CATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS SPEAKS TO SWITZERLAND – PRESS CONFERENCE 12/11/2021 Vaccine Passports Will Absolutely End Human Liberty Globally, And All For A Pandemic That Simply Does Not Exist!!

Virologist Dr. Stefan Lanka Debunked ALL “virus” theory, including Measles and the FRAUD of “virus” photos as NOTHING MORE than Normal cellular structures and functions. “VIRUSES ARE SIMPLY DEAD CELL DEBRIS BEING CLEANSED FROM THE BODY!!” VIRUSES ARE NOT CONTAGIOUS See: The Insanity Of The Global Covidian Cult – 2.1 Million Dead Already. Tens Of Millions Injured.


Our DNA is a spiritual antenna to our creator. The divine spark of our creator resides in all of us! That is why a DNA altering pathogen posing as a vaccine is being deployed against humanity!

Everything that we have been taught is a lie!! There is so little of our MK Ultra programmed reality that is based on truth!!