The World Is Acquiescing To The Same Tyrannies That The German People Did Under Hitler!! Tyranny Is NEVER Imposed It Is ALWAYS Acquiesced To!! 87 Y/O Holocaust Survivor Kitty Werthmann Issues A Warning!

Also See: MOST OF HUMANITY IS BEING HELD TO RANSOM By Masks That Cause Self Harm, That Offer Zero Protection From A Virus That Does Not Exist Because We Have Lost The Ability To Think Critically And See The Global Fascism In Every Country On Earth?? OUR GOVERNMENTS HAVE BEEN CAPTURED BY THE DEEP STATE THAT HAVE IMPLEMENTED A DEPOPULATION AGENDA

The world today is marching to the same drum beat as Nazi Germany!! Eagle Forum of California 2013 Conference Kitty Werthmann’s warning about socialism timelines. Hitler Targets Education – for Children Equal Rights Hits Home Hitler Restructured the Family Through Daycare Health Care and Small Business Suffer Under Government Controls “Mercy Killing” Redefined The Final Steps – Gun Laws (Sound Familiar)??

One Of The Consequences Of Acquiescing To Fascist Tyranny!

New York Times Editor Makes Video About Taking His 3rd Booster Because He Didn’t Want To Be A ‘Prick’ And Dies Of A Pathogen Induced HEART ATTACK THE SAME DAY! If He Only Bothered To Use Critical Thinking And Do His Own Research He Would Be Alive Today!!

Millions Have Been Murdered By This Pathogen Posing As A Vaccine In This Global Depopulation Agenda. Dont Let Yourself Or Your Family Be One Of Them!!

THEY WERE PROUD TO BE VACCINATED…Now They Are Just Another Statistic  In The VAERS Vaccine Death And Injury Reporting System. PLEASE SHARE!