Breaking News Update : Private prosecution against Matt Hancock and other MPs For Covid Hoax – Treason – Genocide in ‘Final Pre-Court Stage’ – The Warrant For Arrest Has Been Approved!


Since beginning to write this post, we have received the following email from the Chief Magistrates office, regarding the private prosecution:

“I can confirm that the application was sent to the Senior District Judge last Friday and she nominated a District Judge based at Westminster Magistrates Court to deal with your application.

As we are an administrative office only, we cannot process your application and it must be dealt with by a court. This is now with the legal team at Westminster Magistrates Court and once the Judge has made his ruling you will be hearing from them direct.”

Judge Nominated By Chief Magistrate

The ruling the nominated judge will have to make is as follows:

1. Whether the criminal procedure and practice directions have been adhered to, in which case the arrest warrant must be issued.

2. Whether the accused should be arrested, or ordered to give himself up at the local police station by a certain time, to be charged and brought before the crown court to plead.

3. Whether the case is of such public importance that it must be taken over by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

In summary, the warrant application has now been approved by the legal advisers at the magistrates court in Suffolk where we laid the papers, as well as the Chief Magistrate and her legal advisers.

Final Hurdle

Now all we need to happen for the warrant to be issued, one way or another, is to clear the final hurdle – obtaining the approval of the legal team at Westminster Magistrates Court, before it goes before the judge.

News on that front will follow as soon as it comes in, whilst my detractors wince at the denouement of the truth revealing itself for all to see.

To the vast majority who kept the faith, no matter what anybody falsely claimed over the past few days, thank you. Your loyalty will never be forgotten.

The role of Common Law in the British Justice system is much disputed. Recently many business such as a Christian Tea Room and others have used this to attempt to stay open and of this the BBC said:

British NHS Radiation Expert – There Is NO Covid Just A Combination Of 5G Radiation And Normal Seasonal Flu

5G Affects Red Blood Cells So That They Don’t Absorb Enough Oxygen. A Combination Of Mask Wearing (Lack Of Oxygen) Normal Seasonal Flu And 5G Radiation Is Making People Ill. Covid is Just A Mask To Control Humanity And Keep Us Lving In Fear. The Masks Are Useless They Are being Used To Isolate Us From Each Other.

One Party States Masquerading As Choice – Party A And Party B Represent The Same Cabal Operating From The Shadows

The One Party State Fascistic Bid To Silence Opinions That Question Vaccine Safety. (See: Trump Announces The Betrayal And Genocide Of The American People )

How To Halt Police Tyranny Under Common law – the REAL law of the land.

Remember that governments and police are PRIVATE corporations that operate under CONTRACTUAL agreements and if we don’t contract with them as living, breathing men and women they have no authority over us. The Covid Hoax Rules ARE NOT LAW. Say, ”I Am A Living Man, I don’t Understand, I Do not Consent And I Don’t Contract With You. If You Don’t Contract With Them They Are Powerless! More Information Common Law Court website: website:

Computer “Glitches” And Election Fraud by Algorithm Whoever Wins We Lose!

Glitches? William Binney, former technical head of NSA lays it out — not bugs but fraud by algorithm. The chaos you see is not nearly as dangerous as the hidden corruption of electronic voting.

Link To Banned Video:

I don’t believe that this post will win me any friends or give me a standing ovation. But then I’m not here to win friends, I’m here to speak the truth, the truth that has been kept for us for decades. NB: It Really Doesn’t Matter Who You Vote For In Any Election, In Any Country. The Same Sabbatian Death Cult Globalist Cabal Remains In Power. (See: The Presidential Reality Show – Elections Are A Total Hoax! )

Our world is in chaos, millions are out of work, thousands have committed suicide, Millions Are Homeless. But there is no need for any of this horrendous Pain to have occurred. We have been bombarded with lies and propaganda from the time we arrive in this world until the day that we leave it. Our world is run by multinational corporations And criminal psychopaths. How do I know this? Because until i discovered who they were, and what they were doing to us, I worked for them. For twenty years now I have partnered with a private global intelligence service that is dedicated to bringing this psychopathic evil down!

