William Tompkins, US Naval Intelligence, Aerospace Engineer Last lecture – Warns Of Global Disinformation

William Tomkins (Recently Diseased) US Naval Intelligence, Aerospace Engineer And NASA Apollo Section Chief, Warns Of Global Disinformation And Other Assaults On Humanity By Malevolent Entities. All Of Our Media, Television Programs, News, Books Are So Utterly Full Of Disinformation.


MKUltra Subliminal Messaging Programming Is Routinely Used On the Public To Control Their Perception Of Reality Via Their Television Set. This Control Of Human Perception And Knowledge Originated Thousands Of Years Ago.


We Need To Protect The Children – William Tompkins US Naval Intelligence Aerospace Engineer And Section Chief Of Apollo Program Warning To Humanity

I Really Struggle With Exposing This Threat To Humanity Because It Sounds Totally Unbelievable, Questions My Credibility, And May Prevent Much Of The Other Information That I Am Aware Of Being Accepted As Truth. But The Threat Is Real, And Needs To Be Exposed! There Are Many Videos Of The Recently Deceased William Tompkins On YouTube That Can Be Referenced, And That Speak To Bills Credibility. 

William Tompkins US Naval Intelligence, Aerospace Engineer And NASA Apollo Section Chief, Warns Of Global Disinformation And Other Assaults On Humanity By Malevolent Entities. 

Watch Closely And See The Reaction Of These Whistleblowers When They Are Asked About The Draco.


Secret Space Program Insider Risks EVERYTHING To Reveal Technology That Should Not Exist!

We have the technology to take ET home. Disclosure of this technology will change life as we know it. The Deep State Cabal, Military Industrial Complex has kept this technology from humanity for many decades. I have been reliably informed that disclosure of the technology is very close. 

President Eisenhower met face to face with extraterrestrials who offered to give us amazing technology that would have ended poverty and disease on earth within a decade, all they requested in return was that humanity end nuclear proliferation as it was causing great damage to other races in other dimensions. Our military leaders laughed in their face. President Eisenhower was not happy with this decision, but he was overruled by the military industrial complex. There is much more to this story that can be found online. When President Eisenhower left office he gave a strong warning regarding the Military Industrial Complex.

Laura Eisenhower: Lets support Andy Basiago & restore Unity Consciousness

Andrew D. Basiago is an American hero. In childhood, Andy served as a US chrononaut in DARPA’s Project Pegasus, the US time-space program at the time of the emergence of time travel in the US defense-technical community. In that capacity, he took part in eight modalities of time-travel. During his college years, Andy served as a US astronaut in the Mars jump room program, the planetary exploration program at the time of the emergence of the secret space program in the US intelligence community. In that capacity, he made many round trips to the Red Planet. He went on to earn six academic degrees, including degrees from UCLA and Cambridge, and to establish a law practice on behalf of the people of Washington state.

For the past 15 years, Andy has given over 500 TV and radio interviews and public talks so that we all might know the truth about the world we live in. In 2016, Andy was an independent candidate for President of the United States of America. He was the first major figure in the Truth Movement to run for President. His platform, called 100 Proposals, was hailed by pundits as “awesome,” “brilliant,” “unrivaled,” “mind-blowing,” “genius in print” and “a life experience to read.” Since the 2016 campaign, Andy has been fighting the fight of his life – the gradual loss of his vision. Andy’s doctors have told him that with shots, surgery, laser, and lens replacement his vision can be restored. Andy has vowed that when his vision is restored he will again seek the US Presidency in 2024 so that America can again be placed on the positive timeline. This fund-raising campaign is to help finance the restoration of Andy’s vision so that Andy can continue to fight for, as he always has, truth, justice, and the American way. If you can donate, then please do. If you cannot donate, then your prayers for the restoration of Andy’s vision will be greatly appreciated. Donations can be sent to Andy’s PayPal address, which is: adb777@gmail.com.

E.T. Craft Crashes In Brazil – Government Retrieves Live Extraterrestrials

 Extraterrestrials from the craft were found wandering in a dazed state  around a local town. Local residents confirmed that they were paid large sums of money by the Military Industrial Complex To Stay Silent. A resident of the town came into contact with one of the extraterrestrials and his immune system later shut down and he passed away. It is believed that one of the ETs is in US military custody. The whereabouts of the other ETS is unknown. There is documented evidence of this. As more info comes to hand I will post it. 

