Pharmacists Will Continue To Murder And Kill The Uninformed Even With The Government VAERS Adverse Reactions List From Pfizer In Hand!!

Also See: BOMBSHELL ADMISSION: There Is No Evidence For The Existence Of ANY Viruses, FACT!! – Expert Evidence From China CDC And Virologist From Wuhan As Well As Dr Andrew Kaufman And Dr Tom Cowan Will Turn The Entire Medical Profession On Its Head!! – Not To Mention What It Will Do To The Cabal FAKE Pandemic!! (Conspirators, Nuremberg Awaits) – Dr Tom Cowan

Pharmacy No 2. Same Ignorance And Lack Of Care For Human Life!

Democide is “the intentional killing of an unarmed or disarmed people by government agents acting in their authoritative capacity and pursuant to government policy or high command.” This covers a wide range of deaths, including forced labor and concentration camp victims, killings by mercenaries and unofficial private groups, extrajudicial summary killings, and mass deaths due to governmental criminal acts, Crimes Against Humanity, such as in deliberate famines, as well as killings by Genocide, And forced vaccinations with a proven pathogen, posing as a vaccine which is occurring Globally NOW!!

Vaccines Have NEVER Contributed To The Eradication Of Any Disease! FACT! They Are An Abomination!

2 thoughts on “Pharmacists Will Continue To Murder And Kill The Uninformed Even With The Government VAERS Adverse Reactions List From Pfizer In Hand!!

  1. This is what we are dealing with they call it harassment to be told the truth and now we have witnessed on film that she has the truth but is still going to carry on and that makes her a self confessed criminal. Your trying to understand lady – no you understand alright; that you have just got the truth and are making the choice to kill and maim people for the government and for your own self interest . ” I was only following orders”. It’s you who are breaking the law because you are giving people an injection without informing them of the true risks. You also know that there are more effective medicines that work so you have no excuse for what you are doing. If you were a decent human being with a conscience and a good moral code you would be happy to get this information and determined to protect the public. What a shame for you, being told the truth it is harassment to you but in this case you being remiss in your duty is lethal. I am going to pray to God to give me strength to go on – this is just too much; are these creatures even human?! They just do not give a damn. That is why we are in this mess it is a reflection of people not caring about each other and it just shows how important it is for our survival that we do care. Take note of that!


  2. Forgot to say the most important thing that was excellent work that man did. Thank you and well done – excellent.


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