THE END OF GERM THEORY And Toxic Fake Vaccines! So Called Vaccines Are A Toxic Abomination And Have NEVER Contributed To The Eradication Of Any Disease!! And Here Is The Irrefutable Proof!!…….Nuremberg Awaits!!!

Also See: “Covid Is Not A Public Health Situation, This Is Not Even A Science Situation. “This Is A Case Of Murder. Not A Case Of Disease, Or Pandemic, This Is A Case Of Murder And The People Currently Committing This Crime Wear Lab Coates, If They Wore Anything Else We Would Call Them Murderers, Right Now We Call Them Doctors”!! – Dr David Martin

Before You Dismiss This Irrefutable Indisputable Proof!! Consider This Fact……………

Finally, The truth is being released, thanks to people who don’t blindly follow the Fascist Captured Government Reports And Their Lying Mouthpiece The Mainstream Media. Thousands Have Had their lives and families torn apart , thousands more have suicided because of this foul manipulation of humanity in order to usher in a global fascist state and total domination of humanity!! The human race has been lied to and manipulated from the day we are born. How do i know this? Because I work for one of those super secret agencies that you have never heard of!! Not even my family knows about this!! But I have to say when my family referred to me as an idiot, and my daughter blocked all forms of communication with me i was devastated!! However, because i knew the global captured governments planned democide was real I just had to speak out!! I miss my family so very much!!