And Who are these Psychopaths that run our world? They are the Globalist Sabbatian Satanic Death Cult Cabal. They Are the ones who created the current HOAX Covid19 Pandemic that has already destroyed millions of lives and futures. Their ultimate goal is to destroy the world economy and usher in an Orwellian New World Order One World Government nightmare of control. The Fake Covid19 is being used as a mask to lock humanity down globally, then they plan to inject us us with neurotoxic crap so called vaccine to further make us docile and under control, claiming that the vaccine will save our lives, bollocks, as my friend David Icke would say. See There Is No Virus – When That Penny Drops, All Else Follows – David Icke

President Trump has recently announced that a life saving vaccine has been developed, again, bollocks, it is a neurotoxic cocktail that will destroy and modify our DNA and sterilise women. (See Trump Announces The Betrayal And Genocide Of The American People )

See what this courageous Italian Doctor warns the people about.

Many people believe that Donald Trump will save the world, he wont. Donald Trump and every other so called leader are mere puppets for the Globalist Cabal. Many are waiting for someone to save them from the Covid nightmare, the only person that can save us is US! First we need to wake up and smell the tyranny, and thank God millions around the world have taken to the streets and are speaking out. All that is needed is for humanity to refuse to comply with their stupid rediculous rules that have no basis in science. See Police Bow To Common Law – Covid Legislation Is NOT Law Attempting To Use It As Law Is Committing Treason Fraud And Genocide Against The People ! Lockdowns Are Illegal! ) And you will have the answer to end this nightmare! We have the power to take our lives back, we just have to use it!

Matt Hancock The British Secretary Of State For Health Care Will Have An Arrest Warrant Served On Him Today For Crimes Against Humanity – Perpetrating The Covid19 Pandemic Hoax!

Among The Charges Are Fraud, Genocide And Treason.

And Amidst The Exposure Of This Evil, Another Evil Escalates The Covid Lie ‘The Mainstream Media’, Announcing That South Australian Covid Cases Are Escalating. How would They Know??, The Test Does Not Test For A Virus. The Mainstream Media Knowing That Covid is A Hoax That Is Destroying The Global Economy And Peoples Lives Are Actually Promoting The Hoax. THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA TRULY ARE THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. They Are Also Controlled Globally And Are The Mouthpiece of the Globalist Satanic Cabal that have designed this scam.

See Below

Matt Hancock UK Secretary Of State For Health And Social Care

“We have fantastic news in the UK 🇬🇧 Our Health Secretary is to be arrested. COVID-1984 NEWSFLASH | The prosecution in People’s Union of Britain v Matt Hancock has just sent the executed form, applying for his arrest warrant, to the court of issue. We have already got the green light from the court’s legal advisers and now we have the chief magistrates’ permission to proceed. They also sent us the form to fill out for the arrest warrant, which has now been acknowledged by the same as having been received. However, the form won’t be processed till Monday, 16/11/20 when it will be sent up to the crown court to be administered and then served upon the defendant, without delay, by the arresting officers, who will soon be appointed by the court.Therefore, the case will now proceed as directed, unless the Director of Public Prosecutions [DPP] intervenes, which is unlikely because nobody will want to take the poisoned chalice. However, even if they do, we can object on the ground that the DPP is working for the government, so they are obviously conflicted. If they refuse to back down, we will insist that the case proceeds with our legal team. In other words, my family, friends and growing army of peace-keepers and freedom fighters, we are all about to witness the most significant events that have transpired on these shores, since Charles I lost his head.Words simply cannot adequately express the truly humbling experience of the love, support and commitment I’ve received, from people who all tell me that my words have moved and inspired their hearts into resisting this tyranny, for the sake of our children and grandchildren. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for rising to the call. Very soon, our number will be millions.This truly is our moment to seize the opportunity to build an advanced civilisation, on the rubble of the corrupted one, which is crumbling around us by COVID-1984 design.In other words, fuck the great reset, the fourth industrial revolution and fraudulent debt based slavery.In that new civilisation, we will protect the unalienable birthrights of the individual from the tyranny of the collective, to become truly self-governed under the Common Law, as expressed in Magna Carta 2020, an idea whose time has come.From now until you see the arrest live-streamed on the mainstream and alternative media worldwide, let’s make #ArrestMattHancock go viral on every platform, to the point where the People are chanting it in the streets nationwide.”#chasetruth

Police Bow To Common Law – Covid Legislation Is NOT Law Attempting To Use It As Law Is Committing Treason Fraud And Genocide Against The People ! Lockdowns Are Illegal!

