Looting: Like Killing Babies, Left Doesn’t Get Why We Object? Rule Of Law In America Is Gone!

Chicago black woman freaks out that “Arabs” are protecting their store with guns as white liberal councilwoman Seattle Tammy can’t understand why people are concerned with looting. A look at the violence and the victims, many black, of looting as Democrat push to burn it down.

Link To Banned Video: https://banned.video/watch?id=5ed94851da6534002f52d0d0

Social Distancing From Reality – Seriously Does Anyone Still Believe That Covid19 Is Genuine?

On May 26th Dr Alexander Myasnikov, Russias Head Of Coronavirus information Gave An Interview To Former-Presidential Candidate Ksenia Sobchak In Which he Apparantly let Slip His True Feelings. Believing The Interview Over, And The Camera Turned Off Myasnikov Said: “Its All Bullshit, Its A Respiratory Disease, The Normal Seasonal Flu, With Minimal Mortality, Why Has the Whole World been Destroyed? That I Don’t Know.”


Soros Paid Marxist Terrorist Socialist Evil Is Laying Waste To The U.S. – The Same Paid Anarchists Terrorists Are Marching Across Australia

While Black Lives Matter Are Looting And Tearing Down America, Enabled By The Globalist Cabal Governments And the Mainstream Media Who Are Claiming That They Are Just Protesting, Now These Evil Terrorist Anarchists Have Appeared On Australian Shores Under The Same Banner Protesting For Black Lives Matter. The Australian Supreme Court Has Denied A Permit To March Using The Bogus Covid19 That Was Exposed In March This Year As Less Lethal Than The Common Cold As The Reason. These Terrorists Are Expected To Attempt To March In Many Australian Cities Anyway! Globalist Governments Are Enabling Mob Violence As Their Path To Power To Usher In A Global Orwellian New World Order.


George Soros Paid Marxist Socialists Terrorists March Across Australia

BREAKING NEWS: A Profound National Emergency! You Would Never Know It By Listening To Mainstream Media Or Our Global Leaders

The Evil That is The Globalist Luciferian Death Cult Cabal Is In The Process Of Destroying Our Global Economy, Our Freedoms And Human Rights. Unless We Stand Against This Evil We Will Enter A Global Dystopian Nightmare! The Covid19 Scam, Lie Is Destroying The Global Economy, Our Freedoms And Our Lives. The Following Video Report From Tucker Carlson Delivers A Powerful Truth.

Planned Crises of COVID And Riots Leave Us Begging for Robots – The Cabal On Steroids – From Militarised Police To Robocop!

COVID fear is being used to usher in Robo-Waiters at restaurants, will fear of militarized police and Antifa be used to usher in Robo-Cops to patrol for safety without racism?

Link To Banned Video: https://banned.video/watch?id=5ed936148967bc00247e9805

Covid19 Is The Globalist Cabals Attempt To Destroy The Independent Income Of The Global Population.

Covid19 Is A Globalist Cabal Psyop! Its Not About Health, Its About A Psychological Manipulation Of The Population By Giving Ridiculous Rules That Have No Basis is Science! If You Concede To Stupid You Become Stupid!! The Social Distancing Rule Was A 14 Year Old Female Students School Project! Masks Offer Zero Protection, They Actually Prevent The Body Oxygenating Correctly! Covid-19 Was Stated By NHS To Be Less Lethal Than The Common Cold! None Of These Rules Are Actually Laws! They Have No Enforcement Under The Law!


Link To Banned Video: https://banned.video/watch?id=5ec0fba4244ac5001d291815

Marxist Socialist Professorial Filth College Profs Give Lessons on Tearing Down Monuments And Society

After Lincoln & World War 2 memorials are vandalized, a college prof offers lesson on how to topple the Washington Monument. Colleges have been Antifa incubators and Marxist seminaries for a LONG time.

Link To Banned Video: https://banned.video/watch?id=5ed692a5b1c7d4002fb7bc79

The Globalist George Soros Psyop Has Been Triggered

George Soros Is A Globalist Luciferian Evil Demonic Entity. When Will This Evil Be Purged From The Earth?? The many layers of the psyop onion are in play. It is up to us to recognize how we are being manipulated. Social media and every available minion for globalist propaganda is pushing the narrative that will ultimately plunge the world into violent chaos. Everything we are being fed must be analyzed to uncover the globalist directives. As the National Guard and law officers ratchet up their enforcement. A section of the population blinded by hatred with zero regard for the civil society they are rejecting must be dealt with.

