Masks Offer Zero Protection. However, They Are The Cause Of Irreparable Brain Damage, The Destruction Of The Myelin Sheath That Protects The Brain And Respiratory Disease Including Cancer!!

See: Viruses Do Not Exist – The Foundation Of Virology Is A Total Fraud!! Humanity Is Being Held Hostage For A So Called Virus THAT DOES NOT EXIST – A Global Depopulation Agenda Has Been Unleashed By Our Shadow Government And Complied With By Our Captured Governments – Dr Andrew Kaufman

If you are participating in the evil mask wearing ritual & imposing on your children or any child in your care,  you are a huge part of what’s wrong with our culture today! You want to go back to the good old days??? Don’t hold your breathe because you are prolonging the biggest & most diabolical experiment in the history of humanity!

This Health Warning Was Taken Down Almost Immediately After It Was Posted

URGENT HEALTH WARNING: TOP ‘MEDICAL OFFICIALS’ ISSUE WARNING AGAINST WEARING A MASK – Dr Kelly Victory Trauma And Emergency Physician With A Specialty In Disaster Preparedness And Response And The Management Of Mass Casualty Events Explains : The CDC The WHO And The New England Journal Of Medicine Admit That Wearing A Mask And Social Distancing Has No Scientific Justification And Causes Irreparable Brain Damage And Lung Cancer.