The Governments Of The World Are Treasonous The People Are In Lawful Descent Under Common Law!

Common law is the real law of the land. 

Common Law Is The Real Law Of the Land, The Law they Don’t Want You To Know About. Your Governments, The Police And The Courts Are Private Corporations. If You refuse To Contract With Them They Are Powerless. Simply Say….”I am a living man, (Women) I Stand Under Common Law, I do not understand and I do not stand under your authority. I Do Not Wish To Contract With You.” And Say Nothing Else. More Information Common Law Court website:

Trump Announces The Betrayal And Genocide Of The American People

Mainstream Media Wearing Face Nappies That Don’t Prevent Infection Or Transmission Of Any Contaminant! The Virus Is A Hoax, A Manufactured Crisis.

Trump Is Lying About The Coming Neurotoxic Poisonous Vaccine. Listen To What This Brave Italian Doctor Warns Humanity About.

Mainstream Propagandising Media Social Distancing From A Hoax Manufactured Pandemic. When Are The Majority Going To Wake Up And Smell the Tyranny. Virologist Blows The Whistle On Hoax Pandemic – Viruses CANNOT Be Transmitted – Dr Stefan Lanka) ) Global Fascism Is Unfolding Before Our Eyes. ‘Question: Are You Open Minded Enough To Get Enough Information To Make An Intelligent Decision? ‘

The Culling Of The American People Will Continue At Warp Speed. Trump Is Aware That Covid Is A Manufactured Crisis Because He is A Puppet Of The Globalist Satanic Cabal And is Enforcing Their Agenda, Eugenics And Depopulation.


UK Government drug regulator says it urgently needs AI to cope with predicted adverse reactions from ‘Covid’ vaccine – ARE YOU GETTING IT YET? (PLEASE SHARE WITH EVERYONE YOU CAN)

The Supreme Court Has Ruled That ALL Vaccines Are Unavoidably UNSAFE!

The Vaccine Court Has Paid Out Over $4.5 BILLION To Families As Compensation For Vaccine DEATH And Injury! FACT!

There Is No Virus – When That Penny Drops, All Else Follows – David Icke

Virologist Blows The Whistle On Hoax Pandemic – Viruses CANNOT Be Transmitted – Dr Stefan Lanka) ) Global Fascism Is Unfolding Before Our Eyes. ‘Question: Are You Open Minded Enough To Get Enough Information To Make An Intelligent Decision? ‘

Mask Mandates Are To Dehumanise You! Facial Expressions Are Used To Communicate. When You Wear A Mask It Prevents You From Communicating. What Masks Really Do Is Give You Hypoxia, Irreparable Brain Damage And Cancer if Worn For Extended Periods, As Cancer Thrives In An Oxygen Depleted Environment! And The Big One,THEY OFFER ZERO PROTECTION. ITS WRITTEN ON THE BOX THEY COME IN!!

Mainstream Media Exposed Yet Again As The Enemy Of The People And The Mouthpiece Of The Satanic Globalist Cabal (Please Share Widely)

Chanel 10 Australia Know That The US Election Has Not Been Decided As Massive Fraud Has Been Exposed. There Is NO President Elect! But Just Like Their Fellow Satanic Cabal Associates In The US Who Called Biden As The Winner,Chanel 10 Have Climbed On Their Lying Platform And Followed Suit! And They’ve Thrown In The Hoax Covid Pandemic For Good Measure! The Lamestream Media Are Still Of The Belief That Humanity Are All Blind And Deaf Idiots That Don’t Have Two Braincells To Rub Together Just Listen To This Crap.

Australia Advising Joe Biden On COVID-19 

Covid 19 – The Fake Pandemic – Scientific Proof That Covid19 Is A Hoax – David Icke

A Global FOI Freedom Of Information Request Of Every Countries Health Department Failed To Produce Evidence Of Covid 19s Existence. Covid19 Is A Beard For The Destruction Of the Global Economy In Order To Bring Humanity To Its Knees So That AN Orwellian One World New World Order Can Be Ushered In To Dominate What Is Left Of Humanity After The Crash. The Covid Hoax Has Caused Hundreds Of Businesses To Close And Many May Never Open Again. Millions Have Suicided, They Elderly Have Been Separated From Their Loved Ones, See Below.

