Vaccine Reactions And Deaths Are Just The Tip Of The Iceberg – David Icke

The Planned Phasing Out Of Human 1.0 Into Human 1.2! Connecting The Human Mind To The Cloud So That Normal Thinking Will Be Phased Out!

Link To Banned Video:

There Is A Global Network Of Psychopaths (The Corporate Globalist Satanic Cabal) With A Very, Very Dark Agenda And Not A Smear Of Empathy!

See The Globalist Satanic Cabal Agenda Of Complete Domination Of Humanity By Mandatory Contaminated Vaccination!

The First One Hundred Covid Vaccine Test Subjects DIED Seven Days After Being Given The Evil Pathogen Posing As A Vaccine!

Nurse Tragically Dies Almost Immediately After Given The Covid Shot! People Who Still Believe That The Government Wouldn’t Allow A Vaccine That Was Toxic To Be Released To The Public Need To Realise That ALL Of Our Governments Have Been Coopted By The Corporate Criminal Globalist Satanic Cabal Who Are Hell Bent On Culling The Global Population By At Least Eighty Percent! (See: BREAKING NEWS: Vaccine Depopulation – Dr Mike Yeadon Former Chief Advisor To Pfizer Totally Destroys The Corona Hoax (See The Full Interview)

Max Igan, One Very Angry And Awake Human Being Who Is Fed Up With Being Manipulated, And Lied To By Globalist Satanic Captured Governments. WARNING STRONG BUT VERY APPROPRIATE LANGUAGE


Craig Sawyer, Former Navy Seal And Founder Of VFCR Veterans For Child Rescue Speaks Out Against The Evil That Is The Globalist Satanic Cabal

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