A Coming Solar Event – Polar Shift – Humanities Coming Ascension – Corey Goode and Jordan Sather

As The time for Ascension Is Drawing Near: THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT AND DIFFICULT POST THAT I HAVE EVER POSTED. I Know That This Message Is Critical For People To Understand And Assimilate, And I Also Know That Many, Because Of The Disinformation, Propaganda And Lies Of Governments, Mainstream Media And Our Educational Indoctrination, Will Ridicule Or Refuse To Believe. I Have Been Told How People Receive This Information Doesn’t Matter, The Fact That  Posting It Puts This Truth Into Human Consciousness  Is Enough. My Knowledge Of Many Above Top Secret Government Projects Allows Me To State That This Information Is True, And Has Been Kept From Humanity For Far Too Long. Corey Goode Secret Space Program Insider And Jordan Sather Explains……

This Coming Event Is Heralding Humanities Approaching Ascension To The Fourth Density Of Awakening, Consciousness And Spirituality, And The Earth Is Also Moving Into This Density. Corey Goode, Who Was Identified As An Intuitive Empath At Age 6 And Was Abducted Into The MILAB Program (Military Abduction Secret Space Program) At The Same Age Has Been Chosen To Act As An Intermediary  Between Angelic Extra Terrestrials And The Anshar Who Have Arrived From Our Future And Are Among Us In Their Thousands To Assist Humanity In Our Coming Transition.

Surviving The Transition – Full Disclosure, Our Future And Ascension. Humanity Can Consciously Mitagate The Effect That The Solar Flare Has On Earth!