🚨AND SO IT BEGINS🚨 – 🚨THE INTERNET CENSORSHIP BILL🚨 – ABSOLUTE TOTALITARIANISM IN CANADA – The Rest Of The Fascist Globalist Captured Governments Will Follow In Lockstep!!

Well Don’t Just F**KING Sit There Get Up And Refuse To Comply!! In Case You Forgot…..YOU HAVE THE POWER NOT THESE EVIL FASCIST BASTARDS!! See: 🚨THE BIBLE IS NOT A GOD STORY🚨 The Church Created The Bible To Use As A Human Control System. Gods Are Idols – In Reality There Is A Creator That Is Pure Loving Consciousness – There Is NO SIN – There IS NO DEATH – The Only True Reality Is Unconditional Love – Everything Else Is A Programmed Illusion!! https://wp.me/p19seq-fIn

*SPECIAL NOTE* To those who continue to deny the truth that you are informed of that is occurring in front of your face, while you keep shouting “Oh they wouldn’t do that”? Please accept my condolences 💐 on the passing of your cognitive abilities. I understand that it was due to to an inability to critically think, and the lies and propaganda of our captured fascist governments. We are working on the removal of this evil from our world!!