Absolute Undeniable Evidence And Proof That The So Called Covid Pandemic Is A Complete Hoax In Order To Usher In An Orwellian New World Order Fascist State!!

Also See: Dr Peter Mccullough: This Whole ‘Pandemic’ Was About The Killer ‘Vaccine’ This Is A GLOBAL Genocide Being Carried Out By Our Captured Globalist Cabal Governments!! AGAIN, Our Governments Are Being Manipulated Behind The Scenes. (See below) https://wp.me/p19seq-b1U

Understand people, these global leaders that keep extending the lockdowns that are based on their fake Covid Pandemic, have no intention of ending the lockdowns until these Demonic pieces of maggot crap have destroyed every personal source of income and small business in order to have humanity become totally Dependant on fascist governments for survival. 

You will then be living in a New World Order, One World Government Fascist Nightmare. Said governments will then supply a universal basic income that will be a pittance that you can barely survive on, but you will only receive this pittance if you become completely subservient to the state, take your pathogen DNA Altering vaccine and become an obedient zombie!!

Germ Theory Covid19 And Pandemics Debunked

Remember This Health Dept Doctor Who Couldn’t Contain Her Laughter While Claiming How Deadly The Hoax Delta Strain Of The Hoax Virus Was?