Globalist Captured Governments Have Forced Populations To Wear Face Masks Which Cause Hypoxia And Irreparable Brain Damage And Even Cancer, As Cancer Thrives In An Oxygen depleted Environment. And They Don’t Prevent Any Disease. Many Workers Are Forced To Wear These Stupid Masks And Commit Self Harm All Day As A Condition of Employment.

(See Virologist Blows The Whistle On Hoax Pandemic – Viruses CANNOT Be Transmitted – Dr Stefan Lanka) )

I Am So Angry Right Now That I Am Beside Myself. Look There’s Two Of Me. 🙂 Seriously, I have Had It With These Globalist Sympathisers And Captured Government Leaders And Their Mouthpiece For Them The Mainstream Media Aiding And Abbetting Their Evil Bloody Agenda.

Not Satisisfied With Destroying The Global Economy, Constanly Lying And manipulating The Population, The Sabbatian Death Cult Cabal that Run This World Plan To Cull The Population To Bring it Down To 500 Million, Why? Because They Believe That Most humans Are useless eaters, And That 500 Million Would Be A Manageble Number of Slaves For them. NO, This is Not A Conspiricay Theory, These Sick Twisted Demented Psychopaths Actually Plan To Do This, How, By Using Many Different Methods, The Fake Covid Hoax, And The Use Of Neurotoxic Forced Inoculation. Listen To What This Brave Italian Physician Warned The Population About.

David icke Is Right, He Has been Warning Humanity For Three Decades About The Threat To Humanity From These Psychopaths, But People Were Too Programmed To Listen Or Even Believe That Anyone Would Do Such A Thing. Most Peoples Reasoning Went Something Like, No One Would Do Such A Thing. What They Reasoned Was ‘I Wouldn’t Do That, Its Too Terrible.’ What They Don’t Know Is that These Psychopaths In The Death Cult Cabal Have Absolutely Zero Compassion Or Empathy, And That They Are Only Interested In Power And Control. I Have Been Involved In The Intelligence Community For Twenty Years. My Children Due To The Brainwashing From Mainstream Media Liars Haven’t Spoken To Me In 5 Years. Needless To Say I’m Devastated By This, But Not So Devastated That I Will Give Up Fighting This Evil. Humanity Really Is In A Fight For its very Soul. Join Us!

Breaking: Nanoparticles For Nasal Vaccination The Covid Test Is The Vaccination!

Common law is the real law of the land. 

Common Law Is The Real Law Of the Land, The Law they Don’t Want You To Know About. Your Governments, The Police And The Courts Are Private Corporations. If You refuse To Contract With Them They Are Powerless. Simply Say….”I am a living man, (Women) I Stand Under Common Law, I do not understand and I do not stand under your authority.” And Say Nothing Else. More Information Common Law Court website:

Urgent Update On Children Kidnapped By Military In Liverpool Military Martial law, Forced Inoculations To Commence In UK(Please Share Widely)

Children In Every School In the UK Are To Be Microchipped By The Military They Have Already Vaccinated One School That I Know Of! Citizens Are being Body Scanned And Retinal Scanned.

Know Your Rights: Common law is the real law of the land. 

Common Law Is The Real Law Of the Land, The Law they Don’t Want You To Know About. Your Governments, The Police And The Courts Are Private Corporations. If You refuse To Contract With Them They Are Powerless. Simply Say….”I am a living man, (Women) I Stand Under Common Law, I do not understand and I do not stand under your authority.” And Say Nothing Else. More Information Common Law Court website:

Exposing In Detail How The US Election Was Scammed Through Computer Manipulation. Election Fraud Established!

Professional Censors NewsGuard Have Contacted Us Over This Video. When NewsGuard contact you it gives credibility to whatever you have posted. So here’s the video again. Video Proof Of Election Fraud Happening Before Your Eyes! NOTE: The FBI Has No Interest. Homeland Security Were Interested In Our Proof But Have Been Unable To Send The Information Up The Chain Of Command?

Please Pass This On To President Trumps Team If He Doesn’t Have It Already!

