CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY – 100 Years of Mass Mind Control

The ‘Force” As Portrayed In The Star Wars Movies In Real! The Deep State Has Known This Fact For Decades! The CIA Has Infiltrated All Areas Of News Media. This is How All Information That Humanity Receives Is Controlled. Control Information And You Control People’s Perception And Understanding Of Life.

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Mainstream Media Narrative Is Controlled By The Globalist Cabal.

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Canada ‘Health’ Chief Theresa Tam Describes The Fascism Awaiting Those Who Refuse To Comply With Gates Vaccination – How Long Are You Going To Let This Woman Dictate Your Life Canada?

There Are None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See – Helen Keller. God Doesn’t Make Any Junk!! Get Off Your Damn Knees Humanity. 

NIH Tests Vaccine PROPAGANDA, Not Vaccines

Details of a 4,000 person NIH study a month ago to test various message tactics to get a reluctant population to get an untested vaccine with each message focusing on a different tactic: Guilt, Anger, Promise of Freedom, Promise of Prosperity, “Science/Authority”, Shame/Fear, Embarrassment, Self-Interest


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Dr. Warns New COVID-19 Vaccine Is Untested And Will Alter Your DNA:

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Trumps Answer To A Non Existent Pandemic – An Untested Vaccine That Has Already Killed In Trials!

Here Are The Facts That Have Somehow Escaped Trumps Attention, Or Have They?

(See DNA Cancer Cells Will Be Used In The Untested CV19 Vaccine.)

Covid19 Virus Has Never Been Isolated And Purified,Therefore, It Has Not Been Proven To Exist! You Cannot Test For A Virus That Does Not Exist. And You Also Cannot Manufacture A Vaccine For A Virus That Does Not Exist!! That Is The Extent Of This Blatant Scam! FOI (Freedom Of Information Act Requests To Health Authorities Have Proven That Covid19 DOES NOT EXIST! There Is No Scientific Evidence Anywhere That A Virus Causes Disease! Viruses Form Inside The Body, And Are Used To Clean The System. The Only Way An External Infection, Virus Can Enter The Body Is Via Injection, It Is the Immune System Response To An Injected Virus, Such As Those Found In Vaccines That Cause The Immune System To Respond Adversely Causing Illness And In Some Cases Death!  Wake Up World You’re Being Scammed! See ( Covid 19 – The Fake Pandemic – Scientific Proof That It Is A Hoax – David Icke


Coronavirus Restrictions Will Remain If Large Numbers Refuse Vaccine, Warns UK Taskforce

See What This Courageous Dr Discovered Is In This Untested Vaccine DNA Altering Cancer Cells That Deploy Nano Technology FOR POPULATION CONTROL.

Coronavirus restrictions will remain in place if large numbers of people refuse to take a COVID-19 vaccine, a UK taskforce has warned.

There are fears that millions of Britons may opt out of being vaccinated for coronavirus, with many swayed by debunked anti-vax claims spread online. A number of scientific studies have debunked previous claims by anti-vaxxers, including the false claim that the MMR jab can cause autism.

But two recent surveys show a large proportion of Britons are either against a coronavirus vaccine or unsure about taking one.

On Monday, the government announced that it had signed deals with pharmaceutical companies to secure 90 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines.



Forced mandatory Inoculation Cannot be Enforced! YOU CAN LEGALLY SAY NO! This Right Has Existed For Thousands Of Years! Everything They Are Doing Now Is Illegal! Even If they Say It Is The Law, It Is A Giant Bluff! International Humanitarian Law States You Cannot Be Forced To Give Up A Right, Such As Informed Consent, To Get A Benefit! See The Proof For Yourself:


Covid19 The Medical Tyranny Trojan Horse Being Used To Collapse The Global Economy

Understand, Covid19 Does Not Exist. Here Is The Proof; The Entirety Of Humanity Is Being Lied To And Hoaxed In Order To Collapse The Global Economy And Usher In A One World New World Order Orwellian Tyranny. 

First Came The Climate Change Hoax, And Now In Their Continued Assault On Our Freedoms And Human Rights The Coopted Globalist Cabal Governments Of The World Are Continuing Their Tyranny And Genocide Of Humanity With The Covid19 Hoax Pandemic. A Global Genocide Is Being Carried Out On The Entirety Of Humanity By The Globalist Luciferian Cabal. Humanity Is Being Murdered By Corporate Multinational Globalist Criminals. Episode 3  Of This Hoax Is The DNA Altering Nano Particle Neurotoxic Vaccines (See “Urgent Health Alert Re CV19 Untested Vaccine. Dr Carrie Madej,M D )  (See “No Recorded Medical Evidence Of Covid19 Virus Existing Anywhere On The Planet”. )

