Fauci Finally Admits That The Pathogen Vaccine Is, As David Icke Calls It, Shyte!!!!! THE PEOPLE WHO TOOK THE SHOTS ARE NOT GOING TO BE HAPPY! Proof, Vaccines ARE An Abomination!! The First One Hundred People To Take The Vaccine In The UK Died Within Seven Days!!

NAH, The Bullshit From Our Fascist Leaders Isnt Over………Now Theyre Claiming That People Might Have Cotracted COVAIDS 🤬

P.S. Also See: Viruses Don’t Exist,Have Never Existed, PROVEN FACT!! (see below)So Why The Hell Are People Complaining About Government Mandates, Etc, Etc Etc!! IF THERE ARE NO VIRUSES, WHY DO WE NEED ISOLATION, VACCINES, LOCKDOWNS?? WE DON’T !!!!!!!!! JUST REFUSE TO COMPLY!!! PROBLEM SOLVED!! TYRANNY ENDED!!! https://wp.me/p19seq-ckZ

Oh Yes Fauci, The Vaccine Looked So Good In The Trials That The First One Hundred People That Took The Pathogen Vaccine Died Within Seven Days You Murdering Bastard!! And You Fu##ing Liar Since Viruses Don’t Exist What BS Do You Want To State To Explain That? (see proof above)

All Vaccines Are An Abomination And Have Never Prevented ANY Disease!!

Dr Tony Bark MD, Director Of The centre Of Disease Prevention – Dr Tetyana Obukhanyacht,PhD – Dr Suzanne Humphries MD Nephrlogist, Expose Vaccines For The True Abominations That They Are!!

I was really concerned for the welfare and future of my grand children. My first wife’s sisters baby died soon after a vaccine of what they called SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome. It has since been revealed that SIDS is a side effect of vaccination.

And here is a copy of the vaccine insert that is not shown to parents.