Link To Banned Video: https://banned.video/watch?id=5ed531bab1c7d4002fb5d630

Gunshot Deaths Counted as COVID19 Deaths Because They Don’t have Enough Fake Covid19 Numbers!

After Washington Depart of Health admits gunshot deaths were counted as COVID, Gov Inslee says “malarkey”. Seriously. Will this become the new Democrat slogan? Make America Malarky Again (MAMA)


Link To Banned Video: https://banned.video/watch?id=5ecebd46199ea500249bd6fd

BREAKING: The Globalist Satanic Cabal Soros Army Burns Down America

40 plus cities face an army of mainly leftist crybaby millennials that have descended on America. Rather than respect the First Amendment that states “…Congress shall make no law respecting the right of the people… peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances…” That cherished freedom doesn’t include setting up piles of bricks for the protesters to hurl at will as we saw in Dallas. This mob of the unemployed due to the pandemic are destroying the very hand that feeds them as they torch our stagnating economy just as it was climbing out of its hole.

NOT An Epidemic Or Pandemic, A Statistical Excuse To Enact A Dystopian Authoritarian Global Government!

Not an epidemic, and certainly not a pandemic, it is a statistical excuse to enact the kind of dystopian authoritarian government that is desired by most of these governments around the world, including our own! The basis of claiming COVID could spread from people WITHOUT symptoms came from four patients in Germany who were ASSUMED to have caught COVID from an asymptomatic Asian patient zero. That has now been debunked after interviewing the patient. Now another study of 455 patients questions the assumption. But Gallup scolds GOP voters who question death statistics, while applauding them for believing the disproven (even by CDC) myth that the virus lingers for hours on surfaces.

Two Schoolboys Collapse And Die Just Six Days Apart In China While Wearing Face Masks

Two schoolboys have died within a week of one another while taking part in compulsory physical education examinations while wearing face masks in China. Major Chinese cities and provinces are moving to cancel this term’s running tests amid concerns over student fitness following three months of lockdown and school closures. Possible breathing difficulties during the exam while mask-wearing remains mandatory in the absence of a vaccine have also led to the decision, reports said. (See, “Masks, Superstition Not Science: https://wp.me/p19seq-7tz )

It comes after two 14-year-old boys ‘suddenly’ collapsed on their school running track and were subsequently declared dead in the county of Dancheng in Henan Province and the city of Changsha in Hunan Province – both in Central China.

Parent Mr Li, whose son attended Dancheng Caiyuan Middle School, said CCTV images of the incident showed his boy doing laps of the athletics track for this PE class when he fell backwards on 24 April.

Mr Li said: “It happened within two to three minutes during his physical training class.

‘He suddenly fell backwards’

“He was wearing a mask while lapping the running track, then he suddenly fell backwards and hit his head on the ground.

“His teacher and classmates then tried to pull and drag him back up.”

The parent said a local hospital issued a death certificate claiming ‘suddencardiac arrest’ as the cause of death, and the family has opted against an autopsy in order to preserve the boy’s body.

However, Mr Li said: “I suspect it was because he was wearing a mask.

“It was sunny and their PE class was in the afternoon when it was at least 20 degrees Celsius.

Mr Li’s son had only been back at school for four days after classes resumed on 20 April for the first time since late January.

Mr Li, 45, and his wife, 38, buried their son on 30 April, the same day a second boy died in similar circumstances just six days after Mr Li’s son.

The pupil attending Changsha’s Xiangjun Future Experimental School was reportedly taking part in a 1,000-metre running exam while wearing an N95 respirator when he collapsed and died.

He is also thought to have died due to breathing difficulties during the PE exam, but it was unclear at the time of writing whether an autopsy had been ordered.

The ‘Curious, but Quite Authentic, Inability to Think’ Or Even Care. STOP Waiting For The Perpetrators To Fix The Problem!

As we reflect upon the readiness with which most of people, millions in countries throughout the world, have acquiesced in what amounts to a sort of internment that has been imposed by their governments upon them in the name of keeping them safe from getting sick, We realise that we are relying on the perpetrators of our situation to fix the problem. 

Flatten the Curve! Stay at Home! Avoid Non-Essential Travel! Save Lives!

The inability to think of the average person has left him unaware of the world-distinguished epidemiologists, virologists, microbiologists, bacteriologists, and other medical experts whose views contravening the official account of COVID-19 have been suppressed by Big Government and Big Media (One list of these specialists and their remarks can be found here).

The inability to think of the average person has made him compliant as his local grocery store is transformed into something eerily reminiscent of East Germany during the Soviet-era, a place where customers are corralled into lines and presided over by armed security officers.

