There Is No Damn Virus!!! It Has Never Been Proven To Exist!! Not One Sample Can Be Provided By ANY Health Dept? Also See: Prison Planet Earth – The Greatest Threat In The History Of Mankind – The Indoctrination And Manipulation Of Global Humanity!! Remember, Your Mind Is Like An Umbrella, It Only Works Properly When Its Open!!

Personally, I am tired of this crap. My family has deserted me, my brother calls me an idiot, my son has blocked me and UNFRIENDED ME ON FACKEBOOK???, I attempted to warn my daughter, and her reply was to send me TWO Recent vaccination certificates, blocked all my communications, and changed her surname to that of her stepfather??? Friends that I have had for over a decade have shunned me, and others call me a conspiracy theorist. CONSPIRACY THEORIST…..An expression that means you are someone who can see though the manipulation and lies!!, Humanity, have lost the ability to critically think, and have opted to let our fascist governments do our thinking for us! For Gods Sake, This Is An Inhuman Agenda, I Have posted of this several times and offered proof of same, And how we can deal with this attack on our lives and freedoms. Our world has been captured by an inhuman invading alien force, The Draco Reptilians that now control all of our cowardly governments, The same Draco reptilians that’s have been manipulating humanity for almost seven thousand years!!

William Tompkins, NASA Section Chief, Naval Intelligence Officer And Secret Space Program Disseminator Issued A Final Warning to Humanity just prior to his recent passing.

William Tompkins And Corey Goode Secret Space Program Participant Explain The Maipulation Of Humanity.

One thought on “VAX-INJURED PILOTS SCARED TO COME FORWARD, WARNS FREEDOM FLYERS FOUNDER!! – 🚨The Manipulation Of Humanity Exposed!!🚨

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