🚨[#NOAMNESTY FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY] – – You were Warned By People Who Love You, But You Refused To Listen!!

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How many people were gaslighted and demonised for simply saying no?

The World Health Organization have changed their stance on the Covid-19 Vaccination where they now recommend healthy children and teenagers do not need the vaccine. The guidance that was quietly released last Tuesday shows the report that the global health agency deemed healthy young people as a “low priority”.

This now raises the question of why did so many people face psychological bombardment after simply saying no? The JCVI Britain’s joint committee on vaccines and immunisation recommended back in 2021 that 12-15-year-olds should not be given the vaccine as this could create more health risks where the then health secretary Sajid Javid under Boris Johnson’s cabinet, ignored the advice given and steamrolled through the policy.

The Telegraph also put out a spread back in 2021 warning that teenage boys are more at risk from the vaccines than covid, and that young males are six times more likely to suffer from heart problems after being administered the vaccine.

You might even remember that Sweden, Finland and Denmark all paused the use of the covid-19 vaccine for fears that the shot causes heart inflammation.

The evidence was there, but trans-corporate margins over people’s livelihoods are an integral part of the game when it comes to big pharma.

According to the MailOnline, “The WHO also called for urgent efforts to catch up on routine vaccinations missed during the pandemic and warned of a rise in vaccine-preventable diseases like measles.” I think it’s highly unlikely that the majority of the public is even interested in getting more covid-19 vaccines.