Shocking Truth: 2.1 Million Dead, 100 Million Maimed From C-Vax  

See: COVID Scam Falls Apart It’s Over; Covid Pandemic Exposed As A Trojan Horse – The Real Threat To Humanity Revealed – Nasa Section Chief And Naval Intelligence Officer/Disseminator William Tomkins Warning To Humanity Is Now Manifesting!

Governments around the world – lead by the U.S. government – are lying about Covid, the vaxxes, and the horrendous and deadly side-effects from the jabs. In this Republic, all told, the government response to Covid is the greatest medical, greatest political, and greatest human rights conspiracy and attack in history – nothing else comes close. In this edition of the Ledger Report, Graham Ledger uncovers the staggering, real number of lethal and crippling adverse events from the injections.

2 thoughts on “Shocking Truth: 2.1 Million Dead, 100 Million Maimed From C-Vax  

  1. We want these figures out on the mainstream lying media. I have sent these figures to my M P and he says they are lies Do something about this please Mary Parkin


    • Mary, our Governments are being controlled by the Derp State Shadow governments. All of of them. There is a a global Genocide being carried out. Don’t waste your time appealing to government entities. No one is coming to save us. This ends when we end it and not before. This tyranny is happening because we are complying with it. Viruses DO NOT EXIST!


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