Manchester And Liverpool Lockdown Protest Footage – Luminous Jacket Face-Nappy Thuggery Included

To The People That Have So Far Ignored The Warnings About The Globalist Cabal Orwellian Takedown Of Our Society, The Email Warnings That Have Gone Unheeded, To My Brainwashed Children And Family I Offer This: “I Deeply Love You All. Ask Yourself, How Much More Are You Going To Take From A Tyrannical Authority Before Your Need For Self Respect And Your Need To Protect Your Own Children Is Too Much For You To Go On Denying The Truth!


 Covid19 Virus Has Never Been Isolated And Purified,Therefore, It Has Not Been Proven To Exist! You Cannot Test For A Virus That Does Not Exist. And You Also Cannot Manufacture A Vaccine For A Virus That Does Not Exist!! That Is The Extent Of This Blatant Scam! FOI (Freedom Of Information Act Requests To Health Authorities Have Proven That Covid19 DOES NOT EXIST! There Is No Scientific Evidence Anywhere That A Virus Causes Disease! Viruses Form Inside The Body, And Are Used To Clean The System. The Only Way An external infection, Virus Can Enter The Body Is Via Injection, It Is the Immune System Response To An Injected Virus, Such As Those Found In Vaccines That Cause The Immune System To Respond Adversely Causing Illness And Sometimes Death!  Wake Up World You’re Being Scammed! See ( Covid 19 – The Fake Pandemic – Scientific Proof That It Is A Hoax – David Icke

The Truth about Pfizer And The Coming Neurotoxic DNA Altering Covid Vaccine (NOTE) URGENT UPDATE : CHILDREN IN LIVERPOOL UK KIDNAPPED BY MILITARY) SEE BELOW


So the story goes, Pfizer has announced a vaccine with German drugmaker BioNTech.BioNTech was founded in 2008, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has invested $55 (£41. million in the companyBill Gates & The Gates Foundation have also given multi-million dollar grants to Pfizer for ‘research purposes’ (eugenics research & development) and Bill Gates allegedly owns stock in the company. Surprise surprise… A Covid vaccine that’s allegedly 90% effective 

Understand The Test Is The Vaccine. They Have The Ability To Administer Vaccines Via The Nasal Passage.

VOTER FRAUD CAUGHT ON TAPE – Tom Fitton w/ James O’Keefe Of ‘Project Veritas’

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton joins James O’Keefe of Project Veritas to discuss their latest video evidence exposing a cash for ballots transaction in Ilhan Omar’s Minneapolis district. Will the local authorities enforce state and federal law, and crush this illegal operation? Tune in NOW to watch this BOMBSHELL footage tying Rep. Omar’s campaign char, Ali Gainey, to district-wide efforts to purchase, and manipulate THOUSANDS of ballots.

PS. Would someone be kind enough to send a copy of this video to the lying satanic demonic filth at CNN as they keep denying that there is any evidence of voter fraud. Oh, also so far 800.000 fraudulent ballots have been found in one state alone, along with 10.000 dead people who also voted. Hint: If you watch Newsmaxtv you will find massive evidence of voter fraud being exposed.

Military Vaccinating School Children In Liverpool UK Under The Cover Of Covid Testing


UK Military Deployed In Liverpool Schools Administering Neurotoxic Vaccines To Children Without Parental Permission.

ARMED SOLDIERS ON THE STREETS:  Will The Military Be Deployed To Administer The Neurotoxic DNA Altering Covid Vaccine In Australia? Its Worth Noting That Health Authorities Worldwide Have Failed To Produce ANY Evidence That Covid19 Exists, Despite A Global FOI Freedom Of Information Request. That’s Because The Whole Thing Is A Scam That Is Being Used As A Beard To Enable the Globalist Satanic Cabal To Usher In A New World Order One World Government, Orwellian Nightmare Where All Our Rights And Freedoms Will Disappear.

