🚨CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS🚨 Reveal the Roswell Crash Details And The Technology That Allows Space Time To Be Bent, So That Instantaneous Travel From One Point In Space To Another Is NOW Possible And It Has Been Has Been Reverse Engineered By Our Scientists!

Lt. Col. Philip Corso was entrusted with the future of human technology. The clues were stuffed into a filing cabinet and locked away for 14 years after the Roswell UFO crash. As head of the U.S. Army Foreign Technology Department, Corso was tasked with finding military industrial contractors to back-engineer an array of sought after technologies from the scavenged parts of the wreckage. But he missed one thing – the body of the ET. He says he made a mistake in not trying to research and understand the ET body, which was inextricably intertwined with the technology aboard the craft. He felt this pointed to our future.