UN Agenda 21-2030 The Inventory And Control Of ALL People,Water Minerals, Plants Animals, Construction Food And Information

This is plan that was agreed to by 179 nations back in 1992 The UN Agenda for the 21st Century. It ushers in the total domination and the removal of all human rights and freedoms. The goal of Agenda 21 is One World Government and total control from a central unit.


Trudeau’s Political Police Hit Squad, HIDDEN CAMERA: Police Interrogated Me About My Justin Trudeau book. They Didn’t Know I Videotaped It

I wrote a best-selling book about Justin Trudeau in the last election. After the election, I received a letter by registered mail notifying me that I was being investigated for that book. Trudeau’s elections commissioner claimed it was an illegal campaign activity and demanded that I submit to an interrogation. So I went to Elections Canada’s Ottawa headquarters last week, where I was grilled for an hour by two 30-year veterans of the RCMP — and they refused to rule out a police raid on Rebel News headquarters! I Was Summoned An Illegal Star Chamber Hearing. 

Intimidated Into Silence – SELF CENSORSHIP – The Majority Of Humanity Is Censoring Itself

You can’t silence 7.7 Billion people…they have to silence themselves’ David Icke. The Transgender Agenda, Destroying The Family Unit And Normal Heterosexuality. Political Correctness, Free Speech, Are All Being Used As Weapons Against Humanity By A Globalist Luciferian Cabal In Order To Usher In An Orwellian Agenda Of Total Domination And Control. The World is Run By Multinational Corporations And Criminals. Understand, The Mainstream Media Is Owned And Controlled By These Corporations.



The Perception Deception – Our Narrow Band Of The Sense Of The Possible!

Humanity Is Being Manipulated Into A Perceptual Bubble. Our Perception Is A Narrow Download That is Supplied By The Public (Indoctrination) Education System, Mainstream Media That is Owned And Controlled By The Globalist Cabal, And Our Peer Group That Has Been Programmed By The Same System.

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Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars – The Globalist Cabal Plan For The Total Subjugation Of Humanity

We live in a world which is increasingly dominated by revolutionary new technology but, according to author and lecturer, David Icke, it is WE who are the robots. Icke reveals the alarming extent to which people of all nations have allowed themselves to be programmed by the ideas fed to them by those in power.


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The Attack on Humanity: Dr Edward Spencer

All Of Our Information Services Including The Mainstream Media Are Owned And Controlled By The Globalist NWO Cabal So That We Are Kept In The Dark About The Reality Of Our World. Humanity Is Under Attack By A Globalist Luciferian Cabal That Actually Control This World. Weather Warfare, With DEW Directed Energy Weapons, Weaponised Vaccines, Fluoride In Our Water Supply. Our Skies Are Polluted With Barium, Aluminium nano Particles. 5G Is A Weapons System.

The Woke Mentality Is Destroying Human Society

The Woke Mentality Is Taking Political Control. Destroying History, Heterosexuality, The Family, Morality, And Its Occurring In Our Schools, And Every Institution On The Planet. Is There Nothing That Can’t Be Hijacked By The Narcissism Of The Woke Agenda? Causes Divisions All Throughout Human Society, And Its All Planned!

‘Dangerous People Indoctrinating Young Minds’ At Our Institutions Of Education

Marxist/Socialist Communists Have Infiltrated Our Institutions Of Learning. This Is Another Branch Of The Globalist Luciferian Cabal Agenda Of Orwellian Control Of Humanity That David Icke And Others Have Been Warning About For Decades.

An In Depth Warning To Parents

The ABC No Longer Even Pretends To Be Balanced’ Mainstream Media Is The Enemy Of The People

The Globalist Cabal Mouthpiece, Mainstream Media ABC Flaunts Its Evil Agenda Of Anti Humanity, Family, Justice, Common Sense, And Basic Decency And Human Rights! It Is Time For The General Public To Wake Up To The Propaganda And Indoctrination And Mind Control That They Are Being Subjected To, And Just Stop Watching Mainstream Media!


Mainstream Media Tearing Down Democracy And Populism, Free Speech

The Elites And Their Mouthpiece, The Mainstream Media Call It Democracy When The World Moves Toward The NWO Globalist Luciferian Cabal, They Call It Populism When It Doesn’t. The Mainstream Media Truly Are The Enemy Of The People! Populism Is Actually True Democracy, It Is The Will of The People, That’s Why Mainstream Media And The Elite Attack Populism!


