BREAKING: Pathogenic Vaccines And The Details That Prove They Contain Toxic Ingredients BANNED From Social Media…..So Here It Is ”A Shot In The Dark”The Depopulation Agenda!!

4 thoughts on “BREAKING: Pathogenic Vaccines And The Details That Prove They Contain Toxic Ingredients BANNED From Social Media…..So Here It Is ”A Shot In The Dark”The Depopulation Agenda!!

  1. These people are not fit to run our countries and need to be forcibly removed from office now – the spark of God in us all is a wonderful thing to have in your goody bag but these people must be stopped now and offensive action must be taken on it to protect the people that is the job of a government. This fire fighting is not going to get the job done. They are deliberately harming the human race; they are breaking all the natural laws. Unfortunately the more we wait for people to be deprogrammed and educated in to knowing the truth about it all the more that people are dying. We are in to our 3rd year of stupid tolerance and so called awakening. So now we know what they are doing and who they are. A line must be drawn in the sand it is well past the time for it. Take action now to pick up these criminals up who are using their offices to make these laws on behalf of this cabal in order to profit from it and to murder control and harm people. When is the SSP and all the other white hat agencies etc going to take that offensive action Darrel to round these f***ing murdering crooks up and arrest them all using a court that is not part of their crooked system as we know full well they are not going to get themselves put away for all their crimes . Too many people have been murdered already and this shit show is going to go on forever if some real action is not taken. This is unacceptable sort them to hell out!


    • Hi Rachel, I agree, I posted the details Pfizer ingredients that they were attempting to hide for 75 years, until the Supreme Court ordered them to state what they were. The toxicity was unbelievable. I then sent a message to every member of my family who have been calling me an idiot for not being vaccinated. And not one of them replied!!


  2. Thanks for your reply Darrel that is of course very important work. However; separating the wheat from the chaff is what I am all about and I think that constantly showing what that vaccine is doing and trying to get people to awaken is not just what we should be focussing on now because it is putting the responsibility for crimes against humanity murder fraud racketeering and treason on the heads of the victims. The Whitehouse has not been cleaned out it has been taken over by crooked generals and more people who are doing the evil thing for money. No one is protecting the people the border the supply lines the children or any of it . And I want to send a message to these cockroaches – sources say you aint getting any money for betraying us all – you will be waiting for ever for it – you were offered a 50/50 deal by the ministry the offer was 50% to governments and 50% to the people who are doing projects to help restore the planet and uplift the people and you are getting nothing to bring about your evil reset . So knock it on the head personally I would not trust one man jack of you so glad you are not taking it. You have no codes and the system has completely changed so stop spraying us like bugs to get your digital ID system activated because you cannot do it now it is over . The white hats have allowed themselves to be duped they have given marshal badges to satanic CIA operatives who are doing nothing to help the people instead they are tricking the Mafias and stealing their drugs and adrenochrome . Folks do not count on any of these people they are less than useless. It is up to us not to comply. Here is the Wheat we know about the vaccines we know about the crimes we know that Trump and Biden were 2 parts of the same scam created by the order of the black sun (Satanists to bring in the financial reset from hell and push forward the money making people killing vaccines bioweapons and digital ID system. Trump is not a saviour and the people in that Whitehouse have hijacked the whole scenario and are doing nothing to stop it all, that is why the vaccines are still rolling out and they are making laws to enforce them. Which must be stopped ASAP. Trump and Biden are both dead and the cabal is using avatars. Offensive action needs to be taken now we need to focus on rounding all these crooks up and getting them out of positions of power – we need people with combat training to go after these people and arrest them as war criminals and keep them in prison until they are put forward for trial n the Nuremberg Courts . You are not going to get paid for doing the wrong thing against the people that money will not arrive. We know who they are and there is a huge body of evidence against them but law and order is now broken it is corrupt and being run by criminals . Only when that action is taken to put them out of action are we going to stop this thing. If we d not we are going forward to the hell they wish to create. No violence is required by the people to do this job we need people who are willing AND UP TO IT to bring these crooks in and the shadows behind them . We need the people to resist and not to comply to tyranny for their own sake and to wise up and stop taking vaccines and using digital ID to travel and get into to places. Thank you Darrel for al your work. God bless!


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