Massive Global Government Coverup Exposed: Retired OSI (Office Of Strategic Services) Airforce Officer Richard Doty States That He Was Instructed To Discredit Anyone Who Had Witnessed A Genuine UFO Sighting! The Deep State Coverup Of ETs And Life Changing Technology Continues!

Also See: Our Governments Have Been Captured By A Malevolent Deep State Who Are Under The Control Of The Draco Reptilians – Award Winning Mainstream Journalist Warns Of Deep State Manipulation Of Humanity Our Election Process And Knowledge Base – All We Have To Do Is Refuse To Comply And The Tyranny Ends!

Apollo 11 Astronaut’s & Families Threatened With Death If They Revealed ET Presence. Dr Steven Greer.

Our ET Family Is Standing With Us. But They Require Us To Stand With Them And Request Their Assistance. This Is Required Before They Can Act To Assist Us. You Will Not Find This Warning On The Mainstream Media AS They Are The Mouthpiece Of Our Captured Governments!

We Await Your Response. But Do It Now The Time Is Short! This Tyranny And Threat Will End When We End It Together!

How Many Times And How Much Proof Do You Need To See Before You Decide To Stand Up For Your Humanity, Your Children And Your Grandchildren’s futures? It Has Been Well And Truly Established That ETs Do Exist! There Are Benevolent ETs And Malevolent ETs. Some Very Evil ETs Are In Control Of Our Home And Governments. Stand Up Now Before It Is To Late! Refuse To Comply With The Fascist Dictates Of Our Captured Governments. Our ET Family That Is Here To Assist Us Has Informed Us That We Are Immortal Spiritual Entities, Consciousness, Infinite Awareness, Everything That Ever Has Been Or Will Be, Having A Human Experience! We Are All One. There Is NO DEATH. WE Have Been Lied To And Manipulated For Seven Thousand Years. (Follow This Link For More Information)

William Tompkins (NASA Section Chief And Naval Secret Space Program Officer) Final Warning To Humanity Before His Recent Passing Onto His Next Life!

The Manipulation Of Humanity Is REAL And Can Be Clearly Seen In The Latest Update To The ’Apple’ iPhone Where We Are given The Option To Activate ’Face ID’ While Wearing A Mask? A Mask, That Not Only Covers Your Face, But The Wearing Of Which Causes Irreparable Brain Damage, The Destruction Of The Myelin Sheath That Protects The Brain And Cancer! See The Proof For Yourself!!