Mainstream Media Are The Enemy Of the People! They Are The Mouthpiece Of The Criminal Corporate Globalist Cabal

Mainstream Media Are The Propaganda Arm Of The Globalist NWO Cabal. The Fourth Estate Is Dead. The Role Of Mainstream Media Is To Feed The Public A Steady Diet Of Fear, Lies, Fake News, And An Agenda That Will Keep Humanity From Ever Finding Out What is Really Happening InThe World, While Their Evil Overlords Set About Their Agenda Of Totalitarianism And Total Domination Of Humanity! Don’t Believe Me?, Well Here’s The Proof!

Part Two – The Climate Change Alarmist Agenda – Pure Undiluted Totalitarianism

No Matter What Scientific Evidence Is Presented The Globalist NWO Elite Cabal Will Continue With Their Lie, The Fake Climate Change, Man Made Global Warming Agenda. Carbon Dioxide Is Not A Pollutant, It Is The Breath Of Life. Currently There is A Shortage of Carbon Dioxide.

Again, For Those That have Not Seen The Statement From The Founders Of Extinction Rebellion, The Mouthpieces Of the Cabal, Who Now Claim That Their Demonstrations Are Not About The Climate, But Are Instead About Dismantling Western Society, Here Is That Statement From The Founders Again……. 

Young People Have Committed Suicide Believing In This Fake Agenda, Some Women Have Refused To Have Children Because They Believe That There Is No Future. Clearly, These Two Leaders And Anyone Else Involved In The Scam Should be Declared Domestic Terrorists And Dealt With By Federal Authorities!

Jimmy Lai and the Fight for Freedom in Hong Kong.

Jimmy Lai, the entrepreneur and leader in the fight to preserve democracy in Hong Kong describes the struggles he has endured including having his home fire-bombed, his family harassed, and his business threatened by the Chinese Communist Party. They also discuss the Trump administration’s response to the Hong Kong protest movement, how the NBA and other American businesses found themselves in an awkward position between their business interests and their politics, and what Lai believes to be China’s ultimate goal: to make Hong Kong just another city in Communist China. Finally, Lai asks Americans to keep Hong Kong at the forefront of their thoughts and not to give up on them.

A Global Surveillance Grid Exactly Like Communist China’s Is Being Implemented

Dr. Michael Rectenwald, a former professor at New York University and author of “The Google Archipelago: The Digital Gulag and the Simulation of Freedom.” Big Tech, influenced by marxist and postmodernist thought, increasingly enables a toxic mix of censorship, surveillance, social engineering and “social justice” policies that in effect create a digital equivalent of the Soviet Gulag. Leftist, Communist, Ideology Is Rapidly Becoming The Dominant Ideology.

Human Rights Defender Produces Award Winning Film Banned in China

A Story About the Strength Of the Human Spirit. Peabody-winning Canadian filmmaker Leon Lee who explores stories about modern China that can’t be told within Chinese borders. His documentary Human Harvest, about illegal organ transplants, has been viewed by millions, broadcast in more than 25 countries, and received the 74th Annual Peabody Award for Documentary. His company Flying Cloud Productions is dedicated to bringing issues of #HumanRights violations to light in both documentary and narrative film-making.

His new movie, “Letter from Masanjia,” begins when mom of two, Julie Keith, finds an SOS note in a box of #MadeinChina Halloween decorations from an Oregon Kmart. The desperate note was written by a political prisoner named Sun Yi, from inside China’s notorious Masanjia labor camp. On the crumpled page that traveled over 5000 miles, he details being jailed for his spiritual beliefs and how he is being subjected to torture and brainwashing tactics. His message goes viral and miraculously leads to the closure of China’s entire labor camp system.

But their story is far from over. In Letter from Masanjia, Leon Lee taught Sun Yi to use camera equipment via Skype. For over a year, Sun Yi secretly captures harrowing footage of his daily life as a human rights defender, leading up to his tense run from the Chinese authorities. Meanwhile, just outside Portland, Julie Keith is struggling with her own dilemmas as a mother newly embroiled in this cause. Together, these unlikely heroes expose China’s ongoing persecution against millions whose ideology differs from the Chinese government.

University Professor’s Book On Free Speech Deemed Too Dangerous To Publish

British Laws Against so called Hate Speech, that doesn’t really exist, means that this great gifted communicators book on Free Speech cannot be published? We now cannot state our opponents view in order to refute it? Humanity is quickly becoming Programmed Life Forms, this is again, just another tool of the Globalist New World Order Cabal Agenda to Suppress our human rights and freedoms.