🚨WHAT ‘REALLY’ HAPPENED WHEN MAN FIRST LANDED ON THE MOON🚨 Neil Armstrong Was Confronted By Draco Reptilian ETs. – William Tompkins Naval Intelligence Officer And NASA Section Chief And Secret Space Program Disseminator Relates The Incident……

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Oh and one other small detail that most people aren’t aware of ………BEFORE the American flag was planted on the the moon, a ceremony was held and a plaque was placed claiming the moon for America .Inc And The Masonic Cabal.

William Tompkins discloses his first-hand witness testimony of what he saw during the reconnaissance missions to the moon and during NASA’s and Neil Armstrong’s first manned mission to the moon – Apollo 11. If you were alive back then and watched it all unfold on TV, as I had, according to Bill, we weren’t shown everything. Later, Dr. Robert Wood prompts Bill to discuss his first job with US NAVY Intelligence – what was it like working with Admiral Rico Botta during WWII; and, we get to hear from Bill how he had finally received confirmation that his secretaries were indeed Nordic Extraterrestrials.