(AATIP) Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program – They Are Hiding The Real Evidence!

AATIP The Investigation Into Unknown Arial Phenomenum That Ran From 2007-2012 UFO Sightings For Several Decades Were Documented, But This Has Not Been Released To The Public. Reliable Intelligence Sources Report That 391 Extraterrestrial Races Have been Conducting Commerce With Us For Several Decades. If It Were Not For Cloaking Technology Our Skies Would be darkened With their Presence.

Bizarre Things Still Happening In National Parks And An Even More Bizarre Reason Why

Many Decades Ago A Deal Was Struck Between The Shadow Government, Globalist Cabal And A Malevolent ET Race That In Exchange For Extraterrestrial Technology That An Agreed Upon Number Of Human Abductions Would be Allowed For Experimentation And Others Would Be Used As A Food Source. An Approaching Disclosure Event Will Reveal The Horrible Crimes against Humanity Committed By The Globalist Cabal.


Corey Goode Secret Space Program Insider And David Wilcock Expose The Globalist Cabal Crimes Against Humanity. 

Archons, Soulless Off World Entities Witnessed Living Among Us – Jay Weidner

Archons, Soulless Off Planet Entities Living Among Us For At Least Six Thousand Years, Suppressing Our Spirituality With Negative Energy, And Even Feeding On Our Negative Energy, They Are The Illuminati. These Entities Influence And Inhabit World leadership Globally. Personally Witnessed By Jay Weidner. 

Knowledge vs Thinking – The Globalist Cabal Public Education System

The Establishment Public Education System Teaches Us What To Think, Not How To Think! It Is An Indoctrination System NOT An Education System! We Are Taught To Regurgitate Useless Dates And Numbers, And Then If We Have Remembered The Indoctrination, Propaganda Correctly We Pass the Exam.

My own personal experience consisted of my awareness at a very tender age of the whole Establishment Public Education/Indoctrination Scam, to the extent that I refused to participate in it. This brought the full force of the Globalist Cabal Public Education Establishment down on my head. After several courts appearances and threats of incarceration, if I did not comply and agree to be programmed, The Cabal eventually then labeled me a truant and had me incarcerated for thirteen months in a home for said truants. Parents, if you truly love your children say NO to the indoctrination camp that is known as the Establishment Public Education System.


The Entire Human Knowledge Base Has Been Infiltrated And Disinformation Planted For Over Six Thousand Years.

Bill Tompkins, NASA Section Chief And Naval Intelligence Officer, Corey Goode, Secret Space Program Insider, And Jordan Sather, Conspiracy Analyst, Expose The Fact That The Sum Of All Human Knowledge Is Full Of Disinformation.

“Emery Smith” POWERFUL Interview on Free Energy, ET Technology and Black Projects Concealed From Humanity

Cures For Every Known Disease, Free Energy, And The Fact That We Are Not Alone, 391 Extraterrestrial Races Are Conducting E-Commerce With Us. If Their Craft Were Not Cloaked Our Skies Would Almost Be Blacked Out With their Coming And Goings!  The Globalist Cabals Denial Of Our Right To A Better Life Must End! Disclosure Is Close Now!

Scientist & Secret Space Program Insider Emery Smith Describes The Denial Of Humanities True Future By the Globalist Cabal.

OSI Counter Intelligence Officer Richard Doty Confirms A False Flag Operation Involving UFOs & Mainstream Media Corruption

Richard Doty was a Special Agent for Counter-Intelligence for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI). For over eight years, he was specifically tasked with the UFO/Extraterrestrial issue at Kirkland Air Force Base in New Mexico and also at Nellis Air Force Base (also called Area 51) and at other locations.

In July of 2016, Dr. Greer met Richard Doty in Albuquerque, New Mexico for an explosive and revealing two-hour interview where Doty confirmed the existence of a False Flag operation involving UFOs, the corruption of the media, the U.S. government’s responsibility for civilian injuries in the famous Cash-Landrum UFO case, and much more.

Amazing UFO Footage & Real Extraterrestrial Contact Experiences with Peter Maxwell Slattery

The most amazing pieces of evidence that #UFO‘s are real along with a very startling video of a real-life grey #Alien at night that were all taken or compiled by Peter Maxwell Slattery who seems to have UFOs follow him where ever he goes.  

Peter Maxwell Slattery is an International Bestselling Author, speaker and ET Contactee. Coming from Australia, he started ECETI Australia and since has written 3 books along with some up and coming documentaries being made as he has one of the most documented ongoing Extraterrestrial Contact Cases in history.

