They’re Not Done With ‘COVID’ Yet – David Icke 

Also See: Breaking News: A Lawsuit Has Been Filed In The International Criminal Court In The Hague For Genocide And Crimes Against Humanity And Warfare Against The People! The Lawsuit Requests That All DNA Altering Vaccination Ceases Immediately! (Don’t Hold Your Breath, All Of Our Court Systems And The System In General Are Totally Corrupt)


While Many Allopathic Physicians Such As The Much Published Dr Sucharit Bhakdi Are Stating That Every Covid Jab Is Murder, They Then Go On To Give Credence To The Corona Virus, Which Has Been Proven To NOT Exist, And Then They Claim It Was Generated In A Lab In Wuhan China. More than 500 Physicians Have Provided Clear And Irrefutable Evidence That Viruses Do Not Exist! It Is Becoming Clearer Ever Day That Traditional Allopathic Medicine Is Fundamentally Flawed.

The Pharmaceutical Industry And The Vaccine Cartels Own The Media, And They Design The Curriculums For Medical School. This Is Why Your Doctor Prescribes Drugs As Treatment, Drugs Only Treat The Symptom, Masking The Problem And Not Treating The Actual Cause Of The Problem. Your GP Has No Training In Nutrition Or Exercise Regimes, They Are Only trained To Dispense Drugs, Many With Debilitating Side Effects. Naturopathic Medicine Is The Only Sane Approach To Good Health! It Is No Coincidence That Naturopathic Medicine, Healing, Is Not Supported by Government Medicare. It Generates Zero Profit For Big Pharma Or The Vaccine Cartels.