🚨Ahhhh Election Day!!🚨 A Century Ago It Used To Be When The People Cast Their Vote To Elect Their Leader! Today It’s A Farce Where Unbeknownst To The People The Globalist Cabal Is Automatically Returned To Power Long Before Any Votes Are Even Counted!!

How Fitting That It Is Held In Another Farcical Indoctrination Camp Our So Called Public Education institution Where You Are Taught WHAT To Think, Not HOW To Think!!

For over 100 years there has been a Secret Ruling Of Humanity By A Global Cabal of Banksters and Industrialists from the City of London Financial District that has been controlling all major policies Of Our World which are based on Huge Lies and Major Deceptions.

This cabal has spent many billions of hard-earned dollars which they have confiscated through a crooked tax system to pay “talking-head” major mass media “newscasters” to limit what you can know and to make sure almost everything the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) is lies and dispensed propaganda, which helps keep this super-elite deviant Ruling Cabal in power and keeps important truths from the public.

The Cabal knows that they must keep truth from the people in order to continue in power, and now the advent of the worldwide Internet is posing their greatest threat ever, and their demise may be right around the corner. Some of the oldest most senior members of the Cabal believe that the only way to stop this erosion of their control over truth that the Internet now presents is to elicit a major nuclear WW3 that will radically depopulate the earth and convert the political structure back into a Middle Ages type feudal King/Serf system.

The advent of the worldwide Internet is proving to be the undoing of this Cabal’s previous near complete lock on the truth.

They have controlled the history books, the school teaching agendas and limited higher education to their approved subject areas. The worldwide Internet is now proving to be the New Gutenberg Press and has the same power to completely dethrone the Cabal and restructure society. It is an engine for the spontaneous and widespread emergence of new worldwide populism, a new worldwide Conscience-Collective that can and will erode and displace the CMMM.

Without the CMMM’s constant uncontested dispensing of lies and propaganda, the ruling Cabal’s power, authority, and legitimacy will be progressively eroded, and eventually, this Cabal will be exposed and eliminated. This process appears to be well underway now thanks to the advent of the worldwide Internet “Truth Movement”, a new type of spontaneously emerging world populism.

Karen Hudes, former high ranking counsel for the World Bank, has disclosed that at least five of the six American major mass media are owned by the six largest banks which means that they control public opinion by controlling what the major mass media dispenses to the public. Thanks to the Internet this is quickly coming to a screeching halt right before our eyes in real-time.

Watch the CMMM house of cards start to fall as the truth is fully exposed by the alternative media on the Internet. This is called “driving the news” and when a certain critical mass is reached in the alternative Internet media, the CMMM is eventually forced to cover the story and in a way that has moved toward the alternative version.


William Tompkins: Naval Intelligence Officer, NASA Section Chief And Secret Space Program Disseminator And Corey Goode Secret Space Program Participant Explains………

If you ever felt that you were being manipulated by the major mass media you were very perceptive because that is what has been happening and it is because the Banksters use the major mass media to dictate public opinion to meet their needs, which makes the major mass media almost completely controlled.  that is why it makes sense to refer to it as the Controlled Major Mass media (CMMM).