If Humanity Doesn’t Wake Up To The Fact That There Is No Covid19, That We Are Being Played, That The Globalist Satanic Cabal Are Using This Fake Pandemic As A Beard That Is Being Used To Usher In An Orwellian New World Order, That Vaccines Are Neurotoxic Concoctions That Are Being Used As A Part Of The Globalist Cabals New World order, One World Government Depopulation Program. Then This Short Clip Below Will Become Our Children And Our Children’s Children’s Future. And June, Shane, Michael, My Children, If You Are Reading This Please Contact Me I Haven’t Heard From You In Five Years. Kids, I Swear On My Parents Grave That Everything I Have Told You Is The Truth. I Miss You All, I Am really Worried About You. If You Do A Key Word Search Of This Website You Will Find Absolute Proof Of Everything I Have Said. Love Dad. My Email Is

SONGBIRD Trailer 2021 MIRROR Predictive Programming

Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney Blowing Whistle On CIA Software That Would ‘Rig The Election For Biden’

The Globalist Satanic Cabal Are Fully Exposed. True Evil Has Entered The Room And The Door Has Closed Behind It! Now We Can Deal With It! Globalist Captured Governments And Mainstream Media Criminals Are Proclaiming Biden As President Elect When The Election Is Still Under Investigation For Massive Election Fraud. Because They Know That This Comminist Sympathiser And Child Molester Can Be Easily Manipulated By The Criminal Corporate Globalist Satanic Cabal. And To Those Liars And Traitors Of Humanity I Say This…….You Have Been Exposed Committing Crimes Against Humanity, And You Will Be Brought To Justice For The Covid Hoax That Has Caused Extreme Hardship, And Taken Peoples Freedoms And Human Rights, Millions Have Lost Their Homes, Livelihood, And Many Have Suicided, And You Cannot Produce Evidence That It Even Exists. Because You Know That It Doesn’t!

Gareth Icke Talks To Lung Specialist Dr Sterling Simpson About The PCR Test Fraud – A Powerful Message Of Truth. Please Share Widely!

Governments Health Authorities Admit That They Are Testing For A Virus That Has Not Been Isolated And Proven To Exist. ‘Just Let That Sink In For A Minute’

How You Can Lawfully Disconnect Yourself, Your Family And Your Business From Governments And The Institutions Of Law Enforcement And No Longer Comply With ‘Covid’ Fascism.

Common Law Is The Real Law Of the Land, The Law they Don’t Want You To Know About. Your Governments, The Police And The Courts Are Private Corporations. If You refuse To Contract With Them They Are Powerless. Simply Say….”I am a living man, (Women) I Stand Under Common Law, I do not understand and I do not stand under your authority.” And Say Nothing Else. More Information Common Law Court website:

Attention all law enforcement:

Mainstream Media And So Called World Leaders Declaring Joe Biden President In The Middle Of A Supreme Court Case For Massive Election Fraud – This Is A Last Ditch Attempt By The Satanic Cabal To Crush All Opposition Globally!


National Chair for the Trump Victory Finance Committee Kimberly Guilfoyle reacts to reports of ‘voter fraud,’ continued ballot contests, razor thin margins in the presidential election, news media coverage of the race, and what she and the Trump team are ready to do to defend the presidency legally. – with Newsmax TV’s Greg Kelly

Pay Them Enough Money And The Globalist Satanic Cabal Mouthpiece, Mainstream Media Will Support Anything! In This Case The Globalist Cabal Wants ‘Creepy Uncle Joe Biden’ To Be The Leader Of the Free World In Order To Push Their Globalist Satanic New World Order, One World Government Orwellian Night Control Of Humanity.

This man is real threat to the free world. He is not someone that should have the codes to the nuclear football. Psychiatrist and Founder of Delta Force, Dr Steve Pieczenik, has stated that in his opinion Biden has dementia. The Media are only stumping for Biden Because he can be easily manipulated by their overlords The Globalist Cabal.

The Captured Globalist Cabal So Called World Leaders And The Australian Globalist Cabal Media Are Now Taking Their Directions From CNN, The Criminal News Network. Joe Biden Has Not Officially Been Elected, And Yet These Globalist Criminals In Power, The Same Criminals That Have Perpetrated The Covid Hoax, Have Declared Him President Elect? They Still Seem To Believe That The General Public Will Believe Anything These Globalist Criminals Say. Well, I’m One Member Of The Public Who Isn’t An Idiot, And There Are Millions More That Can See The Hoax, And President Trump Will Be Presenting Evidence Of Massive Election Fraud To The Supreme Court This Week. The Mainstream Media Truly Is The Enemy Of the People.

Mainstream Media Preemptive Announcement Of Biden As President The Leader Of The Free World Will Be Decided In The Supreme Court Next Week!