The Evil that Is Expanding Around The Globe Aided And Abetted By The ‘Death Cult’ Cabal Mouthpiece The Mainstream Media Is Growing On A Daily Basis. The Glaring Truth To Remember Is….Germ Theory Is False. Viruses are Generated Within The Body, They Do Not Come From Outside The Body. Viruses Are Not Alive, Viruses Are Not Contagious. Viruses Cannot Be Transmitted Between People Or Transferred Between Species. – Dr Stefan Lanka – Virologist

Breaking News: Virologist Blows The Whistle On Hoax Pandemic – Viruses CANNOT Be Transmitted – Dr Stefan Lanka

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Documents Discovered Expose The Genocide On Humanity.

The Mainstream Media Is the Mouthpiece Of The Globalist Luciferian Marxist Socialist Cabal And A Deep State CIA Operation That Is Destroying Our Lives, Families, Culture With Their Heinous Criminal Exaggeration Of The Fake Covid19 So Called Pandemic That Is Easily Proven False!

“Social Distancing’ Is Untested Pseudoscience Particularly As It relates To Halting Of SARS-CoV-2 Virus. On Its Website The CDC Provides No Links To Any Peer-Reviewed Social Distancing That Bolster Its Official Guidance. We Have Been Conditioned To Accept Social Distancing Without Any Evidence. Governments of the world are unlawfully torturing We The People of the world.

Social Distancing Practices are also a form of Torture developed by the CIA around 70 years ago, for the purpose of breaking down the health of those considered “enemies of the state”.


If You Tell A Lie Big Enough, Often Enough, Many Will Come To Believe It. You May Know The latest Lie As Covid19. Viruses Are Not Alive, Viruses Are Not Contagious. Viruses Cannot Be Transmitted Between People.

The Tests Are Fake. There Are No Tests For Covid-19. They Are Testing For Genetic Material That Everyone Has. If You Have A Flu Shot You Or Have Ever Had The Flu You Will Test Positive For Covid-19. A Fruit, A PawPaw Tested Positive For Covid19! Seriously I’m Not Joking.

When You Wear A Mask You Breathe In Your Own Carbon Dioxide, Which Lowers Oxygen Levels, Causing Hypoxia, Irreversible Brain Damage And Respiratory Disease. Wearing A Mask Offers No Protection From ANY Virus And has No Basis In Science They Are Nothing To Do With Health And Everything To Do With Control! Humanity Must Stop Blindly Obeying Authority! Stop Acquiescing To Stupid! 


NIH—Nazi Institute of Health: Human Mice, Transhumanism, Human Connectome Project, and Other Govt Projects

Why Are We Allowing A Nazi Scientist To Shut Down The Globe And the Global Economy, To Put Us In the Chains Of A Reinvented Slavery?

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The Health Passport – The Mass Surveillance And Control In Real Time Of Every Man Woman And Child

The Covid19 Hoax Tyranny Is Expanding At Warp Speed, In Order To Implement Mass Surveillance, Censorship, Control Of Movement, Where You Can Live, What You Can Purchase. Humanities Very Existence Is Being Threatened!

Twilight Zone 2020 Total A.I. Control Of Humanity Being Implemented – Wake Up Now Or Be Enslaved Forever

Don’t wait for someone else to speak out against this Dystopian future that is currently being implemented, you are that someone else! Your Governments have been coopted by the Globalist Luciferian Cabal. The proof of this can easily be seen in the Dystopian gestation like control being implemented. Even though it has been proven that the coronavirus is less lethal than the common cold, the lockdown of the world continues, people are being dragged of trains for not wearing masks and being arrested. See the graphic video of a young mother and child being abused by police thugs below, freedom of speech and the right of peaceful assembly are being systematically deleted globally!

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David Icke Responds To Being Banned, De-Platfomed By The Globalist Cabal – We Are Now Living In A Global Version Of Nazi Germany!

If We Do Not Free Ourselves The World Will Collapse Into A Tyranny, A Totalitarian Hellhole That We Cannot Even Begin To Imagine! David Icke Has Been Fighting For Humanity For Three Decades, Exposing The Evil That Is the Globalist Luciferian Cabal That Controls The World From The Shadows! Vast Numbers Of People Are Having Their Independent Livelihood Destroyed By The Fake Pandemic!

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Scientists Are Really Trying To Tell Us The Truth – Wake Up Humanity There Is No Virus!!!

Subliminal Messaging  And Psychological Warfare On Humanity By Mainstream Media Is Being Carried Out By The Globalist Cabal In Order To Crash The Economy To Create Economic Armageddon And Usher In An Orwellian One World Government That Will Destroy All Human Rights And Freedoms. This So-Called Pandemic Virus Is less lethal Than The Normal Flu! See (Covid Hoax Devastated, Fox News Confirms Virus Death Rate Lower Than The Flu Disproving Mainstream Narratives.)

