Stew Peters – “So There Really Is No Virus?” Dr David Martin – “NO” (There Is No Virus) Here Is Indisputable Proof This Is Premeditated Mass Murder!! 

To the many people and unfortunately Most of my family who are not open minded enough to get enough information to make an intelligent decision. Understand, the information that I post is not taken out of the ether, it comes from research and critical thinking, and is sourced from highly respected and credentialed individuals who have also done their research and critical thinking, and have the courage to speak out against evil when it is discovered. These individuals are among the few that don’t blindly accept what they see on the Mainstream Media and hear from governments. ’In The Entire History Of Mankind There Has Never Been A Political Elite Sincerely Concerned About The Wellbeing Of Regular People. What Makes You Think That It Is Different NOW? – Christine Anderson, European Parliament