Edmund Burke famously remarked that the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Shame on those otherwise decent human beings throughout the world that have since been converted into virtual internment camps. 

Shame on them for their curious, but quite authentic, inability to think. We must take a stand against the Tyranny and lies of the Globalist Luciferian Cabal that control our world from the shadows, that have created the Covid19 scam hoax that is designed to collapse the world economy and usher in an Orwellian New World Order that will destroy all rights and freedoms. This is not a conspiracy theory, it is a conspiracy that has been long planned And is unfolding before our eyes.

Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars The Plan To Subjugate Humanity:

ONE WORLD Scientific DICTATORSHIP Courtesy Of Humanities Blind Obedience To The Hoax Covid19

Social Distancing Was Developed By A 14 Year Old School Girl As A School Project And Has No basis In Science, It Has Been Adopted By Governments To Keep People Apart And Living In A State Of Fear. This Is Your Final Warning! Humanity Has Been Wallowing In Their Own Apathy And Ignorance For Decades, Soon They Will Be Wallowing In Their Own Blood!

Are Underground Prisons Being Built for the Unvaccinated? Humanity Must Unite Against This Evil Takeover Of Our Freedoms

Reports are emerging of large-scale underground bunkers being constructed by the military in Colorado. This Tyranny Is Not About A Virus That Never Showed Up, Its About Destroying The Middle Class! Vaccination Is Now Genetic Manipulation Using Nano Tecchnology!

Link To Banned Video: https://banned.video/watch?id=5ec57efe244ac5001d2e260a


Forced mandatory Inoculation Cannot be Enforced! YOU CAN LEGALLY SAY NO! This Right Has Existed For Thousands Of Years! Everything They Are Doing Now Is Illegal! Even If they Say It Is The Law, It Is A Giant Bluff! International Humanitarian Law States You Cannot Be Forced To Give Up A Right, Such As Informed Consent, To Get A Benefit! See The Proof For Yourself: https://wp.me/p19seq-4VF

Masks: Superstition, NOT Science – They Do Not Protect From Airborne Viruses!

If masks really worked at preventing the spread of the virus, why wouldn’t the government distribute them to prisoners instead of setting them free to commit more crime?

Link To Banned Video: https://banned.video/watch?id=5ec2d935244ac5001d2a5342

BREAKING: Full Blown Tyranny Worldwide! To Usher In A Communist Style NWO Global One World Government!

A Globalist Luciferian Cabal Full Blown Tyranny Is Exploding Worldwide. The Covid19 Hoax Is Being Used As A Beard To Implement Total Spectrum Dominance Of Humanity. Make No Mistake, A Global Police State Is Being Implemented! Every Institution On The Planet Has been Infiltrated By The Globalist Luciferian Sabbatian Death Cult Cabal. This is The Maximum Push By These Evil Satanists To Reduce The Global Population To 500 Million. If This Doesn’t Wake Up The Global Population Then Humanity Might As Well Bend Over And Kiss Their Butt Goodbye!

Link To Banned Video: https://banned.video/watch?id=5ec45a18244ac5001d2c47df


The Government’s Of The World Have Crossed The Rubicon – The Emperor Has No Clothes – And They’re Just Getting Started

REVEALED: The Computer Model That Destroyed the World. Universal Basic Idiocy!

The unthinkable garbage computer model used by “two very smart people” to hoodwink Trump into a national lockdown. People just don’t realise that in addition DARPA is working overtime increasing subliminal messaging programming via Mainstream Media. NOTE The Latest IOS Update Includes ‘COVID-19 Exposure Logging’ (Go to settings, privacy, health. However It Cannot Be Activated Unless The Tracking App Is Downloaded. It Is Off By Default. Complete Garbage, It Has been Proven That Covid19 Is A Total Hoax! It Is A Damn Beard To Crash The Global Economy And Usher In An Orwellian Global New World Order.

Link To Banned Video: https://banned.video/watch?id=5ec4286d244ac5001d2c008c


Forced mandatory Inoculation Cannot be Enforced! YOU CAN LEGALLY SAY NO! This Right Has Existed For Thousands Of Years! Everything They Are Doing Now Is Illegal! Even If they Say It Is The Law, It Is A Giant Bluff! International Humanitarian Law States You Cannot Be Forced To Give Up A Right, Such As Informed Consent, To Get A Benefit! See The Proof For Yourself: https://wp.me/p19seq-4VF

The Second Wave Of Tyranny: Barcoded Vaccines for Everyone: Date, Time, Location of YOUR COVID Injection

Trump’s $138M Dept of Defense vaccine program — each profiled syringe with an RFID/NFC tag for tracking location, date, time of YOUR injection.

