GLOBAL GOVERNMENT TYRANNY ALERT: Digital Food Rationing Rolls Out Using Biometric IDs Amid Food Riots In Iran- Next Vaxx Passport To Buy Food – Followed By Total Global Rollout (If We Continue To Comply With The Global Fascist Tyranny)

Also See: BREAKING NEWS: THE WAR ON HUMANITY: U.S. Bill HR6666 Legislated That allows Americans To Be Interned In Quarantine Camps – Toxic Chemicals Sprayed From Our Skies Geoengineering – Government Paying Farmers To Destroy Crops – Proof That Wearing A Mask Causes Brain Damage And Death!

Many People Believe That Just Because Some Restrictions Have Been Rolled Back, That The Tyranny Is Ending. ITS NOT OVER!! The Agenda Is Still Rolling Out. The World Health Authority Is About To Announce A Global Control Of World Health To Bring About Compulsory MRNA Pathogenic Fake Vaccines GLOBALLY!! And Global Countries Are Falling In Line!!

Its Time To Take Our World Back

Humanity Is More Powerful Then We Could Ever Imagine. The Divine Spark Of The REAL Creator Resides In All Of Us. We Were Given This Spark So That If We Were Threatened By Psychopaths Who Wanted To Take Our God Given Freedoms We Would Get Of Our Knees And Fight Back Against The Evil! Do You Really Want To Be A God Fearing Man Or Woman? Why Would You Fear A Loving Creator? Why Would You Give Credence To A False Religious Control System Of Pure Dogma That Wants You To Be A God Fearing Man? Why Would You Want To Live In Fear Of A Loving God?? Religion Is A Tool Of Control! The True Creator Is Pure Consciousness And Infinite Awareness And We Are A Fragment Of That Consciousness And Infinite Awareness. There is NO DEATH, No Heaven Or Hell, No Sin!! That Is A Part Of The Malicious Religious Dogma Meant To Keep Us Living In Fear!! When Our Bodies Reach The End Of Their Cycle We Leave Them To Explore The Universe, And We Have A choice of What We Want To Become or Do In Our Next Life! ‘The Only True Reality Is Unconditional Love, Everything Else Is A Manufactured Illusion!  Enough Of The Propaganda And Lies. Its Time For Humanity To Rise Up Off Our Knees And Take Our World Back From These Evil Fascist Tyrants And Simply Refuse To Comply With Their Genocidal Agenda!! – Jordon Sather