infiltrated All Areas Of News Media. This is How All Information That Humanity Receives Is Controlled. Control Information And You Control People’s Perception And Understanding Of Life.

Link To Banned Video:


Mainstream Media Narrative Is Controlled By The Globalist Cabal.

What Happens When You Give Your Hearts And Minds Away To Psychopaths?

Charlie Chaplins Message To Humanity.

Italian Doctors Warning – Covid19 Is A Program Of Mass Extermination

See “Proof That Sars-Covid2 Does Not Exist” – Viruses Cause No Disease Whatsoever. Dr Andrew Kaufman MD Virologist. Please note that Facebook has deleted this video many times for so called breaches of their terms of service. They serve The Globalist Satanic Cabal the same evil that is promoting the Genocide of humanity with the Massive planned DNA altering untested vaccines. This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory, It Is A Conspiracy Of Evil.

Courages Italian Drs Warning On Covid19

One of the Worlds leading Virologists, Dr Andrew Kaufman, Has Shown Proof That The Test For The So Called Pandemic Virus Is A Total Scam. (See PCR Test That Is Producing The ‘Virus Cases’ And Lockdowns IS NOT TESTING FOR A VIRUS! Its All About Control And Ushering In An Orwellian New World Order Tyranny! Communist China Is The Model For This New World Order, And China Is Locked Down Under The Same Fake Pandemic Rules That Are Now Being Introduced To The West! Thousands Of Drs Worldwide Are Exposing The Scam And Are being Censored By Social Media And Mainstream Media, The Mouthpiece of the Globalist Satanic Cabal Who Have Captured The Media Globally.

If you are wondering why you haven’t heard this truth spoken on Mainstream Media, Its Very Simple, The People Who Are Committing This Atrocity On Humanity Own the Global Mainstream Media Lock Stock And Barrel! And Here Is The Proof !

Bill Gates Announces The End of The World – By Ignoring This Evil Humanity Is Acquiescing To Its Own Demise!

Alex Jones breaks down the engineered collapse of society to usher in the posthuman era through perpetual lockdowns and medical tyranny enforcement. These Evil Satanists Are Coming For Your Children.

Link To Banned Video:


CENSORED: Humanity’s Voice And True Perception Of Reality Is Being Decimated By Mainstream And Social Media Destruction Of The Truth

Freedom of speech is a God given human right. At least it used to be. David Icke, Alex Jones Have been silenced on the peoples platform Facebook, Twitter, and David Icke was banned from speaking in Australia, his visa was canceled by the Australian Immigration Minister just four hours before his plane was to leave England for my home Australia. The Information you receive controls your perception of reality. And if the only information you have is from the provable lying mouthpiece of Evil, The Globalist Cabal Brought and paid for Mainstream media, then your perception of reality will be false, untrue!

The Answer To 1984 Is 1776


It seems that I have joined the ranks of these truth seekers Alex Jones, David Icke, and a handful of other people who give a damn about humanity. I was banned from posting on FAKEBOOK for 7 Days. But overnight I was banned from posting for a further 30 days because I dared to speak out agains the satanic demonic evil that is the Globalist Luciferian Cabal that is suppressing freedom of speech, the right to free assembly, destroying the global economy, forcing people to wear a muzzle in the form of a filthy rag that causes Hypoxia, the blood doesn’t oxygenate and leads to irreparable brain damage as stated by Dr John Bergman. and every other filthy inhuman act that is being committed against humanity. I still have my Twitter , my website, posting under ‘Truthtopower’ and my MeWe Free speech platform And Facebook Messenger. Those that have been following my assault against the tyrants can continue to find me there. Thank you for caring enough to fight for human rights and freedom.

When is the last time when you heard the sound of laughter at a restaurant or public place? When is the last time someone smiled at you and waved? The tyranny goes deeper than you can imagine. They’re killing our humanity.

Facebook Standards: “Speak No Truth Only The Globalist Luciferian Cabal Lies And Propaganda.” There is only one reason for such rampant censorship is that the Globalist Cabal Doesn’t want their Evil Agenda For Humanity Exposed!

The Full Icke/Rose Viral Presentation – The Covid19 Hoax Is A Violation Of Our Basic Human Rights

This is the explosive interview between Brian Rose and David Icke that got David Icke banned on Youtube. Please share and spread this banned broadcast, and prove to the world that no information can be suppressed and no one spoken word or conversation can be silenced.

Link To Banned Video;