The Bogus Covid Narrative And Use Of Scarients And “Waves” In Psychological Warfare – A Fairytale Full Of Clever Lies!

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One thought on “The Bogus Covid Narrative And Use Of Scarients And “Waves” In Psychological Warfare – A Fairytale Full Of Clever Lies!

  1. That is exactly what they do and have been doing excellent video – but it does not work on the people who Keep an open mind and empower themselves with education and learn all about their enemy and their game plan. This is pure evil and not for one second was I not aware of what was happening because I had 7 years study about these people, their goals and agenda. From day one I knew it was lies; obvious lies and fascism for that agenda and frankly I was very surprised that they managed to pulled it off . Also we have further problems because certain people in the alternative media are playing with our heads they give out a lot of truth mixed with disinformation. We have actors from the CIA and MI6 who are selling this New Age Nonsense and making you dependent on them – they are being used as “Jack Asses” by the deep state and many people are following them Charlie Ward for instance who is MI6 for sure who had Trump up there as a saviour and is selling Q; when Q is of course Kushner a Rothchild from the deep state playing games with everyone to distract them. “Where we go one we go all” is an initiation spell you have joined a cult run by the Satanists. Ward is put up there as a “jack ass” for the NWO because people will look for him when what he says does not happen – he is making a lot of money out of this from his insider club and his books etc and making it clear nothing is being done about the roll out of the bioweapon to wake people up -“just a minute you what” and yes that does make sense if you are a complete moron. If any government wanted to stop anything they could make it happen they are not !!!!! because they are gangsters trying to kill you all ad working against the people , that is not your fault but you must get wise to it. They are all keeping the roll out going in every country despite knowing it is very dangerous and Trump gave it the green light and his replacement Trump is now endorsing it. You must pinpoint who your enemy is with these kind of facts. facts that you cannot and should not ignore. What Charlie is trying to get you all to believe is “We will continue to kill them and maim them to get them to wake up….. da are you having a laugh. And then: It is of course the victims own fault for being so trusting and not the perpetrator of the crimes being committed against the innocent – more inverted nonsense – that should pinpoint you to the fact that this man is trying to get you to believe and accept an inverted morality. Oh well that is okay let them die and let them be maimed because it is a war more inverted immoral BS. Especially as it is a war that most of them do not even know they are in because of media Psychological Warfare and Censorship. They are not war victims they are murder victims. This is a crime. Apparently Charlie also tries to sell you this BS about having a good moral : if you have discovered the truth about Trump and you have changed your mind about him because you have discovered that he was a traitor and a front man for the deep state who tricked and deceived us all. If you work that out from the facts you are not a patriot – yes it all makes sense Charlie. I get the news that he gives out 20 days earlier from a different source. Do be careful who you follow. Don’t listen to hear say work things out use your own brain that is what God gave it to you for. Switch off the TV!


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