The Psychopathic Fascists Are Introducing Global Biometric Surveillance – Vaxx Passport Which Enforces Mandatory Pathogenic Vaccination – 10-Year-Old Girl Dies At Putney Leisure Centre After Going Into Cardiac Arrest After Vaxx. How Many More Lives Have To Be Lost Before WE Say ENOUGH???

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The Psychopaths Are Introducing Total Biometric Surveillance – Which Enforces Mandatory Pathogenic Vaccination

10-year-old girl dies at Putney Leisure Centre after going into cardiac arrest after Vaxx. The girl, a pupil at Hotham Primary School, was taken to hospital but died a short time later.

There Is No Damn Covid And The Psychopathic Filth Know It! And Here Is The Proof.

Bombshell: Sars Cov 2 Patents Were Filed In The Early 1990s By A Group Of Criminals In The CDC And Other Places Who Want To See Humanity Turned Into Something Replaceable, With A Series Of Automaton’s That Never Ask Or Answer Or Inquire Into Things! By Using A Pathogen Posing As A Vaccine – One Other Small Detail, Sars Cov 2 DOESN’T EXIST!! – Dr David Martin

Editors Note: I Realise That Much Of My Information Challenges Your Belief System. Please Realise That If Your Current Belief System Is Shown To False By Irrefutable Proof, (see above) Have The Courage And Emotional Intelligence To Acknowledge It. To Many People Are Dying Because Of False Information.