Humanities Awakening And Ascension To Fourth Density Of Awareness – Corey Goode Part 1.

Genetic Farmer ET Races Have Manipulated Humanity For Eons. Our DNA, Our Beliefs, The Reason That There Are So Many Different Languages Is Not To Make Us More Interesting And Colourful, But To Divide Us And Make It More Difficult For Humanity To Communicate As A Total Species! The Coming Disclosure And Solar Flash Will Bring An End To This Manipulation.

Draco Chemtrails – Bill Tompkins – Naval Intelligence – NASA Section Chief

Bill Tompkins Describes How Draco Tankers Dropped Heavy Mind Control Gas On The Population Of Orange & San Diego County And Other Areas. The Good News Is That This Activity No Longer Occurs As The Secret Space Program Breakaway Alliance Have, Along With Our Benevolent ET Family, Removed The Draco Threat!

Picture Taken Over Orange County

William Tompkins Information, Confirmed, Tolec, Andromeda Council – Ascension To Fourth Density Of Spirituality Update

 Humanities Ascension To The Fourth Density Of Awareness And Spirituality. Update. William Tompkins information confirmed, via Andromene, Intergalactic, Interdimensional Telepathy Advisory Board Chair, and Ambassador Tanka, regarding our Sun “sneeze[ing]”, Spheres, and other important information.

Bill Tompkins Last lecture at MUFON 2018 – Secret Space Program – RIP Bill Tompkins.

William Tomkins (Deceased) US Naval Intelligence, Aerospace Engineer And NASA Apollo Section Chief, Describes How Three Nordic Extraterrestrials Were Under Contract To Naval Intelligence. Most Of Our Science, Medicine, And Textbooks Are Full Of Disinformation Planted By Malevolent Draco ETs Over Six Thousand Years Ago! And This Disinformation Remains Still Today. This Was Done To Prevent Humanity From Understanding How We Were Being Manipulated! 


A Better Future For Humanity Offered And Declined By Our Governments – Nuclear Proliferation To Continue

In The 1970s Our Governments Were Visited By A Race Of Benevolent Extra Terrestrials. The ETS Offered To Provide Technologies That Would End World Poverty Within A Decade. The Only Thing That They required In Exchange Was That Our Governments Remove Nuclear Weapons From Our Planet. Our Governments Declined And Laughed In Their Face!

Something Impossible Is Going On With Our Moon..

Corey Goode SSP insider and scientist and Secret Space Program insider Emery Smith have stated that our Secret Space Program has a Lunar Operations Command Base on the dark side of the moon. and that we share the moon with many different extraterrestrial races. William Tompkins US Naval Intelligence, Aerospace Engineer And NASA Apollo Section Chief who witnessed the REAL moon landing, and not the edited film of the landing that the rest of us witnessed, stated that when man first landed on the moon we were met by many extraterrestrial beings and crafts.

A photograph taken on the dark side of the moon. 



Deep State Coverup Of A Coming Solar Event – Polar Shift – Humanities Coming Ascension – Corey Goode and Jordan Sather

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT AND DIFFICULT POST THAT I HAVE EVER POSTED. I Know That This Message Is Critical For People To Understand And Assimilate, And I Also Know That Many, Because Of The Disinformation, Propaganda And Lies Of Governments, Mainstream Media And Our Educational Indoctrination, Will Ridicule Or Refuse To Believe. I Have Been Told How People Receive This Information Doesn’t Matter, The Fact That  Posting It Puts This Truth Into Human Consciousness  Is Enough. My Knowledge Of Many Above Top Secret Government Projects Allows Me To State That This Information Is True, And Has Been Kept From Humanity For Far Too Long.

This Coming Event Is Heralding Humanities Approaching Ascension To The Fourth Density Of Awakening, Consciousness And Spirituality, And The Earth Is Also Moving Into This Density. Corey Goode, Who Was Identified As An Intuitive Empath At Age 6 And Was Abducted Into The MILAB Program (Military Abduction Secret Space Program) At The Same Age Has Been Chosen To Act As An Intermediary  Between Angelic Extra Terrestrials And The Anshar Who Have Arrived From Our Future And Are Among Us In Their Thousands To Assist Humanity In Our Coming Transition.

Surviving The Transition – Full Disclosure, Our Future And Ascension.