THE TRUTH ABOUT INDOCTRINATION CAMPS (Government Schools) Where You Are Taught WHAT To Think Not HOW To Think!!

My own experience with the public education (Indoctrination) system was that I found what we were being taught, regurgitating details that were given to us and then having to repeat them, without being able to ask any questions was just plain ridiculous!! If you are unable to question or inquire about what people are telling you, that should set off major alarm bells! So I set about to find a way to educate myself. Unfortunately, the Government objected strenuously to my private search for knowledge that would in any way contradict their form of (indoctrination) education! The Government fear Of Me finding my own way and not attending their FREE indoctrination camp, culminated in my incarceration in a home for what they absurdly called a home for truants. I was forced to spend 13 months in this prison for free thinkers, and since then i have discovered that we are all lied to and manipulated from the day we are born to fit in with a government agenda of total government domination and control of humanity, which is now fast approaching a global agenda. I was given this knowledge when I was introduced to a super secret break away global government group that had been formed to stop the fascist totalitarianism takedown of the entirety of humanity. many lives have been changed for the better, and our agency was joined seventy (70) years ago by a benevolent ET Group. But Know this, they are not here among us to save us, as all that is required for this oppression and tyranny to end is for humanity to refuse to comply with it, and it will end. Tyrants have always been overthrown by the will of the people!! Our ET Brothers will stand with us, but first we MUST stand against the tyrants first. Its really simple, Just say NO!!

2 thoughts on “THE TRUTH ABOUT INDOCTRINATION CAMPS (Government Schools) Where You Are Taught WHAT To Think Not HOW To Think!!

  1. NO! No! No! and NO! until infinity and beyond NO to the fascist One World NWO WEF or any other factions of fascism. It is an easy choice for me because to lay down to these warped monsters is no life at all that I could endure. Well done Darrell I was a truant to and they considered me to be not that intelligent until I did my 11 plus and I got the top score frankly they made me snore and I could have got a PHD at following every little branch on the trees outside the classroom because I was snoring inside and I thought the establishment were a pack of boring unimaginative bullies who considered people who were good at art or being creative to be of lower intelligence and of course we know now it is the opposite. Schools are prisons for children and I am so sorry for your suffering Darrell but it appears it was a stepping stone to your calling. I hate bullies and that is what these people are and like you said all we have to do is say no. I thought that was going to happen right off but then we discovered how deeply programmed everyone was; but people are waking up and we are going to win this because we have to. A big fat huge No from our conscious mind on mass will blow these megalomaniacs right out of the water because thoughts are things and the beginning of a desired manifestation – a happening.


    • Yes, I always believed that people would rise up. But it appears that most people just keep waiting for someone else to come and save them. It has always been the minority that has effected change. 🙏


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