🚨EXTREME HEALTH ALERT🚨 🚨Psychiatry And Big Pharma In Bed Together🚨 – Psychiatry’s Deadliest Scam – Diagnostic And Statistical Manual!! Rockefeller Allopathic Fake Medicine Is Killing People, Forty Two (42) Thousand Deaths A Year Are Attributed To Psychiatric Drugs!!

Natural Healing Medicine Was Destroyed By The Criminal Rockefeller Family Because It Was Effective And Affordable, But Not Profitable!! Just Another Manipulation From Our So Called Education And Fascist Government Programming System!

Cashing in on normal behaviour, Psychiatry and Big Pharma are in bed together, in the same way that the vaccine Cartels and MDs are! Big Pharma And The Vaccine Cartels Design the entire medical curriculum! There is no scientific evidence to substantiate the existence of ADHD or a chemical imbalance of the brain. (Bipolar) The DSM Is Political, Not Scientific!! Doctors and nurses have zero knowledge of vaccines or their neurotoxic ingredients. Mercury, Aluminium, Formaldehyde, Aborted Diseased Foetal Tissue contaminated with SV40 Simeon Monkey Virus that is contaminated with cancer genes. (See below) 


The DSM is pure marketing. It is only there to justify drug treatment. 42.000 deaths a year are attributed to psychiatric drugs. 

The family are torn apart by some arbitrary diagnosis rampant in the courts with no scientific evidence to back up these diagnoses. People are being needlessly hurt. Psychiatric drugs turnover $330 billion dollars a year for big pharmaceutical. 

374 “disorders” and counting……..Zero cures.