Our Mind-Blowing Reality – The End Of Human Liberty – ‘Is someone out there using Orwell’s work not as a warning, but as an owner’s manual?’

The COVID-19 Chronology – There Is Absolutely No Validity To The Claim Of An Infectious Virus! -Dr. Sam Bailey; Eric COPPOLINO) https://wp.me/p19seq-cRW

Editors Note:

As I watch this horror show unfold before humanities eyes on a daily basis, I can scarcely believe what I am seeing. Although, these events have been unfolding for decades!! Public schools are NOT centres of education, they are indoctrination camps where we are taught NOT How to think critically, but WHAT to think. We are taught to believe anything we are told without question. Our elections are a total farce, our so called leaders are put in place long before the vote is counted. Our so called leaders have been captured by fascist globalists and are destroying ALL of our freedoms with the help of an unseen force. The Entirety of humanity is being depopulated by a fake pathogen posing as a virus. Viruses DO NOT exist. (see above) The MKUltra Mind control program is launched upon humanity on a daily basis via subliminal messages and our TV sets. Those of us who are aware are subjected to abuse and ridicule as we attempt to warn our loved ones of the threat. Many have started to awaken from our programming and a fighting back against the tyranny, I pray that there is still time. “Here are the nine most terrifying words you will ever hear, ”I am from the government and I’m here to help”!

William Tompkins, NASA Section Chief And Naval Intelligence Disseminators Final Warning To Humanity. ” Our Visiting Extraterrestrial Brothers And Sisters Have Told Me That We Known Throughout The Universe As ’The Slave Planet’.

Our Globalist Captured Governments Cannot Control Us If We Refuse To Comply. The People Have ALWAYS Overthrown Tyrants. JUST SAY NO!!