🚨ALARMING:🚨 Could the PCR Testing Campaign Be A WHO Vax Program In Disguise? YES!! – Oh Yes, People Can Travel Without Being Vaccinated, But On Returning To Their Country Of Origin They MUST SUBMIT TO A PCR TEST That Is Clearly Labelled “Not To Be Used For Diagnostic Purposes!!

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Did Johns Hopkins University really create technology that could allow someone to become “vaxxed” via a PCR COVID swab test?

According to journalist John O’Sullivan, researchers at Johns Hopkins University recently developed tiny, star-shaped micro-devices called “Theragrippers.”

Theragrippers contain tiny doses of drugs and are administered with a nasal or oral cotton swab, similar to those used for PCR tests.

The devices – made of metal, covered with heat-sensitive kerosene wax, and roughly the size of dust particles – then travel in the body until they attach to the mucous membranes inside a person’s intestinal tract.  Once attached, the devices can slowly deliver drugs into the body.  Johns Hopkins has already published animal research confirming that the tech works.

The concern, of course, is that if it’s possible to administer small doses of drugs into a person’s body via a simple cotton swab, then how easy would it be to do this secretly?

In other words, is it possible that someone could unknowingly ingest an mRNA vaccine simply by getting tested for COVID-19?  Could the massive COVID testing campaign actually be a part of the World Health Organization‘s plan to vaccinate 70% of the globe (for a disease with over a 99% survival rate)?

The PCR Test Is Labelled NOT TO BE USED FOR ANY DIAGNOSTIC PURPOSES!! DR. TOM COWAN & KARY MULLIS [Test Inventor] This Is The Test That Fascist Governments Use To Establish The Presence Of Their Computer Generated Hoax Virus!