Breaking News: Protests, And Mass Suicides As People Starve In Shanghai – We Have Eight Months Until The Fascist Global State Is In Full Control Of Humanity Unless We Take Our Freedoms Back NOW, Our Freedoms And Human Rights That We Have So Readily Given Away! – Dr Vernon Coleman

Also See: Bombshell: Sars Cov 2 Patents Were Filed In The Early 1990s By A Group Of Criminals In The CDC And Other Places Who Want To See Humanity Turned Into Something Replaceable, With A Series Of Automaton’s That Never Ask Or Answer Or Inquire Into Things! By Using A Pathogen Posing As A Vaccine – One Other Small Detail, Sars Cov 2 DOESN’T EXIST!! – Dr David Martin

Protests, And Mass Suicides In Shanghai As People Starve In Shanghai!


Don’t Wait Until You Arer Dying Of Starvation Because Of The Food Storage And The Covid Hoax! And This Occurs In A City That You Live In. Refuse To Comply With Your Own Demise NOW!!

Remember Who And What You Are! The One Simple Solution That Will Actually Work And End Our Captured Governments Depopulation Agenda Remains In The Hands Of The People! We Must All Refuse On Mass To Comply With The Computer Generated Genocidal Covid Lies. We Must STOP Complying With Our Genocide! When Will Humanity Realise That We Are Not Helpless And Must Be Subservient To Tyrannical Fascist Governments? When Will We Learn The Truth That In Fact We Are All Immortal Spiritual Beings, Consciousness, Infinite Awareness, All That Has Ever Been Or Will Be, Having A Human Experience! And That The Devine Spark Of The Creator Resides In All Of Us. We Are All A Part Of The True Creator Who Is Pure Loving Consciousness. Fake Religions Are A Manipulating Control System! No One Is Coming To Save Us,Religion Was Created To Keep Humanity On Its Knees In Prayer To A God Whose Devine Spark Is A Part Of All Of Humanity! We Were Created With The Power To Save Ourselves!