A Preview Of The Coming Global Orwellian Social Credit System. SOCIAL CREDIT SCORING CON-TROL SYSTEM SITUATIONS

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4 thoughts on “A Preview Of The Coming Global Orwellian Social Credit System. SOCIAL CREDIT SCORING CON-TROL SYSTEM SITUATIONS

  1. This was all warned about in the BBC 2 tv series 1990 which was made in the 70’s and was dubbed ” Nineteen Eighty-Four plus six” by its creator, Wilfred Greatorex, 1990 stars Edward Woodward as journalist Jim Kyle, Robert Lang as the powerful PCD( Peoples Control Department) Controller Herbert Skardon, Barbara Kellerman as PCD Deputy Controller Delly Lomas, John Savident, Yvonne Mitchell (in her last role), Lisa Harrow, Tony Doyle, Michael Napier Brown, and Clive Swift. No. of episodes: 16 it is available on DVD.
    Because it was made in the 70’s they did not have the technology we now have which frankly in 2022 is going to make things much easier for them to control us if we allow them to set this up by deciding to use this digital ID to get into places etc; that is why you must refuse to do it now because if you do not refuse you are aiding and agreeing to comply with the WEF NWO social credit system to restrict and enslave us by agreement of your compliance . Although this tv series had limited technology it is none the less harrowing to watch what they have in store for us and will happen to us all and how it is going to affect our lives and that of our children in an extremely negative way if people do not stop complying with this for our own personal convenience. They are pretending this is about medical safety in order to install it without a back lash. There is no Covid 19 there never was a pandemic this was a carefully orchestrated plan and these people have absolutely no right to restrict people or destroy their livelihood or harass and spy on them and tell them what to eat drink and think but that is where we are going if the selfish ones do not do their part in this war to prevent this by simply refusing to comply with a social ID system to go on holiday or get into places. When you do this you are betraying humanity and all life on the planet and you are betraying your children because they will inherit a hell on earth future . You have a choice to make right now that is very important to everyone’s future understand; that is why you must refuse comply on mass. That is the only thing that will make this go away and the way to empower us all. If you can I suggest you watch 1990 because that was a message from the Satanists who have to tell you what they are doing to prevent bad Karma it is part of their so called religion. They tend to do this in a cryptic manner deliberately – you think it is just entertainment that is how they do it. Check it out


      • Cheers Darrell thankyou for all your efforts in this war to help people understand what is happening most people do not even know or understand they are being ambushed and that this is a war so it is very important work. I did not know that you had posted about 1990 but it will not harm to say it again in case people missed it . Thanks for the video


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