🚨THE SUPPRESSION Of HUMANITY🚨 We Have Been Fed A Lie So Vast That It Suppresses ALL Of Humanity!!

🚨IT SEEMS THAT I WAS MISTAKEN🚨 I Reasoned That If Humanity Was Made Aware Of An Imminent Threat To Their Lives And Freedoms That They Would Rise To The Occassion And Take A Stand! Then I Was Shown By Our ET Brothers That First I Would Need To Nullify Thousands Of Years Of Misinformation Due To The Draco Reptilian Infiltration Of Our Information Systems for the Last Seven Thousand Years, That Has Led To The False Belief Systems That Humanity Has Adopted!

Remember, Your Mind Is Like An Umbrella, It Only Works Correctly When It’s OPEN!

So Far over the last three years I have presented irrefutable proof that………

🚨EVERYTHING YOU THINK YOU KNOW JUST ISN’T SO!!🚨Our World Has Become A Prison Planet! On March 13th 1997 Our World Was Invaded By A Hostile Alien Force!! And They Have Invaded Again And Are Currently In Control Of Our Governments!! (URGENT MESSAGE FROM DAVID ICKE INCLUDED) https://wp.me/p19seq-e8L

1.Viruses are just dead cell debris: See: Viruses Are Not What You Think They Are – They Don’t Exist And Are NOT Contagious Or Transmittable – What Virologists Claim Are Viruses Are Actually Dead Cell Debris – Dr Amanda Vollmer  https://wp.me/p19seq-bOP

2. The Vaccine Cartels Design The Entire Medical Curriculum For All Medical Schools Which Explains The Connection Between The Abomination Which Are Vaccines That Have Never Prevented ANY Disease Which Have Caused Many Horrific Side Effects And Deaths!!! See: HERE’S A MEDICAL INSTITUTION 🚨SPECIALISED IN TREATING “COINCIDENCES”🚨As ALL Allopathic Medical Schools Teach – We Treat The Symptom NEVER The Cause😳 https://wp.me/p19seq-eUA

3. The Flu ISN’T Contagious: 🚨 THE FLU IS NOT CONTAGIOUS🚨 (10. JANUARY 1919) CDC.GOV Health Report!! https://wp.me/p19seq-eRP

4. Germ Theory Is FALSE: 🤬THE ROCKEFELLERS – HOW MUCH LONGER DO WE ALLOW THEM TO RUN OUR WORLD?🤬 – Rockefeller Created One Of The Biggest Killers Of The Human Family, Big Pharma!! – They Have Labelled EVERYTHING A VIRUS? Viruses DON”T Exist – Its A Damn Lie, A Total Scam!! GERM THEORY IS FALSE!! Time We Took Our World Back! Humanity Get Off Your Knees!! https://wp.me/p19seq-deS

5.Nuclear Weapons DO NOT EXIST: 🚨TRICKED AGAIN🚨 – HIROSHIMA WAS CARPET BOMBED AND NOT NUKED AFTER ALL – The Myth Of Atomic Weapons Exposed – The Military Industrial Complex Warning Of President Dwight D. Eisenhower https://wp.me/p19seq-eSY

6. Fake Medicine

Big Pharma is the force behind Western Medicine, and Rockefeller is the force behind both of them. With its smorgasbord of synthetic drugs, vaccines, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, Western medicine or allopathy has earned the dubious honor of killing hundreds of thousands of people every year. A 2000 study by Dr. Barbara Starfield, MD, found that allopathy kills 225,000 per year in the US, while a 2003 study by Dr. Gary Null, MD and others, found that allopathy kills 783,000 per year in the US. Starfield concluded that Western Medicine in America causes:

– 12,000 deaths from unnecessary surgeries;

– 7,000 deaths from medication errors in hospitals;

– 20,000 deaths from other errors in hospitals;

– 80,000 deaths from infections acquired in hospitals; and

– 106,000 deaths from FDA-approved correctly prescribed medicines.

Null et al concluded that Western Medicine causes:

– 37,136 deaths from unnecessary procedures;

– 32,000 deaths related to surgery;

– 98,000 deaths from medical error;

– 115,000 deaths from bedsores;

– 88,000 deaths from infection;

– 199,000 deaths related to outpatients; and

– 106,000 deaths from adverse drug reactions.

Now, with its antibiotic drugs becoming more useless in the face of rising super bugs, you have to really question whether an entire medical system that is based on masking symptoms, “managing” illness, and getting patients on a hamster wheel of pill after pill after pill, can really constitute true healing – or whether it’s just more fakery.

7. Fake Scientific Research

Backing the Rockefeller’s Western medical Big Pharma cartel is a massive pile of fake scientific research. Like anything fake, the veneer looks shiny and leads you to believe what lies inside is trustworthy and reputable, when in reality it’s reams of biased and concocted research with a peer-reviewed stamp on it. Former Big Pharma reps, esteemed medical journal editors and even insider governmental scientists have all confessed the shocking truth that a large amount of the published scientific data out there is fraudulent and simply can’t be trusted. Check out the top 10 tricks used by corporate junk science

8. 🚨BREAKING NEWS: All Religion Is A Control System🚨 Now Exposed Organised Religion Is Complete Dogma, A Manipulating Control System That Is Designed To Keep Humanity Living In Fear Of A False And Wrathful God! A 1500 Y/O Bible Has Been Discovered And Verified As Genuine That States Jesus Was Never Crucified And That He Is NOT The Son Of God. Jesus Was Instead A Recognised Prophet!!https://wp.me/p19seq-eao


The Bible Was Written By The Catholic Church Not By God, And Just Recently A 1500 Year Old Bible Was Found That has Been Authenticated By The Catholic Church Authorities. It Contains The Gospel Of Barnabas And States That Jesus Is Not The Son Of God, Nor Was He Crucified. But As All Men ARE. He Was ‘A SON OF GOD!!’  And He Was A Prophet!! No One Is Coming To Save Us, Least Of All These Fascist Pedophile Politicians. All Religion Was Created To Keep Humanity On Its Knees In Prayer To A False God That Requires You Live In Fear Of His False Wrath! We Were Created With The Power To Save Ourselves!  The Devine Spark Of Our Creator Resides In All Of Us!! ”Unconditional Love Is The Only True Reality Everything Else Is A Manufactured Control System Illusion.” 

Our True Creator Is Pure Loving Consciousness And Infinite Awareness. All There Ever Has Been Or Will Be.We Are All Immortal Spiritual Beings, Consciousness, Infinite Awareness, All That Has Ever Been Or Will Be, Having A Human Experience! And The Devine Spark Of The Creator Resides In All Of Us. There Is NO Death, Our Bodies Have A Cycle, When We Leave Our Bodies We Begin Our New Life, Of Our Choosing. There Is No Judgement No Sin, No Heaven No Hell, They Are Manufactured Lies To Keep Us Living In Fear Of A Wrathful God That Loves Us BUT If We Don’t Abide By His Rules WE WILL BURN IN HIS IMAGINARY HELL!!


Are You Ready To Take Your Self Respect Back? Or Are You Still Content To Lay At The Feet Of These Fascist Psychopaths Like A Cur Dog And Continue To Allow Them To Destroy Your Freedoms, And That Of Your Loved Ones??

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