Tragedy And Cold Blooded Murder In Georgia – Husband Wife And Young Nephew Killed In Cold Blood During A Robbery At A Shooting Range!

The Second Amendment Is Under Assault In America. The Right To Carry Arms To Defend Life And Property. In Australia Our Right To Carry For Self Defence Was Stolen From Us Many Years Ago By John Howard The Coward Who Claimed A Young Retarded Youth Was Guilty Of A Mass Shooting When In Fact He Was Incapable Of Carrying Out The Shooting With The Precision That Would Have Been Required. Martin Bryant Is Innocent And Still In Prison 25 Years After The Event. Although, If You Search For The Incident They Still Call Him A Murderer. John Howards Solution To The Domestication Of Humanity: Confiscation Of Our Right To Defend Our Lives Against Lethal Assault!

A Friend In The U.S. Sent Me This Story!