The Great Reset Hypocrisy Activates Harrison’s INSANE RAGE

Walk Into My Parlour Said A Spider To The Fly – David Icke

The Contradictions And Lies Exposed. Ask Yourself, Why In The Hell Do We Need A Vaccine That Drs Are Warning Will Change Your DNA And Sterilise You, When Covid Was Downgraded By The British NHS On March 19th 2020 To A Disease Of Low Consequence, Less harmful Than The Common Cold???

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Why Do We Keep Looking To Government Leaders To Save Us, When We Hold The Power? Why Do We Keep Lionising People Who Are Pulling The Wool Over Our Eyes??? We Are Many they Are Few!! We Are Immortal Spiritual Beings, All There Ever Has Been Or Will Be, Infinite Awareness, Consciousness, Having A Human Experience! See : Trumps Christmas Miracle?