🚨The Plan To Demonise Russia🚨 – David Icke Speaking In 2014 About The Plan For WW111 – Our Governments Have Been Captured By A Malevolent Unseen Force – Award Winning Mainstream Journalist Warns Of Deep State Manipulation Of Humanity Our Election Process And Knowledge Base – All We Have To Do Is Refuse To Comply And The Tyranny Ends!

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David Icke Speaking In 2014 About The Plan For WW111 

Russian Colonel Speaks With The Ukrainian People And Explains That They Are Here To Liberate Them. Russian Troops Are In Ukraine To Liberate The People From The Fascist Zelinski And Prevent His Government From From Bombing And Murdering The People Of Donbas!

And This Is The Fake War Propaganda That Our Fascist Governments Are Manufacturing In Ukraine!

Award Winning Mainstream Media Journalist Warns Of The Manipulation Of Humanity And Our Election Process And Knowledge Base.

Everything That You Were Ever Taught Was A Lie, Misinformation. There Are No Longer Sovereign Countries On Earth, The Deep State Under The Control Of The Draco Reptilians Are Controlling Every Country On Earth Via The Deep State Who Are In Turn Controlling All Of Our Governments. William Tompkins NASA Section Chief And Naval Secret Space Program Intelligence Officer Warns The Deep State Controlled By The Draco Are Using A Hoax Pandemic To Lock Down the Entire Globe In Order To Obtain Full Spectrum Dominance Over Humanity. A Genocide Of Humanity Is Also Taking Place Using A Pathogen Posing As A Vaccine. Millions Have Died (Left Their Earthly Bodies To Begin Their New Life Prematurely And Suffered The Loss Of Their Loved Ones) From This Pathogen, And If Humanity Doesn’t Realise That This Deception And Genocide Is Occurring, Millions More Will Die!


WHO Human Beings REALLY Are.: We Are Consciousness, Infinite Awareness, Everything That Has Ever Been Or Will Be, Having A Human Experience! We Are Not Black, White, Christians, Moslems, A Bus Driver, Etc Etc………..WE Are All One Consciousness! Humanity Has Been Manipulated By An Unseen Malevolent Force The Draco Reptilians For Seven Thousand Years! And I Don’t Care Whether You Buy This Or Not, Im Not Selling Anything, I’m Just Telling You The Truth.

The Divine Spark Of The REAL Creator Resides In All Of Us. We Were Given This Spark So That If We Were Threatened By Psychopaths Who Wanted To Take Our God Given Freedoms We Would Get Of Our Knees And Fight Back Against The Evil! Do You Really Want To Be A God Fearing Man Or Woman? Why Would You Fear A Loving Creator? Why Would You Give Credence To A False Religious Control System Of Pure Dogma That Wants You To Be A God Fearing Man? Why Would You Want To Live In Fear Of A Loving God?? Religion Is A Tool Of Control! The True Creator Is Pure Consciousness And Infinite Awareness And We Are A Fragment Of That Consciousness And Infinite Awareness. There is NO DEATH, No Heaven Or Hell, No Sin!! That Is A Part Of The Malicious Religious Dogma Meant To Keep Us Living In Fear!! When Our Bodies Reach The End Of Their Cycle We Leave Them To Explore The Universe, And We Have A choice of What We Want To Become or Do In Our Next Life! ‘The Only True Reality Is Unconditional Love, Everything Else Is A Manufactured Illusion!

(This Information Was Provided By A Benevolent Extra Terrestrial, One Of Many Who Are Among Us At This Time And Are Deeply Concerned For The Future Of Their Human Family!) And NO, They Are Not Among Us To Save Us. They Are Among Us To Assist Us Only, This Is OUR WORLD And We DO Have The Power To End They Tyranny. We Outnumber The Fascist Tyrants, All That Is Required Of Us Is To REFUSE TO COMPLY!! Our ET Family Are Waiting To Assist Us To End This Fascist Tyranny, All WE Have To Do Is Take A Stand, And Refuse To Comply With Our Governments Fascist Tyranny!

We Are Waiting For Your Response. Again, No One Is Coming To Save You, We Are Here To Assist You, This Is Your World That Is Under Threat, And In Order For Us To Act You Must Take A Stand And Refuse To Comply With The Tyranny!