🚨FREE ENERGY🚨 COLD FUSION IS NOW A REALITY – But It Would Take An Act Of Our Creator To Get It Released!! Details And The Application That Had Been Sent To The Patent Office Had Been Rejected BECAUSE THE DETAILS HAD BEEN ALTERED ON RECEIPT OF THE APPLICATION AT THE PATENT OFFICE!! This IS A Criminal Act – Dr. Eugene Mallove)

Humanity urgently requires this energy as governments continue to lie to the people by telling us that we must use reusable, wind and solar??? These reusables are USELESS!! The sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow, except for the lies that come from their blowhard mouths. Meanwhile they are destroying coal mines and natural gas facilities??And why must we use these useless energies?? To prevent global warming, or climate change which is another GIANT HOAX being perpetrated by these Globalist Fascist Filth. And here is the proof!! See; 🚨HUMANITY HAS BEEN PUNKED🚨 AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN – DESPITE THE HYSTERICAL ASSERTIONS OF CLIMATE GRIFTERS, CO2 IS NOT A “POLLUTANT”, BUT THE GAS OF LIFE!! AND HERE IS THE ABSOLUTE PROOF!!!!!! https://wp.me/p19seq-fH0