🚨TRANSGENDER DETRANSITIONERS ARE TRYING TO WARN US🚨 – THIS IS THE LIVING HELL THEY ARE GOING THROUGH – The Transgender Agenda Is An Evil Incarnate – It Is A Planned Assault On Humanity By An Evil That Is Almost Incomprehensible!!

Also See: 🚨THE WAR ON HUMANITY🚨 – Human 1.0 is Being Phased Out and Human 2.0 The Non Procreating Being Is Being Phased In!! That Is The Transgender And Draco Reptilian Agenda!! YES!! Reptilian Agenda!! Our Captured Governments And The Draco Reptilian Agenda!! (See Extended Life Program Below) – David Icke – and William Tompkins: Naval Intelligence Officer; Secret Space Program Disseminator And NASA Section Chief!! https://wp.me/p19seq-fK3

*SPECIAL NOTE* To those who continue to deny the truth that you are informed of that is occurring in front of your face, while you keep shouting “Oh they wouldn’t do that”? Please accept my condolences 💐 on the passing of your cognitive abilities. I understand that it was due to to an inability to critically think, and the lies and propaganda of our captured fascist governments. We are working on the removal of this evil from our world!!