Humanity In It’s True Form Is Unstoppable – Sabbatian Frankist Satanists (AKA The Deep State)That Control Our World Exposed! Humanity Has Been Lied To From The Day We Were Born! – About EVERYTHING!! – David Icke

Also See: Controlling The Entirety Of Humanity Through Dependency On Fascist Government – With A Non Existent Virus And Lockdowns Are The Mechanisms To Achieve This Tyranny – No Independent Income No Freedom!!


The Entire Science Of Vaccination Rests On This!

Vaccines Have Never Contributed To The Eradication Of Any Disease STOP Complying With Your Own Genocide!

One More Time For The Hard Of Hearing Or Those That Just Don’t Care!! Let Me Be As Clear As Possible, They, The Criminal Corporate Globalist Satanic Cabal Are Committing Genocide Upon Humanity!

Firstly, Viruses Are Generated Internally To Clean The Body From Impurities!!

Viruses Cannot Be Transmitted Between People Or Transferred Between Species. – Dr Stefan Lanka 


There Is No Scientific Evidence Anywhere That A Virus Causes Disease! Viruses Form Inside The Body, And Are Used To Clean The System. The Only Way An external infection, Virus Can Enter The Body Is Via Injection, It Is the Immune System Response To An Injected Virus, Such As Those Found In Vaccines That Cause The Immune System To Respond Adversely Causing Illness And Sometimes Death! Again, The Glaring Truth To Remember Is….Germ Theory Is False. Viruses are Generated Within The Body, They Do Not Come From Outside The Body. Viruses Are Not Alive, Viruses Are Not Contagious. Viruses Cannot Be Transmitted Between People Or Transferred Between Species. – Dr Stefan Lanka – Virologist (See Breaking News: Virologist Blows The Whistle On Hoax Pandemic – Viruses CANNOT Be Transmitted – Dr Stefan Lanka)

Proof The Damn So Called Vaccine Is A Pathogen (Yes, I’m Angry!!!! They’re Bloody Murdering People, I’m Trying to Warn People And Most Of Humanity Is Not Listening??

Dr Judy Mikovits PhD Microbiologist Scientist, Dr David Martin, Robert F Kennedy Jr Explain

William Tompkins Former NASA Section Chief And Naval Intelligence Officer States:

All Of Our Text Books, Physics, Medicine, The Bible Have All Been Filled With Disinformation – This Is Confirmed In The Following Video By Secret Space Program Whistleblower Cory Goode Who Confirms William Tompkins Statement

Draco Chemtrails – Bill Tompkins – Naval Intelligence – NASA Section Chief

A Statement That William Tompkins Made Just Before He Passed On! This Statement Would Account For The Tyranny That Humanity Is Experiencing Across The Globe

This Is An Interview With An Extra Terrestrial Taken From A Downed ET Craft That With Along With The Above Information Will Challenge Our Public (Indoctrination) Education System And Much Of The Dogma That So Called Religion Has Given Us! Religion Is Designed To Make Humanity Feel Less Powerful That We Really Are. The Idea That We Must be Obedient To God Like Some Kind Of A Subservient Slave Is Absurd!! It Is Pure Dogma!! As An ET That I Recently Interacted With Said Recently, “The Divine Spark Of The Creator Resides In All Of Us”! And, “ Unconditional Love Is The Only True Reality, Everything Else Is An Illusion”!

Of Course We Should Love Our Creator The Higher Consciousness And Avoid The Lower Consciousness, The Ego! Humanity Was Not Created To Be An Obedient Child To A Master. We Are An Integral Part Of Creation, We Are Consciousness, Infinite Awareness, All There Ever Has Been Or Will Be Having A Human Experience! We Are Immortal! “The Divine Spark Of The Creator Resides In All Of Us’.

The Criminal Corporate Globalist Satanic Cabal Are In The Process Of Carrying Out A Calculated Takeover Of Our World. They Are Threatening Humanity With A Supposed Deadly Virus/Pandemic That Does Not Exist As Has Been Proven Above!

We Have Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself! As Our Visitor Points Out!

We Don’t Need To Have An Academic Or Scientific Mind To Understand What Is Really Happening In Our World You Just Need To Do Your Own Research And Have An Open Mind!