UK Pharmacist Makes His Statement To Huddersfield Police (CRIME REPORT NUMBER 6029679/21) That The Government And Health Authorities Lied!! He Is Vaccine Damaged And Unable To Work And On The Many People That He Has Also Witnessed WHO ARE DYING AND SUFFERING!!!

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And Seriously, When Are The Police And Others Going To Wake Up To The Fact That Masks Wearing Is Causing Irreparable Brain Damage AND Cancer. If Worn For Just One Minute The Human Body Becomes A Toxic Playground!!!

The Warning Notice Below Was Removed With Minutes Of Being Posted By Social Media Hacks!!

URGENT HEALTH WARNING: TOP ‘MEDICAL OFFICIALS’ ISSUE WARNING AGAINST WEARING A MASK – Dr Kelly Victory Trauma And Emergency Physician With A Specialty In Disaster Preparedness And Response And The Management Of Mass Casualty Events Explains : The CDC The WHO And The New England Journal Of Medicine Admit That Wearing A Mask And Social Distancing Has No Scientific Justification And Causes Irreparable Brain Damage And Lung Cancer.