🚨HUMANITY MUST END THIS INSANITY🚨 Fascist Criminal Governments Have Crossed The Rubicon!! Anyone With Two Brain Cells To Rub Together Knows That There Are Two Genders And That LGBTWXYZ Is A Mental Damn Illness! This Communist Witch (Sing Wong Tam) Has To Be Reined In And Sent Back To Beijing!! So That Our Children Can Be Saved From This Evil Crap And Our Society And Culture Can Be Preserved! $25.000 Fine For Misgendering A Drag Queen???? Oh F**king Please!!!!

C’mon Humanity………Grow A pair….And Yet I Know This Won’t Happen, Humanity Has Fallen Too Far…I Would Love You To Prove Me Wrong!!How Has Humanity Let This Evil Escalate To This Level??These Fascist Bastards Have Already Destroyed And Murdered Millions With The Pathogen Vaccine, This BS Transgender Agender Is Just Another Communist Fascist Agenda To Destroy Our Culture! See: 🚨BREAKING NEWS🚨PRESIDENT PUTIN STATES “I AM DISGUSTED AT THE GLOBAL GENOCIDE BEING CARRIED OUT BY WORLD LEADERS!! If This Carnage Is NOT STOPPED You Will Not Only Face Gods Judgement, You Will Face Mine As Well!! Mainstream Media DID NOT COVER THIS SPEECH…….They Are Complicit In This Evil!! https://wp.me/p19seq-fBF