Rockefeller The PR Man For Frankenstein! 

Link To Banned Video: https://banned.video/watch?id=5ec4278c244ac5001d2bf861


Forced mandatory Inoculation Cannot be Enforced! YOU CAN LEGALLY SAY NO! This Right Has Existed For Thousands Of Years! Everything They Are Doing Now Is Illegal! Even If they Say It Is The Law, It Is A Giant Bluff! International Humanitarian Law States You Cannot Be Forced To Give Up A Right, Such As Informed Consent, To Get A Benefit! See The Proof For Yourself: https://wp.me/p19seq-4VF

We Truly Are Living In The Twilight Zone – Millions Have Been Subliminally Programmed To Believe The Hoax Covid19 Pandemic

The subliminal messaging programming occurring globally by DARPA via every television set throughout the world is having the desired effect that the Globalist Luciferian Cabal desires. Globally people are being bombarded with propaganda and lies to convince them to believe in the Covid19 hoax. Actually the Pandemic hoax is meant to crash the world economy and usher in an Orwellian New World Order Tyranny and One World Government.


Its Influenza! – There Is No Covid19 Pandemic – Bypass The Fear Promoted By The Cabal And Mainstream Media – Dr Bruce Lipton

There Is NO Pandemic, There Never Was! Its Just The Normal Seasonal Flu. All The Lies Being Promoted By The Globalist Luciferian Cabal And Their Mouthpiece The Mark Of The Beast, The Mainstream Media, Are Putting Our Immune Systems Into Fear Mode, This Is What The Cabal Wants To Happen. While We Are Focusing On The Lies And Propaganda And Living In A State Of FEAR, (False Evidence Appearing Real) The Cabal Is Crashing The Global Economy, Imposing Orwellian Directions Such As ‘Social Distancing, Lockdowns That destroy Our Immune System, Wearing Of Masks, That Restrict The Free Flow Of Oxygen To Our Bloodstream, And Allow Free Flow Access Of Any Virus To Our Body, All The While These Evil Bastards Are Slowly Turning The Free World Into Hitter’s Germany And Maos China!


Test, Track, Arrest: Next Phase of The Fascist Dictatorship

It’s already happening in Canada as this video shows: someone you’ve been in contact with has tested positive — you’re under arrest. HR6666, $100 Billion funding, the pentagon’s involvement with AI & Geospatial Intel & Trump’s advisor says “no downside” There Is NO Covid19! The So Called Test Is Testing For Any Genetic Material, This Means Everyone Will Test Positive! Then Comes The Forced Vaccination With Neurotoxic Poisonous Vaccines. These Vaccines Have DNA Altering Properties! Vaccines Contain Mercury, Aluminium,Aborted Foetal Tissue, SV40 Monkey Genes That Are Known To Contain Cancer Causing Properties. 

Link To Banned Video: https://banned.video/watch?id=5ebaf8a4244ac5001d21841b


Forced mandatory Inoculation Cannot be Enforced! YOU CAN LEGALLY SAY NO! This Right Has Existed For Thousands Of Years! Everything They Are Doing Now Is Illegal! Even If they Say It Is The Law, It Is A Giant Bluff! International Humanitarian Law States You Cannot Be Forced To Give Up A Right, Such As Informed Consent, To Get A Benefit! See The Proof For Yourself: https://wp.me/p19seq-4VF

Twilight Zone 2020 Total A.I. Control Of Humanity Being Implemented – Wake Up Now Or Be Enslaved Forever

Don’t wait for someone else to speak out against this Dystopian future that is currently being implemented, you are that someone else! Your Governments have been coopted by the Globalist Luciferian Cabal. The proof of this can easily be seen in the Dystopian gestation like control being implemented. Even though it has been proven that the coronavirus is less lethal than the common cold, the lockdown of the world continues, people are being dragged of trains for not wearing masks and being arrested. See the graphic video of a young mother and child being abused by police thugs below, freedom of speech and the right of peaceful assembly are being systematically deleted globally!

Link To Banned Video: https://banned.video/watch?id=5eb99254244ac5001d1f742f


Covid-19 Hoax Dealt Devastating Blow! Hospitals Caught Staging Deaths

Jon Rappoport of http://nomorefakenews.com guest hosts The Alex Jones Show to expose the hoax behind the numbers used to lockdown society.

Proof: There Is No Virus – No Pandemic – Covid19 Is A Giant Hoax Being Used To Crash The Global Economy And Usher In AN Orwellian NWO One World Government!