As Usual The Mainstream Media Showed Their True Colours By Imitating A Pit Of Vipers And Attacking All The Witnesses As False. Not Surprising As The Mainstream Media Are The Mouthpieces, And Are Owned And Controlled Globally, By The Globalist Satanic Cabal That Have Been Promoting The Covid Hoax! Mainstream Media Are The Enemy Of The People!

The Whole Point of The Lockdowns Is To Destroy Human Independence!

From the beginning of this clearly manufactured crisis I have posted undeniable proof that it is just that, a total hoax. (See Absolute Proof That Covid 19 Is A Manufactured Crisis! IT DOES NOT EXIST! ) And yet people still continue to comply with these Ridiculous Rules and edicts of our fascist global leaders that have no basis in science. How can anyone possibly believe that standing 1.5 meters apart, is going to achieve anything. It is a pure nonsense, and this is why……(See Viruses Are Not Alive And Viruses Are Not Contagious. – Dr Thomas Cowan )


The Very Existence Of Humanity As We Know It Is Under Attack!!

Link To Banned Video:


This is A Prelude To Mandatory Vaccination! They Will Administer A Test That Doesn’t Test For The Virus And Only Looks For Genetic Material That We All Have And Has A 95% False Positive Result, Then Comes the DNA Altering Neurotoxic Vaccine! We Must All Unite NOW!

Yesterday I Watched As True Satanic Evil Entered The Room, Fully Exposed Itself As The Door Slammed Closed Behind It!

A Predator Class Of Oligarchs, The Globalist Satanic Death Cult Cabal Is Ushering In A World Where Every Human Being On Earth Is Tracked, Surveilled, And Completely Controlled. We Are Witnessing The Murder Of The Elderly By Vaccination, And The Globalist Cabal Culling Of The Entire Population!

The Truth Is A Threat To The Criminal Cabal At Facebook! Banned From Posting Or Commenting For 30 Days For Exposing The Covid Hoax – Please Share Widely

Almost Every One Of My Posts That I Have Posted Recently On FAKEBOOK Have Been Hidden And Now They Have Banned Me From Posting Or Commenting For 30 Days, They Have Also Threatened To Delete The Groups That I Moderate. If There Was Ever Any Doubt That There Is A Growing Tyranny Across The Globe That Is Ushering In A Global New World Order, One World Government Orwellian Nightmare, That Doubt Was Expelled Yet Again, When My Posts Warning Of This And the Covid Hoax Were Removed From FAKEBOOK With The Bloody Feeble Statement. “Your Post Has Been Removed For Breaching Our Guidelines” And the Other Garbage Reason, “Your Post Has Been Removed Because It Could Cause Physical Harm” As My Friend David Icke Would Say, “Bollocks” Its Seems That I Am A Threat To The Evil That Is Attempting Destroy ALL Of Our Human Rights And Freedoms. So, Please Spread My Website Far And Wide And lets Expose These Satanic Filth. My Website That I Post On Daily Is…….

See: Breaking Update On Covid Hoax Being Exposed. The Takedown Of The UK Government. For Crimes Against Humanity.

School Mask Mandates – Fighting For The Right To Breath

Wearing A Mask Causes Hypoxia, Irreparable Brain Damage And If Worn For lengthy Periods, Cancer!! Cancer Thrives In Oxygen Depleted Environments! And Now that The Covid Hoax Is Fully Exposed, Totally Unnecessary! (See: Absolute Proof That Covid 19 Is A Manufactured Crisis! IT DOES NOT EXIST! )

Breaking Update On Covid Hoax Being Exposed. The Takedown Of The UK Government. For Crimes Against Humanity.

NOTE: Don’t Expect To Find this Story On Mainstream Media Any Time Soon. They Will Not Report On This Event Until They Are Absolutely Forced To. After All They Are The Mouthpiece For The Globalist Satanic Cabal That Have Been Promoting This Hoax Globally!

See: Absolute Proof That Covid 19 Is A Manufactured Crisis! IT DOES NOT EXIST!

UPDATE: The Downfall And The Takedown Of The UK Government. Warrants Are Being Issued For Crimes Against Humanity. (I’ll Keep You Updated.) A Copy Of A Message I Received Stating This Is Below.