There Is Something Weird Going On In The World Right Now… Global Perception Deception

For Example……Virologist Dr. Stefan Lanka Debunked ALL “virus” theory, including Measles and the FRAUD of “virus” photos as NOTHING MORE than Normal cellular structures and functions. “VIRUSES ARE SIMPLY DEAD CELL DEBRIS BEING CLEANSED FROM THE BODY!!” VIRUSES ARE NOT CONTAGIOUS Even “AIDS”, Debunked by Virologist P. Duesberg, is ONLY a Symptom Syndrome, NOT a Disease cause/ “virus”, JUST as “S.A.R.S.” is an Arbitrary Symptom Syndrome MARKETED AS the ‘covid19’ brand of the day

And Why Wasn’t This Warning Shown On The Mainstream Media So That The Mass Of Humanity Could Be Alerted?

URGENT HEALTH WARNING: TOP ‘MEDICAL OFFICIALS’ ISSUE WARNING AGAINST WEARING A MASK – Dr Kelly Victory Trauma And Emergency Physician With A Specialty In Disaster Preparedness And Response And The Management Of Mass Casualty Events Explains : The CDC The WHO And The New England Journal Of Medicine Admit That Wearing A Mask And Social Distancing Has No Scientific Justification And Causes Irreparable Brain Damage And Lung Cancer. 

There Is No Pandemic, There Never Was. This Is A Global Assault To Capture The Very Soul Of Humanity. The Cabal Have Invented This Pandemic To Destroy The Global Economy In Order To Usher In A Global New World Order Orwellian Nightmare Of Control, And They Are Well On Their Way To Succeeding.  Between The Continuous Lies And Propaganda Of The Mouthpiece Of The Cabal The Mainstream Media, And Covid19 BS Shoved In The Worlds Face, Cognitive Dissonance, Normalcy Bias Of The Public, Humanity Is In Real Trouble. Even My Own Family Have Turned Their Backs On Me. The World Has Been Shut Down, Family Relationships Have Been Destroyed, Millions Of Lives Have Been Lost, Thousands Have Suicided, The Global Economy Is Tanking For A Pandemic That Simply Doesn’t Exist!!

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    • Caroline, all of our governments have been captured by an evil that beggars belief. There is no remedy under law in any country on earth. Thank you for having the courage to stand against this global genocide! There is hope still. An alliance of benevolent ET nations are assisting humanity in restoring our freedoms and removing the tyrants. See: William Tompkins (NASA Section Chief And Naval Intelligence Officer) Warning To Humanity Manifests! Stay strong. Darrell


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