There is No Pandemic, Covid 19 Or Any Need For Social Distancing. Humanity Is Being Lied To By Mainstream Media And Their Government’s. 300.000 People A Day Are Dying Because Of This Lockdown. As The First World Economy Crashes The Third World Dies. By The End Of The Year Over A Million People A Day Will Die. The Hoax Covid19 Threat Is Designed To Destroy The World Economy And Usher In An Orwellian One World Satanic Order. For Decades Humanity Has Given Its Right To Think For Itself To Authority! We Have To Draw A Line In the Sand NOW! We Need To Refuse To Comply With The Tyranny!

David Icke Emergency Broadcast: We Are At The Crossroads

Link To Banned Video: https://banned.video/watch?id=5e9e0834a1654b001f328851

COMING! THE SECOND WAVE of Fear And Lies – Covid19 Doesn’t Exist! The Media And Our GovernmentsIs Are Lying To You!

Nine Cases Of So Called Covid19 And No Deaths, And Yet These Satanists Maintain The Shutdown And Expand The Tyranny! The media is Lying To You! As their warnings & dire predictions have been totally discredited, WHO, Fauci & other “experts” now push another lie in an attempt to justify extending lockdown— THE SECOND WAVE Meanwhile, will spread more fear and propaganda. Just Like Nero, Trump Sits On The Sidelines Playing The Fiddle While The Country Burns!

Link To Banned Video: https://banned.video/watch?id=5eb0601c1a962d006bd22f52

The Lockdown Is A Globalist Assault On Humanity To Crash The Global Economy And Usher In An Orwellian One World Government!

Who Controls The Media? Operation Mockingbird – The Globalist Cabal Deep State


This Hoax Covid 19 Conspiracy To Enslave Humanity Is A Psychological Game

The World Is Run By Multinational Corporations And Criminals. At The Centre Of The Web Is The Sabbatian Globalist Cabal Death Cult That Have Infiltrated Every Institution On This Planet. Now Grocery Stores Such As Woolworths Are Offering Covid 19 Testing Using Contaminated Test Kits. And What Are These Test Kits Finding? Not So Called Covid19, What They Are Claiming Is Covid19 Is Simply Genetic Material That Is Located In Our Immune System. Humanity, STOP Submitting To This Evil Attempt To Destroy The World Economy In Order To Usher In An Orwellian New World Order Satanic Death Cult. Don’t Wait For Someone Else To Fix This Assault On Or Rights And Freedoms, Realise, You Are That Someone Else!

Humanity Has Been Designated The Enemy Of The State By The Luciferian Globalist Cabal That Run And Control With World From The Shadows.

PROOF: Lockdown Failed as Politicians Claim They Saved Us – It’s Time To Stop Begging These Tyrants To Take Their Boot Off Our Throats!

As some restrictions are eased, the lockdown is still in effect. Are we supposed to thank Gov Abbott for letting businesses open 25%. They will still be bankrupted. Trump tweets that he saved us. But NY proves quick & draconian measures made no difference. 

Alex Jones VItal Message To Humanity Concerning Coronavirus Pandemic Hoax

This Manufactured Crisis Of The Hoax Pandemic That Is No More Lethal Than The Common Cold Is bringing Humanity To It’s Knees Because We Are Allowing It To! Humanity Get Off Your Knees!

Link To Banned Video: https://banned.video/watch?id=5ea3321624ef9200b032db7f







Scientists Are Really Trying To Tell Us The Truth – Wake Up Humanity There Is No Virus!!!

Subliminal Messaging  And Psychological Warfare On Humanity By Mainstream Media Is Being Carried Out By The Globalist Cabal In Order To Crash The Economy To Create Economic Armageddon And Usher In An Orwellian One World Government That Will Destroy All Human Rights And Freedoms. This So-Called Pandemic Virus Is less lethal Than The Normal Flu! See (Covid Hoax Devastated, Fox News Confirms Virus Death Rate Lower Than The Flu Disproving Mainstream Narratives.) https://wp.me/p19seq-7jg

A Virus Less Lethal Than The Common Cold May Soon Bankrupt The Entire World! Unless We Refuse To Comply With The Tyranny!

 In this urgent Special Report, Alex Jones reveals how the democrats and corporate-controlled globalists are in a suicide pact with the UN and the ChiComs, and that even the New York Times are admitting that the Chinese have weaponized the fear-mongering of coronavirus that is less lethal than the common cold.

Panic Caused By The CCP For A Virus That The CCP Knows Is less Lethal Than The Flu! It’s A Manufactured Crisis!