BREAKING NEWS: Vaccine Depopulation – Dr Mike Yeadon Former Chief Advisor To Pfizer Totally Destroys The Corona Hoax (See The Full Interview)

Surely They Haven’t Fooled All The People For Over A Year, But Look Around, There A No Samples Anywhere In The World!! There Is A Global Conspiracy Here Of Monumental Proportions! I Never Believed That My Government Would Set In Motion A Plan To Eliminate Ninety Nine Percent 99% Of The Population, People Cannot Believe That Anyone Could Be This Evil, Our Governments ARE Committing An Act Of Unbelievable Evil! – Dr Mike Yeadon

NOTE: At The 31 Minute Mark On This Video David Exposes Just How Manipulative This DNA Manipulating Pathogen Posing As A Vaccine Really Is!

Dr Yeadon Interview :

Lenny Henry video –