David Icke Emergency Broadcast: We Are At The Crossroads – Absolute Undeniable Proof That Covid19 Is A Manufactured Crisis

Humanity Is At A Crossroads. One Road Leads To Freedom And The Other, If We Continue To Ignore The Warnings, If We Continue To Do What We Have Always Done, Leads To A Technocratic, Fascist, Communist Vicious  Merciless Dictatorship, In Which The Human Mind Will No longer Exist Because A.I. Will Do All The Thinking And Perceiving!

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Welcome To Medical Tyranny 2020

The White House Covid-19 response team is made up of Big Pharma and Bill Gates operatives. Response Team For The Pandemic That Never  Was! And Every Other Government Is Either Aware That The Pandemic Is Fake, Or Are Just Doing What Their Cabal Masters Are Ordering!

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High Tech WAR – “Control the Enemy Remotely” – From a Distance – Humanity Is Now Considered The Enemy

Brain and Body Controls – Deployed Nano Tech in OUR Bodies – Controlled by Micro Processors Nano Technology – We have entered an era of synthetic biology Nano particle is one billionth of a meter Worldwide WARFARE Upon All That’s Living Military Doctrine of Full Spectrum Dominance Of All Of Humanity.


There is a simple and inexpensive product that can be consumed to remove these items. See the full post for the details.

The Globalist Cabal Deep State Has Launched A Global Agenda 21 Assault On Humanity

Agenda 21, The Plan To Move Populations Into Human Settlement Zones So That We Can Be Managed And Controlled. The Global Warming Scam Is Another False Flag To Bring In Control. Ninety Seven 97% Percent Of Green House Gasses Are Water Vapour. Carbon Co2 Is Not A Pollutant, In Fact, Carbon, That Life And Nature Needs To Survive, Is In Low Supply Currently.  These People And This Agenda Are Anti-Human. The Globalist Luciferian Cabal Are Satanist And Want To Remove Anyone Who Doesn’t Worship Evil.

DARPA Advisor Reveals Conscious A I Supercomputers Used For Mind Control Of Targeted Individuals And Populations

DARPA, European Human Brain Project, and Pentagon advisor Dr. James Giordano describes neuronanorobotic Brain to computer interface mind control weapons for remote monitoring and manipulation of brains neural circuitry. By manipulating the digital avatar in the computer simulation a persons thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, and behavior are manipulated in the real world. This is remote mind control. 21st Century MK ULTRA. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is not a joke. This is the real life matrix! It is believed that nano microchips are being delivered to populations via Mandatory Vaccine Programs as a CIA Whistleblower has stated! Here is a link to that clip.


Proof That Government Uses Mind Control And Subliminal Messages

The CIA’s MKUltra mind control experiments running throughout the Cold War (and beyond). The full original full report The original anthem by itself (full speed): The original anthem slowed down to 10%

The Mark Of The Beast



Laura Eisenhower: Lets support Andy Basiago & restore Unity Consciousness

Andrew D. Basiago is an American hero. In childhood, Andy served as a US chrononaut in DARPA’s Project Pegasus, the US time-space program at the time of the emergence of time travel in the US defense-technical community. In that capacity, he took part in eight modalities of time-travel. During his college years, Andy served as a US astronaut in the Mars jump room program, the planetary exploration program at the time of the emergence of the secret space program in the US intelligence community. In that capacity, he made many round trips to the Red Planet. He went on to earn six academic degrees, including degrees from UCLA and Cambridge, and to establish a law practice on behalf of the people of Washington state.

For the past 15 years, Andy has given over 500 TV and radio interviews and public talks so that we all might know the truth about the world we live in. In 2016, Andy was an independent candidate for President of the United States of America. He was the first major figure in the Truth Movement to run for President. His platform, called 100 Proposals, was hailed by pundits as “awesome,” “brilliant,” “unrivaled,” “mind-blowing,” “genius in print” and “a life experience to read.” Since the 2016 campaign, Andy has been fighting the fight of his life – the gradual loss of his vision. Andy’s doctors have told him that with shots, surgery, laser, and lens replacement his vision can be restored. Andy has vowed that when his vision is restored he will again seek the US Presidency in 2024 so that America can again be placed on the positive timeline. This fund-raising campaign is to help finance the restoration of Andy’s vision so that Andy can continue to fight for, as he always has, truth, justice, and the American way. If you can donate, then please do. If you cannot donate, then your prayers for the restoration of Andy’s vision will be greatly appreciated. Donations can be sent to Andy’s PayPal address, which is: